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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I just bought some Trader Joes Beef Chili. There are no gluten ingredients listed, but it does not have a statement that it is gluten free. I'm also worried because normally most products will say "made on equipment shared with..." or, "made in a facility that processes wheat etc." It does not have this statement. Should I just take that to mean that this is the only product made in the facility? I have an email in to Trader Joes... will see what they make of it. Anyone have advice or comments on this one? Vanessa
  2. Peter - They are gluten-free, but the real question is: Are they manufactured on the same equipment with other products that contain gluten? I look everywhere online and cannot seem to get this answer. Seems like companies are great about listing their foods as being "gluten free" per the actual ingredients, but many are withholding about the cross contamination issues. For celiacs who are super sensitive, this is a big issue. last Friday during a Halloween potluck, I ate some tortilla chips that said they were processed on a line with gluten containing items, and I got sick. Sometimes I take chances, and then regret that I do.
  3. Qdoba's

    Cynical - As another poster mentioned - there is allergy information on their website. I would not eat their chips, as it mentions they include wheat or maybe are contaminated from their fryer etc. Their meat is fine however.