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  1. hello, i am new here, and this is my first post,so please forgive if i am repeating anything. i myself can use my right elbow as an indicator of messing up. in fact, that's how i found this forum- i was searching for help as my elbow is itchy and getting rashy bumps- over the last 4 days. i can't attribute it to anything food-wise. i am taking new vitamins though- and citrucel. benefiber was bad- itchy elbows and bumps, so i stopped. i've read the package on citrucel and it doesn't say gluten but it must have something? guess i should stop that too? any suggestions what to try instead? anyway, the answer to the original question is an unequivocal YES. without dh i would not have a strong indicator. i'm already so used to abdominal pain that the extra that comes with it doesn't register in my brain as heavily as itchiness does. victoria