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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've had Yogos with no reaction (other than disgust.. I don't like them! ), fruit snakes, and the shakes.. so I would probably trust the syrup enough to use it since I've had no other problems with their gluten free products.
  2. I'm usually the one reminding.. but I felt ill after kissing my bf after he had beer so now I'm particular about it. I feel bad having him mouthwash/brush teeth for this but it's worth the guilt, lol..
  3. Woah.. silent damage isn't better damage. I have no problem w/ weed for CC but that's just dumb, imo.
  4. Subject line says it all. I seem to get bloated and uncomfortable with occasional D if I eat much whole corn, but I could eat corn chips all day with no problems? I don't understand.
  5. Useful info, thanks! Will look into L. Glutamine - haven't heard of it.
  6. Wen Haircare

    The concept is all based on a sulfate-free cleansing system. Google "conditioner washing" or "no poo." There are much cheaper ways to maintain this same effect without relying on a wheat-y, expensive, and somewhat limiting system like the Wen one. All you have to do is eliminate silicone products and you won't need shampoo, only to condition in a scrubbing motion to distribute your natural oils down the hair shaft. I only shampoo a couple times a month with occasional mild shampoo.. and trust me, I don't have greasy hippie hair - I am a cosmetologist, couldn't go around looking like that..
  7. Top Five Reasons To Get A New Doctor

    2nd this one. I just had to go to the ER for my symptoms yesterday and was told by 4 different people in the hospital how skinny I was. NO SH** MY INTESTINES AREN'T WORKING. And then I explain what happens when I eat gluten and get eyerolls. Please..
  8. Still detoxing pretty hard at this point and the cramping is just so bad. I've had it worse before, where I felt like I couldn't get out of a fetal position and wanted to throw up. But right now it's about halfway there. Just wondering, what works to relieve the pain for you guys? Tylenol has mild relieving effects on it, but it is still often debilitating even with full Tylenol dose. Heat seems to help sometimes, sometimes not. What do you all use? Also, is it better to use Imodium/Pepto or should I just let it get out? I honestly always purposely back myself up (when glutened) because I can't stand D and I can't stand living in the bathroom, but I realize that's probably not good? Not sure.
  9. Hair Products With Wheat

    Yeah definitely avoid this! Just got done with cosmetology school and it took me half of the time there to realize why my scalp was freaking out - was using Aveda products only and almost all of them contain wheat, and some others contain barley. It took my scalp quite awhile to stop reacting after using to discontinue use immediately! Also you will find wheat in your makeup or skincare products so always read those labels too.. edit: actually, read those labels when you're sitting down.. lol, you'll find things scarier than wheat most of the time..
  10. Is there any gluten free crust I could buy or easily make that has that cracker-y consistency that would be good to eat cold? I would think it would be easier to make than a soft crust.. but I'm very new to this.
  11. Thank you. That's funny - I had noticed on my own that avocados seem to go over well anytime I am sick. I'm dealing with bronchitis and fever/nausea currently in addition so it's making it harder than it usually is for me. Have to admit, I haven't been consistent with my probiotics but I'm jumping back on that now. I just got a new one with a billion kinds of probiotics in it so I hope that helps.
  12. Yeah I may try a potato first. Or maybe rice? I'm not sure. I mean the last few times I've been sick I've peaked at day 3 so I'm hoping today will be better but idk. Thinking about maybe getting enzymes to help but I have no idea what to get.
  13. I tested negative for celiac (bloodwork and biopsies) but I don't know what you would call my problem. Gluten allergy, gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity..? Anyway, I've been gluten free for 8 months now and have done really well. I'm almost NOT underweight for the first time in my life. It seems like I have a threshold for how much gluten I can handle.. for example I very rarely get CC'd enough to feel very ill. I'm pretty careful, but I do eat out quite a bit. My current problem is, I was so excited about trying these sweet potato fries at a local fast-foodish place that I didn't even notice they were battered (dumb, I know, spare me :[). I ate four of them before I noticed. I'm having symptoms like I did before the diet - constant diarrhea, fatigue, brain fog, aches, nausea, sensitive skin. My question is - what do you guys do to cope with the sickness? I've already been sick for 3 days and other times I've screwed up it's lasted as long as 2 weeks. I am trying to interview several places since I just moved here and I just can't deal with the D. I've just been loading up on pepto bismol, which I'm sure isn't nice to my body. I can't figure out what to eat. I eat rice, I get sick. I eat fruit, I get sick. I eat dairy, I get sick.. etc, etc. :[ I'm not even hungry right now but I can't afford to not eat with malnutrition and weight loss issues.. and all the anxiety/depression that brings along. Thanks for reading, sorry that was longwinded! - Heidi