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  1. Hello I am new to this forum - just a little background - our beautiful 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome late last year - then diagnosed with Celiac earlier this year. She has been on a Gluten Free diet since February. It was a 180 when we changed her diet - she went from not walking/talking/no hair/underweight/etc to walking/talking/gaining weight/hair/etc within the first 30 days. We have been so amazed by the transformation. We just had blood work done a few weeks ago and received a call that the Celiac numbers were still high (I know that this is not the correct term but do not have my notes with me). They went from 130 back earlier this year to 133. Bottom line the doctor said that our daughter is still getting Gluten in her diet somehow - more than likely cross contamination. We have changed alot in our house - separate dishes, pots, pans, silverware, etc - daycare has also done the same. Checked soap, finger-paints, play dough, etc. We make sure we wash our hands constantly. Have any of you experience this - can you please give me some advice. I feel like we are failing our daughter but don