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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Could This Be Dh?

    I did the iodine test & after 24 hours, I have a distinct red rectangle on my arm. Does this definitely mean I have DH? Also my rash is definitely getting worse again after adding gluten back in my diet.
  2. Could This Be Dh?

    He took two biopsies. One he sent to a local lab that showed "an allergic reaction". The other was sent to the Mayo Clinic and tested negative. Not sure if he sent the actual lesion or skin next to the lesion. I have several pics of my rash, but not sure how to attach them. I have added gluten back into my diet and am doing the iodine test now.
  3. Could This Be Dh?

    I went gluten free the day after the dermatologist told me he thought that was what I had. I did call my regular doctor and had her order the celiac panel that day. It was negative I believe. I don't really have the tummy issues, but I do have migraines occasionally. I did take ibuprofen last weekend and the rash did get worse. I have added gluten back in my diet less than 48 hours ago and I think the rash might be getting a little worse again. Had accupuncture to try to help with the itching. I don't want to take Dapsone as I am still nursing a baby.
  4. I have had a rash now for over a month. Was initially just on my chest, then in the same place on the outside of each calf. Was treated with antifungal cream, then with Elemite and oral steroids. Rash was a tiny bit better until I went off steroids, then spread to upper legs, arms, upper buttocks/low back and upper back. It is symmetrical, intensely itchy. Went to dermatologist and he immediately suggested DH. Sent a biopsy to Mayo. It came back negative. When I tried to question whether it was a biopsy of the lesion or healthy skin next to the lesion, he cut me off and said he did the biopsy right. Now he says it is scabies and is treating me with steroid cream and Elemite again!! It does not look like any pictures of scabies I have seen and does not have the typical distribution of scabies. It has now spread to my abdomen. I wish I could attach a couple of pictures. Getting very frustrated as the itching is driving me batty. I have been on antihistamines for over two weeks now and using steroid creams, caladryl, etc. It doesn't ever go away.