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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Reactions To Beer?

    Khara I thought all distilled alcohols were gluten-free, scotch being included in that. the "safe list" on this site also lists scotch-whisky as distilled and thus gluten free. Am I mistaken?
  2. Hey friends, Haven't posted in a while but good to be back. Anyways, I have been gluten free for around 4 months with very promising results thus far. My question is about beer. Out of all the previously glutenious products I used to consume, beer is by far the one thing I miss most. Yes, even more than real pasta, real pizza, donuts, coissants etc. I have tried the two kinds of gluten-free beer that the LCBO (Ontario's controlled Liquor Stores - I live in Toronto) and I don't like them at all! They taste more like carbonated saki with a horrible aftertaste. So I was wondering, how much gluten does beer actually contain? I heard Corona was very low. Has anyone ever had any success drinking beer and not getting sick? Or is even minimal gluten too much? I know it depends on overall sensitivity but I was wondering what the concensus is. Your feedback and responses are always greatly appreciated.
  3. Brand New Member From Canada

    Yup..I've been up and down with the gluten elimination...but more up which is great. I know this will just take time as I have been eating gluten for 31 years so I know it will take a bit to get completely better. Patience.
  4. Fatigue!

    So I've been gluten-free for around 11 days now. I guess I feel better overall digestively but ever since yesterday I have been drastically fatigued. My limbs feel like they weigh 100 pounds each and just doing normal things is very much a struggle. Even writing this post is exhausting me. I searched the forum and read alot of posts that this is normal after going gluten free. But for how long? I'm not sure the digestive benfits are worth feeling this tired. How long will this last? Will it get better?
  5. Gluten? Dairy? Neither? Both?

    I'm also very new to the gluten-free diet. In fact my digestive history sounds very similar to yours. Only difference is I'm a guy. 6 feet and around 146 pounds (I was 150 before going gluten-free...damnit!). Anyways, I've been gluten-free for exactly 9 days. The first 2 days didn't notice any difference. Days 3,4, and 5 were absolute dreams - I felt "normal". Best days. Since then I've been up and down, mostly down unfortunately. Everyone here says it takes time before your body will adjust and that you feel better on a more consistant basis. I hope they're right! Stick to it, give it time and see what happens. One thing I would avoid is constant panic about what to eat and when to eat it and how to eat it and what it will do to you and when and where and how etc...take it easy, panic won't make your intestines feel any better. Stay away from gluten and dairy if you choose to, it's not that hard, just more time consuming. As for supplements I drink an organic protein shake once a day after working out. It has around 30g of protein per serving which is nice to maintain my weight. The only probiotic that works out there is called vsl#3. It's great. Except it's damn expensive. check their website. Also, I take Glutagenics by a company called Metagenics. It's a mix of l-glutamine, licorice, and aloe vera. It is designed to repair the damaged lining of your intestines...naturally.
  6. Imodium

    I guess at the end of the day whatever works is good. My doc told me to take an immodium every day a few years ago. I said thank you for the advice and basically never trusted another thing he ever told me without questioning. I personally think immodium everyday is a horrible idea. Again, "personally think". That doesn't mean I'm trying to disuade you from taking it. If you feel it is helping you and allowing you to live a more easily and increasing your quality of life then go for it. Immodium essentially foams up in your stomach and dehydrates your system to stop the diarrhea. It can lose its effectiveness after many doses also. It does nothing to stop you from getting diarrhea in the first place, it's just a band-aid style measure of relief. Keep in mind that most regular Docs and even most GI's don't know the slightest thing about how to treat people with chronic digestive disorders unless it is colitis, crohn's, cancer, or some other serious, easy to diagnose problem. Take what they say with alot of caution. All my docs and most of my GI's except for 1 or maybe 2 ever gave me advice that led me to feel any better. In fact they all made me feel worse, and I saw the kings of the field. I'm talking the best and most distinguished leaders of the gastrointestinal world.
  7. Discouraged

    Thanks, yes I understand it's not an allergy. My Naturopath says I have a severe intolerence to gluten (not just wheat) and that my small bowel is very inflammed and producing allergy antibodies. As a result, I have horrible digestive symptoms (IBS type), and I have lost a little weight recently and have other external symptoms as well. I will read old posts and see what the road is like. I'm glad to know that it will take some time and my relapse is normal.
  8. Discouraged

    Thanks ladies, that's reassuring. I hope you're right, and I will def give it more time. Please please please work!
  9. Discouraged

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm sure you're right. I def will give it more time. I hope I can duplicate the good days and avoid the bad ones. I actually hope it is a wheat allergy and at least I will find some relief. Anyone else have some advice...still very new here. thanks.
  10. Hey everyone, I joined the other day and my first post was me introducing myself as a new member from Canada. Thank you to everyone who replied. I've been gluten free for 6 days now. Day 3, 4, and 5 of me being gluten free made me feel like a brand new man...no symptoms. I thought that was it!!! So happy! Anyways, today, day 6 has been very bad. Symptoms back and multiple visits to the washroom. Do you think this means the first few days of relief was just mental or placebo or something? I'm feeling very discouraged and just wanted to get people's opinion. I will continue to stay gluten free and give it more time but I was just wondering...maybe I don't have a wheat allergy?? Oh man, what a let-down. Any advice? What do you think?
  11. Brand New Member From Canada

    Thanks psawyer - looking forward to it. I live in Toronto and am in Markham often for work, so any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
  12. Brand New Member From Canada

    Wow thanks everyone for the positive replies. I will def keep an eye out for any new "intolerances" that may appear. I can't begin to express in words what a relief the last 72 hours have been vs the last 15 years. I'm dying for a slice of pizza and a pint of beer! but the fact that i know now it will make me sick makes staying away from it all that easier. I'll take your advice and continue to read read read as much as I can and learn from everyone here who has been at this longer than me. Wow, again, I hope this actually is permanent. I dreamed of a day like this for so long. I think all my doctors and the last 4 gastrointestinal specialists I've seen should have a conversation with my Naturopath - they may learn something!
  13. Brand New Member From Canada

    Thanks for the quick reply. And thanks to everyone who participates on this forum, it is such a helpful venue. I guess Celiac or wheat intolerance in my case is a blessing as it seems to be the answer to my chronic problem. Of course it limits me in many ways and makes day to day life more challenging, however the alternative, my previous symptoms were an absolute nightmare. It has only been 3 days of relief versus 20 years of suffering but i have a good feeling about this. I hope I can finally find some relief. Who knew? Anyone else out there suffer for years with "IBS" symptoms and tried everything with no relief only to go non-gluten and find that it changed you for the better dramatically?
  14. Hey all, I'm brand new to this site and also brand new to this gluten allergy. I have suffered from horrible chronic digestive disorders for a few decades. Of course I was told I had "IBS" and that I would just have to live with it. I had seen countless doctors and specialists, had various tests and colonoscopies and tried tons of different things to eliminate my sysmptoms but they never stopped. Blood tests always tested negative for celiac so I never bothered eliminating it from my diet. 2 weeks ago I did some new tests with a Naturopath who specializes in digestive issues. She told me that from samples I had sent that I was severely inflammed in the colon and had horrible malabsorption and that I potentially had a gluten allergy (she said not all celiac blood tests are 100% accurate). Anyways, she told me to completely eliminate gluten from my diet. I said I would but I was very skeptical and uninspired that anything would change, as chronic "IBS" symptoms have been the story of my life without any improvement. Anyways, the first 3 days I didn't notice any difference, then all of a sudden on day 4 I felt like a new person. 1 solid bowel movement a day and that was it. No colon spasms or pain. Minimal bloating. Today is day 6 and I still feel really great. My question is will this last? I don't want to get too excited as it may be placebo but I can't help but feel completely happy and excited that this may be the answer to my life long problem. Is this really it? Is gluten that bad and eliminating almost instantaneously made me feel better??