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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Olive Garden

    I have never had a problem with olive garden. I always order the pasta pomodoro. Its alwasy our "we don't want to cook lets order olive garden. :-)
  2. Have you read Elisabeths hasselbeck book "The gluten-free Diet: A gluten free Survial Guide. It provides a alot of really good tips and what to do in every situation. It has really helped me with everything I have done. I would highly recommend buying it. http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/gluten-free-Diet-Gluten-Free-Survival-Guide/dp/1599951886 My favorite thing is to make something and not tell people its gluten free. So when they rave about it being really good. I just smile because they would not have thought so if I had told them it was glutne free.
  3. Marathon Training

    Yeah I usually eat them afterwords. Sometimes before I'll break off a little piece just for a boost of energy.
  4. Marathon Training

    School has been kind of crazy so I'm trying to get back into my normal running routine. I usually run about 4 to 5 times a week, but lately its been about 2 to 3. I feel great when I eat one of the Zing bars.It give me a ton of energy. I don't usually eat a whole one because it fills me up to much to run on. I'm working on upping my distance, I've always been more of a sprinter...which for me maks 13.1 miles sound really long. lol. I usually run about 2 to 3 miles a day. But once I become more intentional about it probably after Christmas I will push myself to run farther. Now that I'm on this gluten free diet, I can actually run farther than 2 miles a day easily! It makes running so much more fun!
  5. Marathon Training

    I am planning on running a half marathon in May and have also been looking for different foods to boost energy. One protien bar I really really like is Zing Bars. They are gluten free, dairy free and soy free. They are expesive about 31 dollars for a box of 12 but they are delicious and give me tons of energy. Check them out here http://www.zingbars.com/
  6. If you are looking for lactose free cheese i know boars head Gold Label swiss cheese is lactose free I thought more were but I could only find for sure this one is. I worked in a bakery during the summers and since I'm used to reading lables, I was reading the label of this cheese and was shocked that it was lactose free. I would ask you deli worker first (it says it right on the label) Its gluten free as well (all their products are)
  7. Me + Non Gluten Free Family= How?

    Yeah when you start is is very overwhelming. I live in a townhouse on campus with 5 other girls and I'm the only one gluten free. Since I didn't know most of these girls before I moved in, it was hard to teach them everything. I label EVERYTHING. I have my own toaster that says Gluten Free on it. All my butter, peanut butter,jelly, sour cream, basicly anything that can be spread, labeled, gluten-free. Because I don't have a dishwasher, I have a sponge That Eveybody in my house knows is gluten free. They have have used it on accident and I have had to remind them not to. They always feel bad, but one thing I have found is that, I have to be very up front with it and not worry about making other feel bad. I also use chlorox whips before I do anything on the counter because I know they whip the counter off with the same rag that often comes in contact with gluten. Because I don't have a dishwasher, I have to wash everything before I use it, even though it is clean, mostly because they use they gluten sponge to clean everything. I often tell people that to me, gluten is like dirt. You don't want dirt on your food because it is unsanitary and will make you sick. I don't want any gluten on my food because it will make me sick. That helps them undestand it better. If you clearly spell out all the rules and remind often, you will be happier and those who live with you will be happier. Even those who were suspicious of it at first, have brought up how my personal apperance has changed and how much healthlier AND happier (My additude has changed, not grumpy anymore..thats what they tell me anyways lol) I look now that I'm on this diet. And this is from people that didn't believe me. Just give it time. They will come around (hopefully :-) )
  8. Got Careless - Paying The Price

    baahumbug is what I say to that!
  9. Glutened

    Yeah if you feel better on the diet stay on the diet. I had a GI doctor tell me I was crazy for staying on the diet because I had positive blood tests but negative scope (that was done 3 months later). I told my regular doctor, there was no way i was going back to eating gluten because I like being able to think, I do better in school. I've passed a test that I had taken literally 7 times and passed it with flying colors. I can actually run and push passed that wall I couldn't get passed and all my peers could. Do what makes you feel good. Even if your doctor doesn't agree with you. YOu sometimes need to be your own advocate and tell the doctors what is going to happen.
  10. Dealing With Brain Fog

    same here! A couple days ago, I was lacking all motivation, I couldn't think, and i was so tired and I was feeling all my glutened side effects. So I went running. Mind you it was close to one of the worst 17 minutes runs I've every done. But I felt much better afterwards and was able to get a little bit done.
  11. Can't Get Over The Flu

    All your comments were very helpful. Thank you.
  12. Can't Get Over The Flu

    No, I don't usually take medicine
  13. Can't Get Over The Flu

    I feel like the amoxicillin is working... and I read online that yeah, many doctors percribe it for secondary bacterial bronchitis. I went to a urgent care center because I was worried I had strep. the docter there was very impersonal and I probably should have asked a lot of questions because she didn't tell me anything. I finally got another appoint with my dermatologist this thursday so I'll see what she says. I just wanted to make sure none of this had anything to do with nutrients not being obsorbed.
  14. I have been gluten free for about a year now. I am a teacher which means I am around little kids and all their germs. Usually when I get sick and can get over it without having to get medicine for it. It runs its couse of two weeks and it is gone. But this year I had a terrible cough and tiredness for about 3 and a half weeks before I finally went to the doctor. She gave me antibodics for the flu and slowly but surely 4 and a half weeks later, I think I'm almost over it. I also have a staff infection that I've been trying to get rid of for about 5 months now and it hasn't gone away completly yet. Has anybody else found that after they have gone gluten free they are having a hard time getting over sicknesses?
  15. I'm looking for a variety of nuts to put into a trail mix so I have some healthy to snack on. The problem is I can't seem to find, nuts that are not processed in a facaility or on equimpent that process wheat. I also don't want any that have salt on them. So I bought some Blue Almond almonds and some planter peanuts but can seem to find any walnuts or pecans or other nuts. Any sugestion on where to find them order them online?