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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks a bunch Nora. Much appreciated. I am trying to dig up my past blood work to check and see what those levels actually were...I am just completely confused....every doctor has always insisted I am not hypo...but I feel like every person is different and you cant go by the ranges, because for years I have felt like I am...I pretty much could check yes to every symptom. Thanks again
  2. Honestly I have thought for years that I have had a thyroid issue, my body went wacky when I turned 30....I gained a lot of weight, hair loss...increased depression...etc. I have been seeing a endocrinologist for over 5 years, she NOT ME...insists that I do not have a thyroid problem with my levels, my testosterone was elevated and therefore she diagnosed me with PCOS and for the past 2 years my test levels have returned to normal. In June my TSH was 2.3 (.450-4.50) and my T4 was 1.22 (.82-1.77) I was told they were normal...... My GYN just did them again on this past blood work that I just had...she again like my endo said I was in the *normal* range...I will post them when I get them, requested that all of my BW be forwarded to me today. Thank you both again. I appreciate your input greatly.
  3. Thank you for responding. I have my thyroid levels tested every 6 months because of the PCOS, and they are always normal.
  4. Thanks mushroom yes I think so too. I do have an appointment with a dietitian next week, going to see if she can point me in the right direction. I have been gluten-free starting this past Monday. Thanks as well Soph. Yes I am well aware I am going to have to find a better doctor. This has all been thrown at me within the past 2 weeks. So I am extremely overwhelmed. And all that I have read on here is just overwhelming me more. I have been talking to my GYN for about a year now regarding the hysterectomy. I have terrible periods. along with mega blood loss, I have lots of pain. So that was just not thrown out there just because of the anemia, I think she believes from just viewing my results and not knowing completely of my possible celiac rx, that it is occurring from my periods and possible fibriods (which were found on a CT scan I had in June, going for an ultra sound next week for conformation) along with undiagnosed endo. I am terribly frustrated and have been for years with doctors. I was diagnosed with PCOS by my endocrinologist in 2005. My testosterone levels were very high and I was put on metformin. About 2 years ago, my sugar was crashing all the time, my levels had returned to normal, so I discontinued the metformin, endo was fine with that and my testosterone continues to be in the normal range......????? So now she says I am insulin resistant/metabolic syndrome... My thyroid is always normal. And yes my general doc is an idiot...I have an appointment with my GYN Oct 6....I am gathering all of my bloodwork and test from the GI and taking it to her, having her test all of the things you have mentioned. I cant tolerate the pill...so that is not an option to lessen the bleeding. I tried it about a year ago, was miserable on it, and still bleed heavy. If she provides me with no answers...and even if she does, I have started to look for doctors in my area that specialize in Celiac. I have found it very hard unfortunately to find a doctor that will sit down and listen to you. Oh on the hemoglobin and hematocrit ranges.... 11.5 to 15 on the hemo, I am at 11 and 34 to 44 on the hema, I am at 33.2 So I am just below... Thanks again.....and I too hope to get some answers or more understanding of all of this in the coming weeks.
  5. Thank you gf_soph! I don't have my current labs in front of me. All I know are my hemoglobin and hematocrit levels that the nurse gave me over the phone from the GYN. In June when I had a CBC my hemoglobin was 11.6 this time it was 11 and my hematocrit was 36.1 and is now 33.2. Which seems like a pretty significant drop over 3 months to me. No one has tested my iron yet...nor b-12 etc. I am going to insist to my general doctor when I go the 1st week in Oct to do so.....although he is extremely old school and doesn't think I could be a Celiac because I am over weight, nor does he believe in insulin resistance...which I clearly suffer from. I am thinking perhaps I should find GI that specializes in Celiacs...??? I also have an appointment with the GYN again. I am a heavy bleeder, possibly endo...never diagnosed, and now possible fibroids. This past summer my periods have been out of control, I had also cut out meat and diary from my diet for 4 months in the Spring...thinking that may help stomach problems and high cholesterol. I am going to say since the end of Spring my hair has been shedding like crazy, and my stomach felt better for a while when off the meat and diary, then all of the sudden I was having pain, back to the bloating and gas....and that is when I had went to the GI...which lead to this. I am just overwhelmed. I hate not having information, and then getting different information from each doctor, just leaves me confused. The anemia has me freaked out. Anyhow, I could go on and on...I too hope to find answers as well...thanks again for your input. It is much appreciated.
  6. is overwhemled...!!!!!

  7. Thank you all SOOOOO MUCH! and yes I am going to be needing this forum very much! I have many questions~!!!
  8. Thank you both. Yes I had read somethings about the biopsy being the gold standard in diagnosing. I just totally wasn't expecting it. and my GI wasn't all that informative about it, but the basics. He said the villi were damaged but not badly ?? I like to be educated...lol. Most doctors don't do a lot of that, your in and out. This is life changing. I am 40, is it normal to develop Celiac at my age. Also my primary doctor, before I had the blood work done said that he didn't think that I was Celiac because I was over weight ???? You know they all say something different. Doctors frustrate me. I mean the GI wasn't concerned with my iron levels, just to take the iron ITC...which makes me sick in my stomach. He didn't want to do blood work for any other levels. It was an after thought on my part, that I should have asked him to. Then the GYN made it sound like I needed a freaking blood transfusion soon....when honestly my levels are just right below the norm.... ?????? Doctors amaze me. That is why I am researching myself and trying to get all the info I can before I go to her. We had been talking about the surgery, I do have miserable periods...and like you said Mushroom, it could get better, honestly it has been the worse it has been, the past few months. Oddly I have been rx ed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance. I suffer from hypoglycemia and terrible anxiety....I had a shrink a few years back that said maybe I had food allergies, I never listened. Could be part of my whole problem. Anyhow, thanks again. Very happy I found this forum. My husband is supportive, but others just don't get it. I have an appointment with my general doctor as well as the GYN in the next 2 weeks, so I am definitely going to have them check my other levels. Oh btw...my thymine is fine. I also have an appointment with a Dietitian, hoping that will help as well. Again many thanks, I appreciate the support.
  9. Hi, I was just recently sorta diagnosed and now I am confused. In May I was having stomach issues, more diarrhea/constipation than normal. Bad bloating, gas, stomach pain. I suffer from GERD so my general doctor chalked it up to be reflux flaring up after at normal ultra sound and CT scan (although not related my CT scan showed that I had probably fibroids) Being the freak about my health that I am and not being satisfied with his answer. I scheduled to an appointment with my husbands GI. He switched my GERD med, and scheduled me for a endoscopy and a colonoscopy. The endoscopy biop indicated I had Celiac. Turned over villi and inflammation. I then went and had all of the Celiac bloodwork done. Everything was negative. So now I am wheat and gluten free for 3 months and having the endoscopy done again at the end of the 3 months. Is this normal? The neg blood work, but positive biopsy? Also In June I had a cbc...everything was okay. Also having the issues with possible fibroid and my GYN just so happened to do blood work, CBC included at the time I had the blood done for the Celiac. My hemoglobin and hematocrit are low. Much lower than they were in June. The GI said I was iron deficient and told me to take an ovc iron supplement 3x a day....He also told me that people with Celiac do suffer from anemia. My GYN calls this week, telling me I am SIGNIFICANTLY anemic and wants me to really think about having a hysterectomy asap. I am a heavy bleeder...always have been...but I don't want to rush into surgery if the anemia is possibly related to being a Celiac....but I don't know if I truly have Celiac since the blood was negative. I am tired all the time, and my hair has been falling out like crazy. Any opinions/advice/info would be appreciated. This is just too much at one time to handle. I have been mostly WG free since last week, and I can say I don't feel quite as bloated/gassy ....could be in my head..... ??????? I am just confused...and lost. Thanks J