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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have to eat breakfast every day or I starve until lunch. I eat 2 eggs, whisked together in a bowl and then nuked in one of those egg poacher-style containers. Usually I add some lean ham (pre-cooked) and mustard on gluten-free, dairy-free bread. That gives me protein, fat, and carbs. I find with the combo, I easily stay full until lunch.
  2. I want to buy a blender or food processor. I think at this point I want a blender. I want to make things like tabbouleh, hummus, guacamole, etc. I want to be able to blend items together. Every blender I look at online has zillions of negative reviews and I'm starting to just get confused. What blenders do you guys have that are dependable and will blend, chop, and just plain be awesome? Any insight is appreciated.
  3. Talking To Restaurant Staff

    If it's a restaurant with a gluten-free menu, I ask the hostess for it while we're being seated. If not, I inform the waitstaff when they stop by to get our drink order. I usually say something like this, "Hi. I have Celiac Disease, which is like a wheat allergy. I can't have wheat, barley, rye, or oats. I also can't have dairy. I've been looking at your menu and I see ____ might be okay for me to order. Could you double-check with the chef that it would be safe for me? Is there anything they would suggest I get instead?" Most waiters and waitresses are really nice and will go back and forth between our table and the kitchen BEFORE putting in the order to try to be sure that the food is going to be okay. I never order anything fried (including french fries) in a sit-down restaurant because their deep fryer is almost certainly shared with onion rings, fish sticks, or something else breaded. I never order anything with soy sauce in a restaurant unless I know they have tamari. I try to stick to places that will have an easier time serving me, but I've also had good experiences at Italian places (and you'd never think that would be possible without wheat or dairy!) My $0.02: tell the waiter before you order, make sure the food will be okay and they're willing to work with you, THEN place your order. Be nice, try to be proactive. I also make a point of thanking people, reporting great help and problems to the manager, and trying to give return business to places that treat me well.
  4. Red Meat Or Hamburger

    Could have been cross-contamination, but otherwise I don't have any insight.
  5. I'm a negative biopsy, positive blood work person.
  6. Red Meat Or Hamburger

    Where was the hamburger from? Was there any filler added?
  7. Considering Getting A Copper IUD

    I had the Mirena (not the copper IUD but the one that has hormones) for a year. I got a bunch of abdominal cramping with it, but only with orgasms. My periods were nonexistent and I didn't have menstrual cramping. The orgasm-related pain, however, was the reason I had it taken out. At that time, I didn't have any problems with gluten and my Celiac symptoms had yet to begin. One of my friends has had Celiac since we were kids and she has also had the copper IUD for years and loves it. She has no problems from it.
  8. Here are some links that should help. Gluten-Free Diet Basics Safe Ingredients and Foods Unsafe Ingriedients and Foods Welcome to the community!
  9. I am dealing with a sick kitty over here, and part of his therapy is giving him Petromalt to help him pass a hairball. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the tube and saw that the #1 inactive ingredient is BARLEY MALT SYRUP. Please be careful and wash your hands thoroughly if you have cats and Celiac and use this product.
  10. Glutened At Rainforest Cafe?

    I've only eaten there twice, but I've never ordered that item. I haven't ever had a problem with either steaks or chicken when I have gone there, though.
  11. Sure, your results COULD be from another kind of chronic inflammation (lots of possibilities there) but if Celiac is high on the list of possibilities based on your symptoms and history, you should definitely consider this as evidence in favor of Celiac. It doesn't rule out other causes, but it does support the Celiac diagnosis.
  12. Thou shalt provide managers with praise if waitstaff and cooks deliver a safe, well-prepared meal for thee the first time because they actually understand. Thou shalt provide managers with complaints if the waitstaff or cooks get thee ill.
  13. Ore Ida

    That could certainly be part of it. I know that what has me the most confused about all this is that I was eating the Earth Balance and thought I was fine, but now that I've stopped eating it I do feel better. And I can eat lots of OTHER french fries (and hamburgers!) at fast food places, and those are heavily processed to say the least. And they don't give me problems. I think I'm satisfied at this point with just cutting out the annato and the dairy and waiting to see what happens once my guts have healed. I'm hopeful, but not too hopeful. I don't want to think too positively or I'm going to be horribly disappointed again soon.
  14. Ore Ida

    They were definitely gluten-free tater tots. And the french fries that were gluten-free got me too. I've been able to eat lots of potatoes since, too.
  15. They tasted incredible. Really incredible.