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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Our lab results here are under 7 is normal, 8-19 weak positive, 20 - 30 positive. My daughter's results were 1260 and 1270. With your confirmed diagnosis, you might want to ask more questions about those results. Sounds like it might be early celiac. Depends on the lab's scale though.
  2. We received the biopsy results today. Total vilious attrophy. I guess that puts to rest whether we go gluten-free or not. It's been sad actually this past weekend. I went grocery shopping with her and all I had to tell her was something made her tummy hurt and she wouldn't even ask for it a second time. Hard to believe that this all started at a medicentre on September 12th.
  3. Sadly I am still waiting on the biopsy results. Nurse figures I will have them Monday. Does anyone know if there is any other possible explaination for why the ATTG test results would be so high (1260 and 1270)? Normal range is 0-30. I don't know what to do!
  4. Thank you so much! Can I ask what in his blood work specifically made her feel it was Celiac Disease? Waiting for the biopsy results is mentally exhausting!
  5. Thank you for the response Emily. Her biopsy went well. Looking through the scope the doctor said that it looked fine (not positive), but said that could change with the official biopsy result in 5 - 10 days. The GI did feel that either way, we need to remove Gluten from her diet with her ATTG scores as high as they were (1260 & 1270) and then recheck to see if the ATTG scores drop after a gluten free diet is implemented. He mentioned that it may be "early celiac disease". Any advise or thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Should we change her diet regardless of the biospy results? Has anyone had the initial look appear fine and the biospy results confirm a celiac diagnosis? Thanks!
  6. Hello another newbie here. My niece was biopsy confirmed celiac three years ago at age of two years. My just turned four year old daughter has been having stomach issues, complaining of "yucky tummy" and waking up in the middle of the night screaming. Not consistently and I wasn't tracking food but given my niece's diagnosis when I had enough of her complaints and screaming I took her to a medicentre and requested bloog tests including ATTG. Less than a week later her ATTG result came back 1260. Took her to my son's doctor Monday and he ordered more blood tests including ATTG and iron. Her second ATTG test came back 1270 but her iron was only slightly low at 0.13 (normal is .15 according to the doctor). My niece was severly anemic at the time of her biopsy. Today the GI nurse called with an opportunity to have the biopsy Monday due to a cancellation. When I look closely at my daughter's eating habits the past month, they have actually changed and she has been eating less gluten containing products. Now I am concerned that she might not be ingesting enough gluten for an accurate diagnosis with the biopsy on Monday. How much gluten does she need to eat every day before the biopsy? If I feed her lots of wheat between today and Monday will it increase the chance of a positive biopsy? Also, should I tell her what's happening Monday? I have pictures of my niece in the hospital that I could show her. If I tell her, what should I say? What if the biopsy is negative? Does anyone know why her ATTG would be so high if it is not celiac? Thank you for any insight and your patience!