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  1. we are in the proccess of hatching out more chickens. Can't wait to have a decent sized flock again. Can't believe that their feed would make a difference. It seems like the hens bodies should metabolize the feed and make and make it safe to eat the eggs. Shows how toxic the corn and soy have become.
  2. We tested pos to IgG of many foods. Each person in the family has a list of 4-25 allergen foods. When I spoke to Dr. O'Bryan last weekend (radio talk show) he said that we have gut permeablity problem. He suggested taking colostrum, but how can we if we are allergic to dairy? I still don't understand why these sensitivities are popping up now. I used to drink soy milk every day. Now I can't handle the small amounts of soy in my tuna salad. Nuts were never a problem for me, could eat tons of them without problems. I have more GI problems now that I am gluten-free. I felt healthier then. There will be health benefits later on down the road, but for now I am tired of the fussy tummy. I will look into your diet. Thank you for your permission to view your profile.
  3. Looks like we have to change our chicken feed as well. I do prefer that my hens free range.
  4. Wow, since my son and I are allergic to corn, your idea sounds so right on. Thank you for the added sites. It's hard to know where to start the research sometimes. You will keep me busy for a while. This info strengthens my resolve to go grain free. Thank you so much. Jestgar, Thank you on your opinion on the Gluten Free Society. I will keep in mind as I research the topic. It's always good to know who to trust.
  5. You made a good point about the nuts and grains. I had forgotten about washing them. They could be contaminated from so many sources. My son has most of his rice intake with gluten-free breakfast cereals and gluten-free breads and cereal. I just assumed they would be safe. I'd like us to go grain free, but I'm not sure what to do about quick breakfasts for the kids. Many of them are allergic to eggs as well. Thank you for your input.
  6. Louisa54, What you made sense. I am considering the Cyrex panels #2 and #4. The testing for the LEAP diet sounds very similar. Found out today that my tuna contains soy in it. No wonder it has been bothering me. May I ask how does Vit D effect gingivitis? You've peaked by curiousity.
  7. I have been dx'ed with non celiac gluten sensitivity and hashi's. The familly and I have all been gluten free since Sept. 2010. Since then, my youngest son and I seem to be developing food sensitivities that we have never had before. Foods such as almonds, pistachios, soy, are causing gingivitis, D, and mucous in the stools for me. My GI dr. has said that I may also have IBS as well. I still don't know what is causing the gingivitis in my son. It seems to get worse when he eats a lot of grains. We eat rice, but I thought rice was supposed to be the grain people are least allergic too. My son is only 4 yo. and loves his toast, cereal, and crackers. He is a picky eater and I am afraid he is not eating enough even though I offer him plenty of fresh fruits, veggies and meats each day. My son's allergy list includes: dairy, beef, oats, wheat, oranges, corn, peanut, soy, pork and banana. Why are we having more GI problems now that we are gluten-free?
  8. My genetic tests came back with HLA-DQ2 and 8 neg. I too had four varients. According to Dr. Thomas O'Bryan (www.thedr.com), the explaination of the varients is difficult to explain, many doctors don't understand what it means. In short, he said that these varients show that, at the very least, we are allergic to one or more of the gluten protein molecules and therefore gluten should be removed from our diet. He would not explain any further than that.
  9. Overwhelmed

    Hi, Don't make the mistake that you can go totally gluten free over night. It is a learning process. Hit the main points right now. Clear out your cupboards of obvious glutens. Then you can search for hidden gluten, revamp your kitchen with safe utensils and cookware, investigate safe shampoos, etc. Read some of the older posts and people can tell some of the safe brands of foods and toiletries to use. That helps decrease some anxiety. Don't worry, you'll get there. Take care.
  10. If you have chemical sensitivities or other environmental toxicities, these toxins are usually stored in our fat cells as a way for our bodies to protect us from them. So when you lose weight, the toxins are released back into your body and you need to detox again.
  11. Does Anyone Feel Good

    Dr. Thomas O'Brayn was interviewed on Undergroung Wellness Radio by Sean Croxton on Jan. 10, 2011. Dr. O'Bryan's specialty is gluten sensitvity. In the interview, Dr. O'Bryan said that there are cross reactive foods. Our bodies by react to these foods as if they were gluten. One example he gave was coffee. If someone reacts to coffee, his body will feel glutened with each cup he drinks. Cyrex labs has a test to check for 24 different cross reactive foods. www.undergroundwellness.com www.thedr.com Dr. O'Bryan's website www.cyrexlabs.com
  12. Does Anyone Feel Good

    Found this on www.foodreactions.org. Hope it helps. Take care. Coeliac disease comes in a variation of strengths, where some people are more severely affected than others. Presently the only treatment is a life-long gluten-free diet. In the vast majority of patients, a strict gluten-free diet will relieve the symptoms. A tiny minority of patients suffer from refractory sprue, which means they do not improve on a gluten-free diet. This may be because the disease has been present for so long that the intestines are no longer able to heal. In other patients, the intestinal damage of coeliac disease may have been aggravated by other problems, such as intolerance to the dietary proteins found in eggs, milk, or soy.
  13. Does Anyone Feel Good

    I have more digestive problems now than I did before being gluten free.
  14. Hi Mama Melissa, I have been dx'ed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. It has led to my next dx of Hashi's which is autoimmune. So even if gluten sensitivity isn't auto immune, I still ended up with an autoimmune disease from it anyway. So what's the diff? Still have to be gluten free to be healthy.