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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anyone know if Olay Pro-x is gluten-free? I just bought some yesterday, and this morning woke up with my typical symptoms of being glutened. I can't think of anything I ate yesterday that could have caused this, so I thought maybe it was the pro-x. Anyone had similar experiences with pro-x? I already emailed the company, but I wanted to see what all of you had to say too. Thanks!
  2. I went to an allergist when I was trying to figure out what was causing my symptoms (later figured out I had Celiac). They did a blood test called the RAST, which tests for the most common IgE allergies (these are immediate reactions). Common signs of IgE reactions are itching and immediate swelling. The panel they tested me for was the same as yours, which are the most common allergens. I also did not react to wheat on that test. Class 0, 1, 2, etc. are the level that you reacted. The higher the number, the more IgE antibodies you have in your body for those foods. So, you will react more to them. The anti-gliandin test from Enterolab (which I also completed) is an IgG reaction. This is a delayed reaction (not immediate like IgE). It is more likely to show you food intolerances and symptoms could include many things like fluid retention, joint pain, fatigue, GI upset, etc. There is a Celiac panel, which is a blood test, that you can have completed from your Primary Care Physician. If you haven't gone on a gluten-free diet yet, you could give this blood test a try. I was positive on enterolab for anti-gliandin, then had the blood test done only recently and it was also positive. My IgE blood test was negative. I hope this helps!
  3. I was just wondering how long it took for your swelling to go away (for those of you who have swelling as a symptom of Celiac). Do any of you experience waking up with swelling (face, ankles, hands, etc) after ingesting gluten? Just curious if I was the only one out there. (Blood pressure, weight, thyroid, lupus test, kidney and liver function all are normal) Thanks and enjoy the weekend :-)
  4. Thank you all for your responses. You have definitely put things in perspective. I have been gluten-free for only a couple of months now (I have Celiac as does my father). I took the test because one of my symptoms is significant swelling of my fingers/face/eyelids in the morning, which I can't stand. That is the only symptom that has not gone away completely and I wanted to see if I had any other intolerances that could be causing that issue. I think I will go ahead and try to give dairy and eggs up also for awhile. I am still new at simply giving up gluten and, honestly, its been tough. So, it does seem overwhelming to have to give other primary food groups up, but it sounds like it gets easier over time! Thanks again for your responses.
  5. I got my results from an IgG Elisa food intolerance test I did recently. I wrote on another forum topic that I received the test from Optimum Health Laboratories, and who knows how valid they are. Basically, it says that in addition to gluten, my "high" reaction items are whey, milk, almonds, and kidney beans. My "moderate" reaction food is eggs. How on earth can I possibly live without dairy, eggs, and gluten??? Does anyone know if these are temporary reactions that are occurring until my GI system heals? Has anyone had reactions to dairy in particular and been able to reintroduce them with no problem down the road? How long until you could reintroduce them without a problem? Can anyone recommend any good dairy substitutes? I am praying that I can eat dairy and it actually isn't causing my symptoms! Thanks!
  6. My symptoms were GI upset (painful bloating, tons of gas, frequent D), nausea and occasional vomiting, swelling of my face/eyelids/hands in morning, daily headaches, high anxiety after meals (I was pleasantly surprised when that went away), anemia (leading to Restless Legs Syndrome). I only recently went gluten-free but almost all of these symptoms are completely gone. I hope this helps, good luck!
  7. I am also newly diagnosed and, yes, I have dealt with my friends and a couple of family members who have made light of the situation. It hurts a bit when it comes from family members. I am in college, which makes eating gluten-free extremely difficult, especially when my friends have seen me eat gluten a million times in the past. They don't understand why suddenly I can't. They think I am a hypochondriac, despite the fact that my headaches, GI upset, hip pain, swelling all have gone away since being gluten-free for a couple of months. Basically, I asked one of my closest friends to read some information on it, and after reading it, she essentially became an advocate for me when my friends are pressuring me. Same things with my boyfriend..when I went to visit my brother, his wife started making comments and my boyfriend said politely that he has seen how sick it makes me and he would prefer if I wasn't pressured into eating things that make me that sick. Also, my mother read Elizabeth Hasselbecks book about going gluten-free and she is also now a big advocate for me. So, I am only a few months out, but basically I always seem to be surrounded by at least one person who says "Ive seen her get sick and she will get sick if she eats that" and then everyone drops it. I am getting better at advocating for myself, but it has taken some time. Hope this helps!
  8. Thank you both for your help! I called Optimum Health, and did actually speak to someone. I expressed my concerns about the reviews/possibility of them being a fraudulent company and the individual I spoke with claimed that was not the case (I am still not convinced though). They told me the date they received the specimen and emailed me confirmation and then said I should receive the results in about a week. We will see if I actually get them, I'll let you all know. Even so, after reading some reviews, I am concerned that they won't even be my results and a small part of me is worried they just make them up. If I am being scammed, I will definitely report this to the BBB and anywhere else that you recommend! Lesson learned: Research companies before buying their products ( I won't make that mistake again). I actually did go to my student health services on campus and ask one of the doctors to order the IgG Elisa Test ( I did also see an allergist and have a scratch test, but it was my understanding they were testing for IgE-mediated reactions). The doctor I saw on campus claimed that my swelling, headaches, fatigue, etc. were probably due to outdoor allergies (even though my scratch test came back neg. for everything but cats) and wasn't willing to order the test for me. I then went to a couple of other local doctors and no one was willing to order the test for me. They said there was not enough evidence for the IgG-delayed food reactions. Thats why I ended up ordering it off the internet to do for myself. Maybe I will just do an elimination diet. As a college student, I pretty much live on rice anyway :-) Again, thank you both for your advice. This forum is so helpful!
  9. Also, if it turns out no one had a good experience with Optimum Health Resource Labs, can anyone tell me about the process with getting a blood sample for a food intolerance test and a reputable company they recommend. If my fiance is a nurse, can he just do the blood draw, or does it have to be from a doctor's office? Thanks!
  10. I bought the ELISA 96 food panel about a month ago from Optimum Health Labs. I have read on this forum that many people feel it is a scam (after I ordered it of course). I am so upset because I am a college student and had to save for awhile to even afford the test. Has anyone ever received any RESULTS???????? Ever??????? :-(
  11. Hi- I am 26 years old, and finally was diagnosed with Celiac in April. Prior to my Celiac diagnosis, my doctors tested me for inflammatory diseases and I found out I am HLA B27 positive, which predisposed me to Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). I am a physical therapy student, so I have learned a lot about AS and I am honestly frightened to have it develop. Do any of you have any tips on things I can do at a young age to prevent or lessen the severity of AS? Just curious! Thanks!
  12. Feeling Hopeless

    Vicky, I eat those foods all of the time! Its amazing, I went to see a million doctors about swelling, joint pain, GI upset, insomnia, and anxiety (and I am only in my 20's!) and I was literally put on a med for each but given no suggestions about how to deal with the underlying issues. I feel like people on this forum are more knowledgeable than the doctors I saw! I will definitely try given up nightshade plants. Thank you for the tip. And thank you all for your encouragement. I am still in college and my friends don't have any health issues and just don't understand how difficult this diet can be. They frequently say, "A bite won't kill you." Its nice to head stories from people going through the same thing! I have one question for you. My entire family and extended family are all traveling for one week to Omaha, NE to surprise my grandma for Thanksgiving. I am so excited to see everyone, but dreading all the meals. My grandma LOVES to cook, I can't expect her to buy new pots and pans, etc etc etc. I keep thinking about the trip and getting a pit in my stomach. Any advice on being a guest in someone else's home? Thanks!
  13. I found out I have Celiac this past April. I go through a week or so where all of my symptoms go away and I feel happy and great. Then, CC happens and I feel horrible all over again. Maybe it isnt CC, maybe I am intolerant to a million other things. One of my symptoms is sever facial and finger swelling in the morning. Its been gradually going away. Today, I woke up and it was back full-blast. I literally feel hideous, defeated, and depressed. I am trying so hard to avoid CC and gluten, which is making me feel a little crazy and overwhelmed, and I just feel so discouraged today. How have you all managed to get through this huge adjustment and how long did it take before your symptoms went away? Being so swollen this morning just has me really down. Anyone have any stories of recovery from swelling? Thanks :-)