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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just got home from Universal ! I drank a few butterbeers, didn't know if they were gluten free or not, but i didnt get sick so im happy! here are some restaurants located at universal that have gluten free options! Hard Rock Cafe- don't have a gluten free menu but the managers know what to serve. They have corn tortilas for fajita's, and you have to ask them to cook the fajita mixture in a different skillet, but they know what to do if you tell them you have celiac they are very good there. Margaritaville- Have a full gluten free menu, and they also have a dedicated fryer to cook french fries in. I had the chicken sandwich with fries it was absolutely amazing! I wasn't expecting the bun to be very good but to my surprise it was delicious i want to go back there right now! Mytho's restaurant- have a gluten free menu, pad thai it was really good, they also have a gluten free brownie dessert i didn't get to try because i was too full! Pastamor
  2. Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    What is his facebook? i clicked the link and it isnt working and i also searched him but couldn't find him!
  3. Mine are weird too, before celiac I used to have really heavy periods. Now they are hardly anything and sometimes I don't get mine for 2 months. They aren't regular which is really annoying haha
  4. Best In Nyc?

    There is a place called Mozzerellis! they have gluten free pizza and deserts. it is actually amazing. i went to nyc in the summer and ate there like everyday because i couldnt get enough haha. once you try their pizza you will be in love!
  5. Gluten Free Eating In Ontario?

    That's good! I'm glad you got along well, it really isn't as hard as it seems. I travel a lot too and it is pretty easy to find items to eat! Where are you from?
  6. Seriously do NOT be embarassed with having to bring your own lunch. I realized in high school that you cannot worry about what others think of you. You have to think of yourself, and what is best for you. I used to care about what people said about me having celiac and why i would bring my own lunch when everyone else bought it, but one day I realized why should I care what they say to me? In the long run you will be healthier than them anyways by bringing your own lunch
  7. Your family should only want the best for you, I don't see why they wouldn't believe you. If they don't believe you have an allergy to gluten, you should explain to them what could happen to you if you continue to eat gluten
  8. You just have to tell yourself you can't have it and deal with it. As bad as it sounds, you can't sit there wishing you could have something because there really is no way you will ever eat it again so you might as well forget about it. Some days you will get cravings but you have to eat the foods that you are allowed and that you love
  9. Glutened At Chili's?

    The monterary chicken is safe, I eat i all the time when I go there. Their mashed potatoes are safe, without the gravy of course. The thing you most likely got sick from was the vegetables. They are cooked in the same water as pasta. I always order another side of mashed potatoes instead of vegetables.
  10. Gluten Free Eating In Ontario?

    Swiss Chalet's fries are fried in the same oil as chicken fingers, and their baked potatoes are not gluten free, they brush them with oil that is also used on items that contain gluten. I am from Hamilton so I know quite a few places that are gluten free. Jack Astors has a gluten free menu, just be careful with the nachos- they say they are gluten free but they are fried in the same oil as chicken fingers. The Keg also has a gluten free menu, a bit more fancy but you can get a really nice meal. Montana's also has gluten free choices, their potato skins are and they are amazing Wendy's has gluten free choices- chili, baked potatoes, hamburger patty, salads, frostys.
  11. Anyone Else Disappointed With Applebee's?

    I've eaten at applebee's very many times. I always get the fiesta lime chicken with the rice, ask for no tortilla chips, and you should be fine! I have never felt sick after it, and when I am glutened I ususally feel sick that day or the next.
  12. Any Celiac Teens Out There?

    so you've had it since you were 1? i love new jerseyy, do you go to bamboozle?
  13. Wendys

    yes i work at wendy's everything on the gluten free menu is fine, and if you tell them you have an allergy they will change their gloves and prepare everything on an extra clean surface so there is no cc
  14. The Celiac Clock Is Ticking

    well, the solution to that is don't eat it. who cares if someone gives it to you, just say you're allergic it's not a big deal.
  15. How Bad Is Wheat In Shampoo?

    i honestly think it's hard enough finding foods without gluten in them. really, what are the chances of the shampoo getting in your mouth and having enough gluten in it to make you sick?