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  1. Hi! I'm an Italian girl and I just joined this forum ^^ I'm not here for asking you what I can or cannot eat in Japan because I've already been there 2 times (the first one for 3 months and the second one for one year) and I know pretty well their kitchen. I've always liked japan since I was a child and always wanted to live there and now me and my boyfriend, who is half Japanese, are planning to find a work there in the near future. What I wonder is... can I still live comfortly even with celiac desease?? I think it's probably easier to live there than being there as a turist. Just because if you live there you don't need to eat out every single day since at lunch you can eat your own bento like the most of Japanese people do and in the evening you eat at home. If sometimes you go out there're still sushi and yakiniku without sauce, Indian restaurants, MacDonalds when you can have salads, another Italian style chain (Saizeriya) where they have salads, meat and rice and I'm not sure about omerice ._. Then, if you go to izakaya, which Japanese often do, you can still order white rice and salads without dressing. It's pretty poor but you don't do it everyday so you can survive =D I'm sad 'cause I really love Japanese kitchen but well... I can prepare almost everything (except for ramen) at home using gluten-free ingredients so I'm ok with it. ^^ What do you think? Anyone is living there? And another thing... what about medical stuff?? Like pills etc... Can I safety take Japanese medications? Thank you in advance. ^^