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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Starbucks

    I'm in the UK. Do u have toffee nut syrup? Do u know if it's ok? What are the ingredients I should check for?
  2. Does anyone know if the syrups used in Starbucks are gluten free? Something 'got' me the other day & I'm trying to work out what it was.
  3. Ok, so still waiting on my GI doctor appt - next week. My GP put me on gluten free diet as i thought i had identified gluten as the cause of the diarrhoea and the fast worsening symptoms resulting in being awake all night crying in agony with the stomach pains and running to the loo (like food poisoning basically, except not!) On the diet the diarrhoea totally stopped and the pain vanished along with the severe bloating. Good signs. After 3 weeks i started worrying i was wrong as i haven;t heard anything about my celiac panel results (which normally means your tests are negative) so i got careless and then started almost binging on gluten foods just now and then. Nothing happened. Now though the diarrhoes is back for 2 days running following a definite gluten load. Makes me think again. However this is not my real question.....i've been suffering from a streaming nose - just clear mucous, constantly streaming. I hadn't realised that it'd completely gone until now, its back!! I haven't changed my lactose intake which i know can cause mucous problems but i just wondered if anyone else had experienced this? Thanks
  4. Why not lactose? I'm eating a diet of rice, milk and yoghurt. D has stopped altho possibly a little C now. Am veggie & beans & veg didn't go down very well so just been avoiding them. What would be symptoms of a lactose prob? I'm damn tired & weak. By the way bloods were fine & celiac panel not back yet
  5. Hi, me again. I get my blood results tomorrow - really scared. Having had D everyday since June, and awful nausea resulting in medication and then just not eating as that seemed to make it stop, my stomach FINALLY seems to be returning to normal - although it still isn't tolerating much food at a time since an awful episode last week. I was so ill and have lost so much weight (i was already underweight) that my Dr took the bloods and put me straight on gluten free diet. Now i'm really scared about what the results are going to say. Whatever they say i'm going to stay gluten free and start introducing other foods (my diet is very restricted just now out of sheer fear and inability to digest fruit & veg) and see if things stay better. But i want to feel vaildated and not be regarded by the medical profession as 'another hypochonriac' or 'celebrity wheat intolerance dieter' I'm just really scared and nervous and was wondering whether anyone else had shared these nerves
  6. Bloods

    If you react to barley as well as wheat, does that mean you're celiac?
  7. Hi, i know nothing about gluten and mental stuff but i just wanted to send you a virtual hug. I have suffered with depression (officially diagnosed) for 10yrs and had a very sad childhood (in my head). It's awful. I've been hospitalised, suicidal, self harming and anorexia. I've just gone gluten free (due to GI symptoms) and am hoping,as a bonus, with time my depressive symptoms will improve. Medication for my has literally saved my life but i've had lots of therapy too. Definitely 'audition' your therapist and change if it doesn't work out. If you don't 'click' its a waste of time. Just sharing the pain. Good luck. P.S anyone heard of a link with gluten and anorexia?
  8. After the severe pain I endured on Monday I haven't felt like much food as my stomach has remained very delicate and won't tolerate much food at a time so hunger has not been a problem for me. Hav been eating rice cakes with jam or nut butters or cream cheese. I tried homemade bean chilli with brown rice but that flared up my stomach so back to rice cakes. Also been drinking milk. And provoking natural yoghurt with gluten free muesli (no oats). Today I tried rice pudding (homemade) and so far so good. If u can eat more things then I wd recommend it cos I am so weak and so tired and feel so ill but I'm terrified of food after the pain and bloating it gave me. I have not been able to digest vegetables so that's why they don't feature. Drinking has even been an issue. I would try buckwheat, quinioa, rice, sweet potatoes for filling u up. Depending on how ur digestion is eat plenty of fruit veg beans, lentils etc but they aren't so good for fragile tummy's. Dairy is good if u can tolerate it. I don't kno about meats as I'm veggie. For snacking, nuts and seeds. Research snack bars that are fruit and nut based- Larabars, Eat Natural, Nakd etc. Hope this helps u banish the hunger.
  9. I've been gluten free for 4 complete days and this morning had my 1st normal stool in months!!! I've been very restricted in my diet so it's still possible that something else is causing the GI issues but I'm so happy would u expect a reaction this quickly if it was celiac?
  10. I've been wondering about dairy and soya intolerances, but my doctor doesn't want me to cut out anything else just now because of my weight. I don't know. also if i try too many things at once then i'm in an elimination diet situ and will have to test on the basis of reintroducing rather than exclusion. I'm pretty terrified of eating anything just now. I don't know what to eat. I'm vegetarian too. I had such severe bloating after having salad for dinner followed by yoghurt and biscuits that i'm blaming all 3 groups of food (probably irrationally). But if i live off rice cakes they'll never discover what i'm reacting too. I can tell this is going to be a long haul to recovery. It's all come on pretty suddenly so its confusing how i could be reacting to everything all of a sudden. But u think it CAN take a wee while for your stomach to settle even without the gluten? Like can my digestion all be screwed up which is causing these reactions?
  11. Ok, so have daily D for months now along with nausea. Been treated with various meds but no resolution. I virtually stopped eating and i noticed that when i had wheat,barley etc i got D the following morning, if i didn't have it the following morning i was fine. So after weeks of eating very very little and lots of research which said i needed to be eating gluten for about 6 weeks for a blood test to be of any use i started eating normally again making sure i was consuming plenty of gluten. Boy has this been hard. The D worse than ever and several nights of no sleep due to the pain and nausea, the worst being this week where i was literally screaming in agony.(really severe bloating as well and D) My Dr has done tests saying that if i'm reacting this badly to gluten it'll show up.....is this true? After that bad bout of monday night i've had tuesday - 4 rice cakes (2 with almond butter, 2 with philadelphia) wednesday no bowel symptoms, just a fragile stomach still - starbucks skinny latte with caramel syrup 2 rice cakes with philadelphia, half avocado, some sprouted beans (just a spoonful) thursday 1 small still very soft bowel movement - starbucks skinny milk with SF hazelnut syrup - gluten-free mango & fig raw food bar - steamed courgette - baby potatoes - homemade bean chilli (kidney beans, soya beans, tomatoes, onion,cornflour, spices - but didn't make it hot) Friday (today) i had D again (only twice tho) in the morning and during the night i had MILD discomfort/pain around my navel Is this meant to happen? before it was very clear cut, no gluten = no D but this is confusing me and making me doubt its gluten...hmmm does anyone have experience or advice? Much appreciated, thanks
  12. Hi, I just wanted to thank u all for all ur help so far. After my severe episode earlier this week I saw my Dr who is very concerned so now whatever happens I at least have a Dr who wants to find the answer. Waiting for my coeliac panel to come back. TERRIFIED it comes back negative & I won't be allowed to be diagnosed as coeliac. It matters in UK as I can't get prescriptions for it Oh well, I'll let u know.
  13. So...my stomach blew up like a freakin balloon again last night, nothing different there. But this time after 1.5hrs sleep i woke with SEVERE stomach pain. It was a constant pain coupled with extra waves of cramp so painful i was calling out. I had similar episodes twice last week but the pain was nothing like this, curiously each time has been worse than the last. Also the D started during the ngiht this time, about 2hrs after i woke, it normally only starts at 'getting up time 8am'. And the D was even worse - more explosve, liquidy etc Saw GP first thing this morning who is taking it seriously - thank god someone is at last. Done tests, inc celiac panel. And told me if it ever gets as bad again to call emergency DR. So all day now (it's after 4pm here) i've been in low grade pain, unable to eat or even drink. 2 questions; has anyone else found that every attack gets worse each time? does celiac present like this (as well as the usual D everyday) I've only been on a 'normal diet' for 2 weeks as i stopped eating pretty much altogether as i felt so sick and had D all the time i was miserabel but not eating helped it. But obv couldn't continue like that so started eating inc gluten so i celiac disease get tested. secondly, what do u guys find u can tolerate to eat/drink when ur stomach is so painful? drinking is actually worse than eating a plain rice cracker (i've had 2 and nothing not even water all day) with the D that i had for so many hours i'm guessing i shoudl really drink...i feel so yuk
  14. Symptoms

    I didn't sleep well! But it was an improvement on not having any 2 nights last week - had to get up and sit with a hot water bottle on my stomach until midday. I'm so nervous about the Dr tomorrow, i've made such a fuss about my symptoms if it isn't gluten i'm going to feel like such an idiot. And if it's the medication, an even bigger idiot. But i did have BAD acid probs that come back if i don't take it. But surely it couldn't cause me to go the bathroom that many times, and give me stomach pain, and be variable despite taking it everyday. And it all started with diarrhoea all those months ago. Also, if i don't eat i feel sooo much better physicially. That's got to be indicative of a food prob right? A tricky issue for me to handle since i'm anorexic (trying to be in recovery) I'm getting myself in such a tis about all this. I actually WANT it to be a positive antibody test so that i can have something concrete, with an (easy) solution. I'm terrified its a dairy thing cos i love milk etc. :/
  15. Ok, sorry for posting once again but just wanted to run something by you all. I've arranged a Dr appt but i want to go in armed with as much info as possible so i'm not fobbed off as i suspect i will be. Past week i've been up during the night with stomach pains etc and if i remember correctly i'd had more gluten than normally i'd have that day. So yesterday i had this: 1pm a bagel 4pm 2 biscuits 6pm vegetable curry (homemade with jar of sauce) brown rice mango sorbet (with wheat sugar syrup) if it is gluten thats surely going to give me another sore stomach? It didn't. But for the few hours following dinner my stomach swelled up so so much (i'm serious) and in the hour and half since getting up this morning i've been to the bathroom 5 or 6 times, had the usual loose,smelly,floating stools but with whole pieces of undigested food - why? I am on Lansoprazole for stomach acid, is this causing me to not digest my food or could it be celiac? Also, apart from the diarrhoea being constant is it still a symptom of celiac to have stomach pain that is on and off, ie. not everytime you have gluten? Sorry for the detail and for asking so many questions all the time. Hope i'm not a pest.