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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yeah most people wouldn't, but it does taste good I'll try that powdered wheat gluten though.. and I suppose barley is the best because then if i have a reaction i know its not wheat specific..
  2. I'm very serious, I used to eat wheat gluten as a meat alternative. They sell it at trader joes and it looks like that after you take it out of the package.
  3. Is there a wheat gluten alternative to this stuff, or is that what you would eat? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/dd/Wheat_gluten_(vegetarian_mock_duck)_2007.jpg/220px-Wheat_gluten_(vegetarian_mock_duck)_2007.jpg
  4. It would just be helpful if I could figure out which ingredient is the culprit. When i shop for food it's easier to avoid wheat than it is the entire gluten spectrum, so I want to know if I really need to eliminate gluten, or just wheat itself. Being sick for a few days is worth figuring out what it is and being able to shop accordingly for years to come..
  5. All the brands of beer bother me... I don't think all the people with wheat problems have the same sensitivity. This is what I know for sure: -Beer, especially wheat beer, causes allergic reactions in my body. -When I eliminate beer, wheat, and gluten from my diet for a month I feel fine -When I add back either bear, or wheat, I have reactions again. I don't think I would normally be allergic to any of these things, but 2 years ago I had a very traumatic medical situation that caused my body to be more sensitive to allergens.
  6. I got tested for a bunch of things 2 years ago, and I can't remember if that was on the list or not, but now i don't have insurance, so I have to troubleshoot this on my own. The beer thing is consistent, and I know its something in there that's a problem, but it's hard to pin point anything else because I usually don't consume 6 slices of cake at a time. Do you think that a wheat beer has more or less wheat as a slice of bread? I could gorge on bread and see what happens... I just want to find a way to narrow this thing down item by item...
  7. Unfortunately my problems flare up even when on a beer free diet.. the wheat beers are always worse, so that keeps me focused on wheat for now. I did wheat free diet in June and I felt good. I didn't avoid all the subtle gluten ingredients way down the ingredient list, but I made sure to avoid everything that was obvious. So I figure i'm probably on the right track... but I'm open minded too
  8. So there is one thing I know for sure; Beer, especially wheat beer, triggers an unpleasant reaction in my body. Based on this knowledge I want to conduct a test to see what my reactions are to: 1) The purest form of wheat (without gluten, if that exists) 2) The purest form of gluten (without wheat, if that exists) Based on this goal, I need help selecting foods that would be good for a test. I will eat a large quantity of wheat one day, and then a few days later a large quantity of gluten. Hopefully one, rather than the other, will trigger a reaction, and then I can eliminate that food from my diet. Perhaps it's both, and in that case I'll shed a little tear, but be glad I know.
  9. I moved recently, so I dont have a prior relationship with this doctor. He keeps telling me its a mental thing.....
  10. The 30 minute reaction is sharp pin like pains in my hands, feet, and sometimes on my butt. The pains seem to correspond to hives forming, and my skin seems to dry out in those areas despite constant lotioning. In addition, I get groggy, my head can hurt a bit, my vision blurs a bit, and I get incredibly itching under my skin. It's an itch I cannot get to, so it becomes maddening. Sometimes my stomach will be uncomfortable and bloated.
  11. I haven't been checked for it, but I've read the symptoms a few times and while some are similar, the overall situation just doesn't feel like mine. My itching is my primary problem, and far outweighs any other symptoms. The joint pains and headaches are annoying, but the itching is driving me mad. If I had a regular job I would be out on disability months ago. I will take a look, thanks!!
  12. I think I will exactly this. I need to really crack down and avoid anything in question for a significant amount of time. I do have insurance, but I have a very high deductible. If I really need something I can afford to pay for it, but I just don't want to spend needlessly on a hunch, you know? As soon as the rash reappears (its too faint to see on a camera) I will post a photo. What's a GP? I have my blood test results in front of me and they say negative for celiac on the test. It says celiac disease panel with a few items listed, and there are some other items, then f079-ige gluten. It says all are negative. Is that a reliable test? Does it test for intolerance?
  13. The rash doesn't come on quick actually. It's very delayed, and not consistent. Benedryl doesn't help at all, I think it used to, but it seems that I'm getting used to any meds that help.