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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dh Sores

    Thanks to everyon for your posts one this subject. It has been quite helpful to me. I really am trying hard to be as gluten-free as possible, but since I am the cheif cook and bottle washer at home--2 kids and a god daughter, I do a lot of baking--very careful to have measuring cups just for my gluten-free baking ets, and don't even keep that stuff in the same supboard. I raise my own fruits and veggies, can pretty much 80% of my own things, and get my meat from my sister when I need it--they have their own farm. I almost died from thyroid disease in 1998, and had that radiated, due to that I could not lose weight and had gastric bypass in 2006, which has been extremely successful for me. I was diagnosed with graves disease as well as hasimotos thyroditis when the whole thing went down. Personally, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I took myself off of Dapsone this weekend cause I just was not feeling well. I have about 8-12 persistent sores on my scalp that just won't seem to go away--they act like they will and then they don't. I don't use any skin or laundry or cleaning products that have any form of gluten in them --and this has also helped. So--now that I only sores on my scalp and not nearly the amount that I had, all the rest on my butt, knees, feet, elbows and fingers are gone, I guess its just continuing on and being careful and eventually maybe they will subside as well. Again, thanks so much for all the advice! Noel
  2. Shampoos Detergents And Soap

    here is a list, and you can also find several post on this web site just by googling things like- are neutrogena prodducts gluten free? How to Find Gluten Free Makeup By brantsbabe, eHow Member I want to do this! What's This? User-Submitted Article If you're gluten intolerant and have skin problems to accompany this condition, like dermatitis herpeteformis, hives, or eczema, you need to make sure your makeup is gluten free. I've done the research for you. Here's some good gluten free makeup choices. Difficulty: EasyInstructions 1Take a Good Look in Your Makeup Bag! Using the ingredient list below, check all of your current makeup for the ingredients listed. If you no longer have the packaging do an online search at a drugstore. Throw out products that have gluten, and start over. (if you don't have skin problems associated with gluten, you can decide whether or not to replace face products. Lipstick or anything that could get in your mouth, however, should be gluten free) 2Know What Cosmetic Ingredients Include Gluten: Here are some ingredients you might find in cosmetics that could indicate wheat or gluten: hyrolyzed malt extract hydrolyzed wheat protein hydrolyzed vegetable protein wheat germ vitamin e cyclodextrin barley extract fermented grain extract oat (avena sativa) stearyldimoniumhydroxypropyl samino peptide complex phytosphingosine extract triticum vulgare dextrin dextrin palmitate maltodextrin Secale Cereale Sodium C8-16 Isoalkylsuccinyl Wheat Protein Sulfonate yeast extract anything with wheat in the name 3Try Some of These Brands: Try Smashbox This line of cosmetics is mostly gluten free. Many people with gluten intolerance issues use this brand. Sephora has mostly gluten free items too. Check Out Avon Avon has an extensive list of gluten free makeup, and it's not expensive. Here is a link to a list of Avon products that are gluten free. Try Neutrogena Neutrogena is a great choice for gluten free makeup, and it's pretty cheap too. You can find Neutrogena products at any drug store. See resources below for some gluten free makeup choices from Neutrogena: Afterglow Cosmetics The entire line is gluten free. It is supposedly a line of makeup produced by someone with Celiac disease. The extra bonus is that it's cornstarch free too. This is a mineral makeup. If you like minerals, you'll love this brand. It's a bit more expensive than drugstore brands, but worth it if it helps your skin. I think thats enough if you are cautious enough to not put gluten inside of you, then you should be cautious enough to put it on the outside of you. I love neutrogena, and I really like the t-sal, t-fal, shampoo and conditioner. Plus the rainbath etc. If you have irritations that are not quite sores--say under your arms, the body oil is great--I used this for quite awhile cause I couldn't use deoderant--it was awesome. The makeup is great also. Also, Gain is a good laundry soap. You can get both of these products at Costco as well as Wall mart and not have to pay through the nose :-) that's my two cents--hope it helps.
  3. Anyone Had Dh On The Scalp?

    I agree with Daniel*s Amber. try to keep our head clean. Things seem to get owrse for me if I have any type of sweating at all. I also think that the sores on the scalp are the worst, Mine are horrible, they hurt all the time, its enough to drive me crazy--cept im already there. Trust me I have had the sores on my knees, elbows, fingers, feeet, glutial cleft--or the crack of my butt so to speak. under my arms--and teh ones on my head are by far the worst, noel
  4. Hair And Skin Products

    Hi all, Neutrogena products are all gluten free--as well as they sell them at Wallmart--yippiee. Love the rain bath and body oil as well as the t-fal shampoo and conditioner if you have sores on your scalp. Blah Blah.. haha. one thing I have to be happy about throug all the pain. Enjoy
  5. Are you people crazy? Cows are pumped full of hormones??? Do you have any clue or idea what goes into raising any kind of agricultural crops--dairy included?? There are strick guidelines, as well as manditory testing through the national dairy Herd Improvement Assoication--that is-obviously-nationwide. It is amazing to me how many people will go on something they read or heard--not even trying to invstigate or research--reputable sources--for themselves. Agrivating!
  6. one last post, try this web site http://clark.wsu.edu/family/factsheets.html lots of good info. Hope I helped!
  7. Ok, I have now finished reading all of the posts for this, and I am getting concerned--so here are the most important books that I could recommend and I will put them in order of importance: 1)USDA Complete guide to Home Canning National Institue of Food and Agriculture, Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 539 2) Food Safety Advisor (EM4895) Try calling Washington State University (509)335-2970--they will be able to help you aquire it. 3)So Easy to Preserve, 5th Edition--from the Cooperative extension, The University of Georgia, www.soeasytopreserve.com 4)Ball complete book of Home Preserving, by Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard--can find at Costco 5)Ball Blue book 6) Joy of cooking, all about canning and preserving by Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker and Ethan Beker and, 7) the Jamlady Cookbook by Beverly Ellen Schoonmaker Alredh I can give more information if needed, but also go the Washington State University Extension web site and get more info. Please be aware that a lot of methods and myths have changed. Be careful you will enjoy tons of wonderful--gluten free goodies from your own pantry!
  8. Hey there, I am what is considered a "Master Food Preserver" associated with Washington State University. I would recommend to you to go to the georgia state universities extension site, get a copy of their book "so easy to preserve". Also, the USDA has a publication for canning. I can everything, have a small farm, my own chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits as well as a huge garden, fruit, raspberries, grapes, figs, blackberries, strawberries etc. You will want--as said above, a water bath canner as well as a pressure canner. I actually prefer the older presto canners, as they are thicker and heavier and less prone to warp. If you find a good deal on one or get one handed down to you--you can have all the parts replaced --go to the manufatures web site and get part #'s--you need to have all pressure canners that have dial gauges tested every year by the county extension ajency--usually costs 3-4 bucks--but well worth it. anyway--good luck--have a great time. The suggestion for the Ball blue book for canning was excellent. Kerr also has a very good hard-back one. Also keep in mind things change--rules etc. so you should not use old receipes without referencing them to newer ones. As i said earlier--The georgia state university--is the bomb so to speak! Happy canning! Noel
  9. Dh Sores

    Hi all, thanks so much for your responses! As I stated i use Neutrogena T-fal shampoo as well as the T-fal conditioner. As far as I know and have researched--all neutrogena products are gluten free. I also forgot to mention in my haste that I thyroid disease and take 400 micrograms of levoxyl daily. I also had gastric by-pass in 2006. My dermatologist is just certain that if I had this reversed that this whole thing would go away--i think he is high--personally. Again I haven't talked to my doctor for about 2 months because it costs me $120 to go see him--and I am one of the fortunate one to be un-employed at this time. So--Raven, if you could please tell me a little more about cutting out the iodine--that would be very helpful. Again I so appreciate all of your concern as well as advice. Its nice talking to others who don't think 'm nuts. Noel
  10. Dh Sores

  11. Dh Sores

    Ok, So I finally got diagnosed with DH, after 2 years of suffering with the sores. I have been gluten free for over 8 months now and have been on Dapsone 50mg a day for 3 months now. The sores on my scalp and forehead are another story! All of the sores on my knees, elbows, backside and feet are gone. I really haven't gotten more than a couple of new sores on my head, but most of the old ones are gone except maybe 5 and they will not seem to stop oozzing, and crusting over. Then of course they hurt because they are oozzing and can't oozze because they are scabbed/crusted over so I end up picking the scab off to let the fluid out. As most of you probably know, this whole process is completely painful, as well as the fact that the pain never really goes away. If I wash my hair several times a day it lessens, i use neutrogena t-fal--and it works great compared to anything else I have tried, its very soothing. Anyway, I can no longer go to the doctor due to the fact that I don't have medical insurrance, so I'm just wondering if I need to be patient and wait this out for several more months and then the sores might dry up or what? I need some direction from others who suffer with this affliction. I am so sick of going somewhere and being around family and they make remarks about my not being able to eat gluten and how I have celiac's. Doesn't the world know that there are other problems associated with gluten??? Help me please!! Thanks so much, Noel
  12. Hi there, I do not recommend any type of Oil of Olay products--they make me break-out, I have DH, every time I used them. One of the best products i have found is Neutrogena. They have everything, bodywash, soap, facewash, lotion, and I love the t-fal shampoo and conditioner when I have sores on my head--which seems to be always. i am still recuperating from non-diagnosis of 2 years. I do know that Neutrogena is available at my fav stor--Costco--also the body oil that you put on after showering really helps if you have any outbreaks under your arms--i love it and it is the only product I use, not extremely expensive either. Good Luck!