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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the note. You may have something similar to me - and may need kind of medication for the D. Once I started taking the Cholestramine (Questran)the diarrhea and the intolerances have gone. Maybe you have an infection (possibly C-Diff)?

  2. I've wondered about this myself. I'm Type A+. I do know that green beans are very agreeable for me, and that other beans don't cause any issues others have reported (not even gas! ...and I'm prone to gassiness). I've also had issues with meat, though not consistently. Potatoes don't do me much good, but I love 'em too much. I might have to take a look at the book though; I've still been having issues.
  3. Can I just put a glob (or 50 ;D) of peanut butter on a cookie sheet and bake it? I mean, without it becoming some kind of horrific science experiment or something? Or would it just end up being something you'd need a spoon for (which is ok by me)? Just wondering.
  4. Jury Duty With Gluten Intolerance

    Yes, just this week! I got picked to be on the jury (civil trial), and on the fourth day during testimony I had to pee reaaallly bad, and we were able to stop proceedings to take a bathroom break (turns out I wasn't the only one who needed it, either!). The jury room had two bathrooms. They had no refrigeration or microwaves so I brought stuff like tuna + gluten-free crackers, carrots and peanut butter, some acceptable-at-room-temperature fruit, enough for a whole day to eat.
  5. You've definitely piqued my curiosity here. What specific brand of vitamin do you take, and where can I find it? I looked up "whole food vitamin" on teh googles and got a lot of results that resemble spam too closely.
  6. Coughing A Lot

    I used to cough after eating all the time. There were a few times when I'd cough a lot for no apparent reason and the doc gave me antibiotics and steroids (a short course) when I went to make sure that I wasn't dying or something. Is it a dry cough? At any rate, for me, that was the first thing to go when I went gluten-free. And I don't cough much anymore at all. So you possibly could be getting glutened still (Dear Firefox: GLUTENED IS A WORD DANGIT ). I always thought the cough was related to my reflux because I almost always coughed aftrt eating, but I still deal with reflux but not the cough. So maybe it was inflammation-related. And maybe yours is too?
  7. One thing that should be added is that you can have "normal" blood b12 levels and still be deficient (well, that's true of plenty of things, not just b12...). The first time I got mine checked I was 300; thankfully the doc saw that was too low despite the lab reference range low being 200. The second time I got my b12 checked I was 800 something, and the doc (a different one) condescendingly told me I didn't need to be taking the b12, but frankly, I feel much better taking it. See if you can get the MMA and homocysteine tests in addition to b12, because those tests usually can indicate a b12 issue even if the b12 blood test doesn't.
  8. I had times where I would lay in bed wanting to die, and the next day be ok. Sometimes after such a night, I actually would ask myself, "Do I still want to die?" when I woke up. The answer was sometimes yes, but other times I realized that no, I don't still want to die. I knew that this was wacked. I also had the uncontrollable rages and massive emotional outbursts over the dumbest things (especially lost items). I got promoted at work, and the anxiety and depression got so bad that certain aspects of that job became impossible for me and I had to step back down. Oh yeah, the anxiety. People tailgating me on the road set my heart racing, for instance. I also had this WONDERFUL tendency to replay events over and over and over and over in my head 1000000 times without cease. Despite the depression, I STILL knew that "depression" was a far inadequate explanation for what was going on. The non-behavioral symptoms I was having, for one thing, plus the sheer seeming "randomness" of it (never made the connection that the mood swings were related to diet other than recognizing low blood sugar though). I still deal with this stuff even after 3 months gluten-free, but it's barely a shadow of what it used to be. I've lost items and looked for them in a rational manner! I want to live 99.9999999999999999% of the time! I don't replay stuff like the hit music station on crack anymore! I'm quick to look on the bright side!
  9. I used: Egg Brown rice bread crumbs (I think the brand is called Hol-Grain and it's just ground brown rice) Garlic, salt, and Italian seasoning Of course, green beans For added health benefits, fried in bacon grease. I'm going to play around with this, because some of these ingredients can be a little tough on the digestive system (I just had heartburn). But the Southern girl in me was very, very happy and this came out delish! <3 This is my first official fried breaded gluten free dish (and my first fried breaded dish *I've* ever cooked) and is definitely something I plan on making to share with people!
  10. I know what to make you if you ever come over! It was something that hinted at being good and then quickly became ewww-tastic to me, which is why I'm so quick to believe it's something I'd like prepared another way. Definitely trying the cinnamon. Maybe embracing the "sweet" is what'll make the difference.
  11. They're not even maintenance for me, let alone therapeutic. One multi turned my pee this horrid bright yellow color, and gave me diarrhea on top of that! Another just gave me stomach pain. :\ But the 1mg of sublingual b12 has never been a problem, and is now really awesome. Bonus points for taking 3-4. But the b12 never seemed to be that helpful that quick before (was taking it pre-gluten-free because I was low according to my first round of blood tests); unless I just wasn't paying attention.
  12. My method at the moment is throwing whatever veggies and meat (and seasoning) I like (or want to give a try) in the pot. Veggies like green beans and snow peas should (probably) be added no earlier than an hour before finish time (I added them in 2 hours before and they were only vaguely green, lol), but those sorts of veggies are a very wonderful addition. I had stew meat and put cilantro and bok choy in there, and that was YUMMY, despite my n00b self overcooking it a little. Oh, and celery (with leaves!). Also, chives have kind of an onion-y flavor. Maybe that would work? The slow cooker seems like a good way to do the "Hey let's throw all this random stuff in and see what happens" method of cooking, and making something that's inedible is really hard short of pouring wheat berries or something in there.
  13. Learning to embrace the veggies

  14. Well my first crock pot dish was a little overcooked, but still very tasty (it looks awful though but I've not been one for presentation ). But I can do this, yes indeedy.
  15. I have a sweet potato lying around. I fried cut up sweet potato pieces in olive oil (with some seasonings); I hated it. I had some kind of mashed sweet potato dish one Thanksgiving. Hated that too. However, knowing how veggies are, it may be that I can do something such that the sweet potato doesn't have its "default" flavor (like tomatoes in salsa, say), if that makes sense. But what that would entail, I'm not sure. Anyone have ideas? It's not like I'm super invested in trying to like sweet potatoes; I just want to give things a proper chance.