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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. could these be factors associated with celiac?
  2. i called the hershey company after reading conflicting things online about the cadbury mini eggs. i got VERY itchy and only added these to my diet. the company said they are gluten free? anyone else have issues with them?
  3. can i get any of these at whole foods? or can you recommend something i can get there?
  4. looking for some wraps that don't crack when you roll them. i miss my super-soft wraps!
  5. I am in Suffolk but am willing to travel West!! I wanted to make an appt in NYC at Columbia but the wait is a few months. Is there anyone that can help me? I have gone to two other GI's here and neither were very knowledgeable and my rash (possible DH) seems to be a mystery to everyone.
  6. are these gluten-free? i can't seem to find any info on their website. they are the holiday kisses - white chocolate with candy cane pieces inside of them.
  7. yes and my legs haven't looked 'themselves' for about a year. LOL. i would hate to have another biposy off my leg but would do it.
  8. I had a 'hive' biopsied. the a** never tested them for celiac; instead he tested them for vasculitis. ugh!
  9. i had an endoscopy back in 2007 and was told i didnt have 'evidence' of celiac. (constipation and bloating all my life and 'new' evidence of hives started). that was it. to be honest, i do think they biopsied me but am not 100% sure. when i took my reports to another doc for a 2nd opinion, he said the report didn't say where they got the biopsy from and that's a pretty big deal. i have had countless allergy tests run, seen an immunologist who performed a celiac blood panel. he said it was 'negative' and my IgA was also negative. however, my IgE was extremely elevated and so was my IgM. he said i didn't have celiac. my grandmother died of colorectal cancer and my dad is very ill from colon cancer now. i am no sure if this could be related but thought i would make mention. i get a rash on my lower extremities. (legs, buttocks, lower hips only. doctors said it's hives, that's it. i have 'no allergies.' i recently saw a nutritionist who did some applied kinesiology to me and told me i did have a sensitivity to wheat. i know that sensitivities and allergies are different but i was really hoping for some advice on what to do. i'm at a loss; this has been going on for 3 years. is there another test i could have done to see what it really is? do i have another endoscopy done? eta - i know that hives are not the same thing. these look like hives then get red/blotchy and at burn and itch at the same time. worst thing in the world!! they then turn redish/purply but form a rash and stay small. i saw 3 derms, all said something different. (hives, foliculits, excema)
  10. i am not sure.... this is them and i cant get a hold of the box or any info about them on the website. http://www.dollartree.com/Christmas/Stocking-Stuffers/peppermint-mini-candy-canes/319c372c372p304011/index.pro
  11. had a horrible rash/breakout/reaction. does anyone know if their miniature candy canes are gluten free? their website doesnt give any information.
  12. while i was at whole foods today i bought a bag of gluten-free marshmallows. HOWEVER, i didn't know these weren't gluten-free already? are they gluten-free?
  13. i have done biopsies (not done correctly apparently) and blood tests galore. is there a way i can do a 'test' on my own to see if i do in fact have dh?
  14. im not sure why everything is such a secret. ugh! i looked on their site - where are the ingredients in their syrups?
  15. does the Caramel Brul