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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Everyone I have only just discovered this web page and I am very excited to have found it. I was diagnosed celiac 2.5 years ago and have been gluten free (as best as I can) for this time. I am finding that I accidentally get glutened often at the moment.This has happened by ingesting some of my face scrub on one occassion, to cross contamination etc etc. I have been ill alot this year and have realised that I am now having a "acute" response to gluten as opposed to a chronic response. I am very sensitive and I am frustrated by how difficult being gluten-free has become. I am 100% happy to be gluten-free it has positively changed my life, its just I am reacting to soooo many things even tinned beans that appear gluten-free however I am reacting so they must contain some through cross contamination in the processing process... Any way enough ofa rant about that, this was not my purpose in writing this forum. The question I have is whether there is anyone else here who has been gluten-free a while and has had recurrent miscarriages? We have now had 10 pregnancies in three years, one being ectopic and nine being miscarriages. It has been a really tough road for us and I have been to both western and eastern medical professionals for help. We have tried IVF although had the same outcome with that process also. We believe that I have continued to have problems due to accidental gluten issues or some other celiac related issue. Can anyone give me some information on this? Thanks Rachy
  2. Hi cblack I was given something called Digestaid from the naturopath to assist with this exact issue. The only problem I have found is the ones I was given contain lactose and I become lactose intolerant when Ive been glutened. Hope that helps. Rach