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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mayo Appt

    I have had blood tests for deficancys and been told my numbers are good. And I went to what they told me was Dietician that specialized with Celiac and showed , not a written list but all the bottles of supplements I was taking. I also took her a month long log of every food I eat and the portion sizes. She said it looked like I was doing everything right. Then I saw a Celiac Doctor and she told me to go off all supplements. In her own words she said "Gluten Free Diet is a huge fad right now, so all the supplement company's are on the bandwagon. So even though they read Gluten Free , they may not be! " And I have had three upper endoscopy's and I woke up during one plus after the last one I had to go back for internal bleeding! Celiac Doctor exclaimed "That can not happen". Well it did happen And I decided I have had enough of her so called expertise! This is why I have decided to continue the gluten-free diet and make the best of it. Thank You for your reply.
  2. Mayo Appt

    Thank you for your reply. The Celiac Doctor advised I go off all supplements. Which I have done. I feel very depressed and alone. I think there is no help for Celiac Disease. Only perhaps for the side effects. So I will continue on the gluten free diet and.... Take pills for restless leg syndrome and for depression, and accept this condition for what it is.
  3. Mayo Appt

    What is WNL ?
  4. Clorox or bleach will not get rid go gluten! You need for your husband to realize how damaging gluten is for you! You really can't share anything that has been cross contaminated. It is a very serious intolerance.
  5. I am to the point of feeling hopeless. Celiac Doctor told me to stop all food supplements. And I protested that they were all gluten free ! She told me they are all on the gluten free fad s they only claim to be gluten free. I know I am not the only person to feel this was, but it feels like a very lone battle.
  6. I have horrible night terrors when I have been glutened ! I also become very depressed at those times. What makes it difficult is the fact that I am so strictly careful about every bite I eat! And I still. Get glutened!!
  7. Mayo Appt

    My IgA was 103.0 . That was why my general Dr. Referred me to the Celiac Dr. Even though my complaint was about the pain and discomfort through my entire body. Pain in arms and legs. I did not complain about digestive issues. I feel like they see me as $$$ signs. I just love your quote about this party LOL I shall make the best of it. Sorry for my negativity.
  8. Mayo Appt

    I am so sad to say I was totally disappointed. The ( cealic Doctor ). Was tunnel visioned! I can not understand why I would require another upper endoscopy when I have been diagnosed with celiac disease. My numbers are very high from the blood tests they did..... My complaint right now is that my feet,legs and arms are so extremely painful right now. Also the backs of my thighs and every part of my feet are so sensitive to everything that they rest on. The Doctor exclaimed that it is a nerve problem and has nothing to do with celiac disease! She can't help me! Right now I feel like there is no help. Thanks for listening.
  9. Mayo Appt

    Thank You so much. I was diagnosed ten years ago with Celiac. And I have been on a very strict gluten free diet since then. But. My condition steadily gets worse. I am cautiously hopeful.
  10. There is a Celiac Clinic at the Rochester Mn. Mayo. Clinic! I am so happy to have discovered this! I have an appointment there tomorrow. June 25 2013 . Wish me luck!
  11. LOL ! My daughter asked me years ago if I held in my butt or was I born that way.
  12. I am so happy for you! You give me hope! Even as a small child I had a big belly. But it's so huge now that I struggle to find cloths that fit. Small shoulders and a huge belly ....
  13. I am so confused. The gluten challenge caused your belly to become frequently distended. I look more like I am 10 months preg. I am on a gluten free diet and it hasn't improved. What is this GAPS diet?
  14. I hadn't thought of that! Thank you for your comment. It helps me to understand my problems a little better.
  15. I know I absorb gluten through my skin. And I react by breaking out with psoriasis. When I went on a gluten free diet they went away for the first time in 60 years. When I accidentally opened a gravy packet and it poured over my hand they came back under my fingernails.