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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am also one of the super sensitive ones. I am grain free, refined sugar free, starch free, and just started eating homemade yogurt but otherwise dairy free. So, I eat pretty much no processed foods. If I do buy something processed I email companies and ask about shared lines and facility, I try to stick to items/brands that I know I tolerate but even that can change sometimes. My husband is the only gluten eater in our house and he tries to mostly keep it out of the house. I don't cook any gluten and if he eats a sandwich he prepares it at the table and not in the kitchen. I've still gotten glutened by him but he really does try super hard. I rarely eat out and am always packing my own food to go places. I still have bad days but I would say I have more good than bad now. Oh, we have chickens now for eggs and they are on a wheat, barley, rye, and oat free feed and I do fine with them. I had issues with storebought eggs and I suspect it was gluten in their diet. Also reacted to pork that was raised on rye that we got from a local farm, do fine with corn fed pork. People will start to tell you you're overreacting when you start to talk like this but I've done a lot of trial and error to come to these conclusions. I get the gluten intolerance from both my parents so I speculate that's why I'm so sensitive. Have you had your antibodies tested recently? Or even a repeat endo to see if there's still damage?
  2. I would recomend either doing the GAPS diet or paleo autoimmune protocol for gut healing.
  3. 4 Year Old Bloating

    Could also be yeast overgrowth.
  4. 4 Year Old Bloating

    Yes, if they've already tested for celiac then I would definitely do a gluten free trial. If after a couple weeks you don't see any changes I would also suggest taking all dairy out and see how that goes.
  5. We just started using one of Chagrin Valley's shampoo bars and really like it! We're using the olive and babassu one.
  6. We recently started reacting to pacific brand, haven't tried the imagine brand. We now make our own too and it is so economical. I buy our chickens for $1.59/lb, a whole chicken is usually around $6 or $7. I usually get about 12 cups of stock from the one chicken plus the meat...pacific chicken stock is usually close to $4 for 4 cups! And, the homemade stuff is SO much better for you!
  7. Specific carbohydrate diet, works on healing the gut. Check out Breaking the Vicious Cycle. GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) is another one that is very similar to SCD but a little more updated and also works on healing the gut...this is what we're going to follow this time around since it seems to fit us a little better.
  8. Yes, paleo is very similar to SCD and possibly even more restricted because of the exclusion of legumes as well. I'm actually thinking about starting over and getting back on the intro of SCD/GAPS...we've been having some new allergy symptoms and I think I rushed SCD and didn't let our guts heal completely. Plus we didn't do so well during the holidays so I think we need some help recovering from that. I'm going to follow GAPS this time which is pretty much the same except a little updated, talks more about fermented foods too. We're mainly having issues with coconut and nut flours so I think we rushed those.
  9. We did great on it! I did it along with my two daughters. We probably only did it for about 6 months or so but our symptoms were not severe. We continue to eat a paleo diet which is grain, dairy, legume, and refined sugar free. So, not so different then SCD. The only thing we struggled with on SCD was the yogurt part. I think we all have casein allergies. We probably weren't as good about probiotics as we could have been, that's something I'm still working on. The SCD diet is not easy but it is so worth it!
  10. We usually do cupcakes instead. If your daughter can do coconut flour these are pretty good http://comfybelly.com/2011/06/very-vanilla-cupcakes-using-coconut-flour/#.TxoznYE8T5w It's been a little while since we did SCD so I can't remember if apple cider vinegar is allowed but this recipe looks good and uses almond flour http://heathereatsalmondbutter.com/recipes/almond-flour-cake/ I personally prefer the denseness of the almond flour stuff but coconut flour makes for a "fluffier" cake or cupcake. Hope this helps!
  11. I know they are both autoimmune disorders so I know someone can obviously have both. I'm wondering if there is any literature that states the percentage of people with Hashimoto's who have Celiac as well? My Mom, her twin sister, and my cousin (mom's twin sister's daughter)all have hashimoto's. My mom and cousin are both on a gluten free diet but are not super strict, especially my mom who cheats pretty frequently. My aunt goes back and forth, one minute she thinks she has a problem with gluten and the next she is eating regular gluten foods. It's a mess! My mom and my aunt also both struggle with anemia and my aunt just had a hysterectomy at age 49, she was EXTREMELY anemic before hand. My aunt also gets a rash on her belly. I really suspect celiac here, especially with the issues that me and my girls have dealt with so far. Oh yeah, their brother (my uncle) has type 1 diabetes and overall not really healthy. I'm just looking for statistics here since they seem to respond well to that. Thanks!
  12. So glad to hear everything is going well with your son!
  13. What Could It Be?

    Living with a gluten eater is a nightmare for the super sensitive! In our house the only one who is not gluten free is my husband. We tried having a mixed household but there was so much tension from me being on his back all the time about what and where he was eating. Even with me watching him like a hawk we were still having severe CC issues so we collectively agreed on a gluten free household...within just a few days there were very noticeable differences in everyone! He just eats it when he's away from the house and if he absolutely has to have it at home he eats it outside and washes his hands. Some people call this overly cautious but it works for us, and the only reason my gluten eating husband willingly goes along with this is because he has seen the difference it has made. Glad to you hear you are getting it all figured out!
  14. Muti Vitamins

    Check out www.supernutritionusa.com and see if theirs would work for you. I took their Simply One Prenatal and didn't seem to have any issues with it. It states that it "contains no gluten, wheat, yeast, buckwheat, sugar, pollen, dairy, corn or soy residues or any hidden additives.
  15. My daughter had this same problem, she would wake up crying and screaming. I would try to calm her down and she would look at me like she didn't even know who I was or what was going on, it was heartbreaking to watch! I would just hold her and comfort her until she calmed down and went back to sleep. Doesn't happen when we're strict gluten free but if she gets glutened she'll start with the restless sleep again and wake up whining or crying.