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  1. I'm probably far more sensitive and to a lot more substances than your average poster here. I also have a sulphite intolerance in addition to being very sensitive to gluten, and I almost undoubtedly react to gluten free oats. Salicylates are also something I react to. The problem is that I do amazing on a diet consisting of potatoes and butter, with nothing else, but this isn't enough to sustain me nutritionally. The potatoes work because there really isn't a risk of contamination because I'm able to peel off the exterior, with the starches being somewhat protected from pesticides, contamination, or what not through processing. Now I should be able to tolerate rice, and I love rice, so I bought a lot of Lundberg Sushi (also tried brown rice) rice and I did a heavy trial where I ate nothing but rice for the past week. I have been experiencing severe symptoms throughout the week. I'll wake up, have a small amount of energy, eat rice, and literally pass out/fall asleep sitting up. It's almost like I'm being hit by a tranquilizer and this is one of the symptoms I get to something I shouldn't be eating. However, rice has no salicylates, and I'm rinsing it well, it isn't sulphited, so... I don't understand why I'm reacting to it. I have been "awake" less than 5 hours a day ever since I began trialing this rice. It was DEFINITELY getting me, and getting me good. The only thing I can think of is oat contamination with Lundberg products. I'd hate to cut rice out for good just because of contamination with one product... so are there any non-oat contaminated rices out there that you guys can tolerate?
  2. Heinz originally certified their original ketchup as gluten free and initially said their organic wasn't. I think that's changed and both versions are supposed to be gluten free. I tested three products this week with EZ gluten (down to 10ppm). Heinz original ketchup (not the organic) tested positive for gluten. I want to make clear that this bottle was used in a gluten free household and has never been used on gluten containing foods. Van Camp's Baked beans (also certified gluten-free) tested pretty damn positive on two consecutive tests. Rice Chex tested negative for gluten. All tests done with EZ-gluten. This is becoming frustrating as it's becoming increasingly apparent that we can't rely on statements by these manufacturers.
  3. I'm having a real problem finding foods that I'm good with and I've always noticed that I've "felt" better when my diet is heavy in ENER-G breads. Everytime I stray and start adding other foods, especially other processed foods I get hit. Amy's, has always gotten me, and just recently I got glutened by a can of Van Camp's baked beans. Now that you guys mention it, I've never had a reaction to this stuff. It's the only processed food in which I can say that safely.
  4. Please Take A Look.

    I get very little iodine in my diet. The rash flared from a can of Van Camp's Pork N Beans, the only processed food that I've eaten in weeks. With me, being glutened isn't about the GI symptoms - I have autoimmune symptoms that flare. I just tested the Van Camp's and it showed positive on my home testing kit. Awesome!
  5. I just want to get confirmation. This is what my dermatologist STRONGLY believes is DH although all biopsies have been inconclusive. It flares when I eat gluten, becomes itchy, but hasn't disappeared in 4-5 years of being gluten free. This morning I woke up feeling like I got hit by a mack truck, some really, really bad pain. Later on, this rash started itching. I think I got glutened. However my most recent biopsy/endoscopy showed normal villi so I have healed. What do you guys think? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/23/img1773hr.jpg/
  6. Salicylates...

    Apparently, acetimetophen is a salicylate free so I have no clue what is going on...
  7. I have noticed that my face/neck start swelling up whenever I take acetemetophin painkillers or eat lots of tomatoes and other types of food. I had a dinner with a ton of spaghetti sauce the other night and I swelled up worse than I have in a long time, voice became hoarse, just was really out of it! It happens when I take painkillers as well. There are a few other problem foods. Is this possibly a salicylate sensitivity? If it is, is this linked to celiac in some way? What are the chances of being sensitive to these types of foods and having celiac disease? I think it's quite ridiculous how many problems we have to deal with.
  8. I've been gluten free for roughly 4-5 years and my GI/endoscopy/blood results have all normalized but my DH rash is still there. I'm not positive it's DH but my dermatologist strongly believes it is; it's been biopsied but always inconclusive. She says I have to be eating gluten for the DH markers to show up on biopsy, so it's normal for the results to be inconclusive. I know that when I'm glutened, it flares up badly and starts itching. While on the gluten free diet the itching subsides, but the rash has never gone away, so it's only partially responsive. ...after 4-5 years. And I'm very careful with my diet. So what do you guys think? I just got prescribed dapsone 50mg so I'm not sure how long results will take. Any thoughts?
  9. I'm almost 120% positive that I have sero-negative primary sjogren's syndrome so that could cause the inflammation. I feel so much better on prednisone but I can't take it long-term...
  10. Ok the biopsy results were not completely normal. I don't know what any of it means because there isn't a plain english explanation but hopefully one of you guys can help me decipher this. A. The duodenal biopsies consist of small bowel mucosa having overall preservation of normal villous architecture. No villous blunting, villous atrophy, increased inflammation, increased intraepithelial lymphocytes, other features of celiac disease, parasite, granuloma, viral inclusion, lymphangiecstasia, Whipple's disease, dysplasia, or malignancy is identified. B. The biopsies of the antral diverticulum consist of antral mucosa having foveolar and fibrovascular hyperplasia, histologic features typically seen in reactive gastropathy. One of the biopsies has a benign lymphoid aggregate with suggestion of early germinal center formation (almost a lymphoid follicle). There are a few chronic inflammatory cells very focally elsewhere in the lamina propria, but most of the mucosa is not inflamed. One of the biopsies has a few adjacent smal crypts with intestinal metaplasia and associated reactive epithelial changes. No helicobacter pylori are identified on H and E stained sections. Because of the aboved described lymphoid aggregate, an immunohistochemical stain for H. pylori was performed and is also negative. No pancreatic rest, activity (neutrophilic infiltration of glands), dysplasia, or malignancy is seen. C. The random antral biopsies have focal mild foveolar and fibrovasular hyplerasia, significantly milder than seen in the antral diverticulum biopsies. There are focal mild reactive epithelial changes. No H. Pylori, increased inflammation, intestinal metasplaia, dysplasia, or maglignancy is identified. So the question is... what does this all mean? Should I be worried about the lymphoid aggregates at all, and what is vascular hyperplasia from?
  11. I am not the demographic that usually suffers from autoimmune disease. I was an otherwise healthy 17 year old one day, and very, very sick the next... almost completely out of the blue. I'm still fairly healthy considering what I've been through, but you don't see many young males get hit with autoimmunity like that. I have all of the symptoms of primary sjogrens but never tested positive on any ANA or rheumatoid test other than suspected cytoskeletal antibodies. I did have a Lyme test done via blood and it came back negative, maybe I should look into having the western blot done or more extensive testing. And yeah, the biopsy results are definitely a relief. At the very least I know that I'm doing good with my diet
  12. My biopsy results were "completely normal". I have been gluten free for four years and incredibly strict in the last few months, but I'd have expected at least partial damage. I have extremely adverse reactions when I get glutened, very bad GI problems, and a DH rash on my back that flares... but I can't believe everything is normal. I wasn't expecting that at all. This means that my problems fall more into the rheumatological category (Sjogren's, etc.) which I'm seronegative with. I have so many symptoms but every test always comes back the same. I've had "suspected cytoskeletal antibodies", low testosterone, elevated liver AST/ALT (normalized gluten free), and some very bad rheumatological symptoms that seem like they are primary Sjogren's. I really don't know what to say. Maybe I need to get a proper lyme test done. I have some pretty painful symptoms but when I get glutened, it's like being hit by a truck and all my symptoms increase by about 300%.
  13. The gastroenterologist I spoke to seemed very knowledgable and I asked about HBT for SIBO and he said that they no longer do the test because of a shortage in the reagents required for it... but that he'd definitely trial me with the antibiotics after the results of the biopsy come back. I probably don't have anything to worry about and I'm probably overreacting, the pain could even be due to the sores from the biopsy... he said he took a LOT of samples. The loss of appetite is what was scaring me the most, I've never had to force myself to eat before other than when I was sick, sick.
  14. I have widened my diet but I had to because I was losing weight extremely fast on the GAPS diet. I just haven't felt well in the last few weeks/months. The only good thing I can say is that the acute pain seems to move around a lot, and if it was cancer I think it'd be stationary although I don't know. I guess I just need to wait for the histology results. They did find one abnormality which he thinks is a pancreatic rest, and that was biopsied too so hopefully I'll have some answers tomorrow. Thank you for the replies T.H. Is there any chance of this being SIBO? I was on antibiotics temporarily about four months ago, about the time I started to notice slight tenderness in my abdomen. It's kind of crazy that this could be dozens of different things but they all have the same symptoms.
  15. I was admitted to Methodist in Houston after experiencing abdominal pains, weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, and diarrhea. I'm absolutely certain it's not gluten related because the DH rash on my back has been steadily disappearing as I've been more careful with my diet now than I've ever been. They gave me a CT scan with contrast and an MRI and drew my blood every day. My lymphocytes were low out of range almost every draw, my WBC was slightly elevated in most of the draws, and I have an elevated anion gap and neutrophils. The CT scan only showed mesenteric lymph nodes, which supposedly are normal, otherwise it was fine. The MRI (of my head) was normal. They gave me an upper endoscopy and lower colonoscopy and the initial results were normal, however the biopsy results will be in tomorrow. Gave a stool sample and it tested negative for CDIFF, using the unreliable toxin assay. It's been two weeks and I'm still experiencing acute abdominal pain in my upper intestines and I feel both weak and fatigued. They discharged me without actually telling me what was causing it other than suspected IBS, which I'm not buying. I feel nauseated everytime I eat and am feeling horrible. I have almost no appetite anymore, as before I loved to eat. I really don't know what to do now... this is hurting me bad and I know something is wrong. I just want to be reassured that this isn't lymphoma but I've read quite a bit that it can be difficult to find before it becomes life threatening, but would a CT scan and upper/lower endoscopy be enough to rule it out? Should I ask for a pill camera? Could this just be food poisoning that I can't shake? I feel horrible and I'm trying to force myself to eat. I feel much more nauseas after eating.