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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Right, you should definitely withhold it for the first 6 months. The study I read said to introduce it at 6 months while still breastfeeding - that this is better than withholding it longer. Important to note that this is in the case of preventing sensitivity and allergy. If baby has the celiac gene, it doesn't matter; there is no preventing that.
  2. Hi all, I need some advice. I was avoiding giving my 1 yr old son gluten and dairy at first because I am sensitive to both (have celiac + a dairy reaction of some kind). However, I read several studies that said that introducing gluten while still breastfeeding can actually make it better, so I ordered a genetic test, thinking that would give me a definitive answer and I could go ahead and give gluten if it was negative. The genetic test did come back negative (it was from Enterolab) for the main genes associated with celiac, and we started to give gluten and dairy. He loved his Cheerios. However, he started pooping a lot more often, and it was quite watery with a special kind of stinky. It was hard to keep him free of diaper rash. My knee-jerk reaction was to take out gluten immediately, but now I am second guessing that decision because I've heard other moms saying their kids get diarrhea with teething. He does seem to be doing better gluten free, but I am honestly wondering how much of this is me assuming that it is gluten just because of my celiac. I also feel like what was the point of ordering the gene test if I am not going to trust the results? How old is old enough to run the actual celiac panel. Should I wait until he's 2 to reintroduce gluten and get the actual panel done? Thanks, Julie
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Anyone Else Have It Band Trouble?

    Yes, Iliotibial band syndrome is what it started out as, but I think it is piriformis syndrome now because of the nerve involvement. It's tough to describe. When it's bad, I get deep pain in left butt and outside of left upper leg. It doesn't make me yell, but I want to quit walking. It's starting affecting my back too, esp. when out walking around and shopping. When I've exercised, it'll sometimes hurt during (walking, squats) and the nerve trouble comes after. Strange numb feelings in the outside of thigh and sometimes front of shin and bottom of foot. Luckily that doesn't happen too often if I don't do squats, but how else am I supposed to make my legs strong?
  5. I've had trouble for 2 years, been through physical therapy, quit running, quit exercising altogether for several months, and I still have trouble with my left leg. Sometimes I have nerve trouble in that leg as well. An MRI has ruled out back problems and anything torn (it was a normal MRI). I'm stumped as to why this is still bothering me and wondering if it's more of an issue in people with autoimmune disease...
  6. Sciatica

    I have it and I don't know why - My MRI came back ok! It's been bothering me in conjunction with IT band trouble for years now. I'm trying pysical therapy again so that I might have a shot at running again!
  7. Let's Talk Turkey

    Cool - thanks - I also just found this post, which covers quite a bit. http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.php?showtopic=26472
  8. Which brands of turkey are gluten and casein free (don't inject the bird with butter or broth/other stuff containing gluten)?
  9. I'm being lazy and not reading your other replies, but I hope by now someone else has mentioned this. It sounds like a rheumatic problem, such as connective tissue disease. Have you had an ANA test? On another note, I read yesterday that fish oil supplements are suppsoed to help with inflammation. I am going to start trying them soon.
  10. I get terrible headaches as well. I think they may be classified as migraines, but they connect to tension in my neck and shoulders. They seem to worsen with cold weather and other things that would change the size of my bloos vessels like wine or caffeine. I too hoped they would go away with the gluten-free diet, but it has been over a year, and I still get them, sorry to tell you. I suspect it may be a separate autoimmune problem - I also get reynauds - so my blood vessels seem to overreact to stimuli.
  11. I get this, most recently in my left leg. I had a nerve test which showed no damage. My doctor also ran an ANA test for things like schleroderma and the rheumatic diseases to see if this was the cause (he already had diagnosed Reynaud's a while back). I actually think for me it is my muscles tightening over nerves and perhaps a slipped disk in my back.
  12. How Long?

    In a couple of weeks I felt better, and then I felt bad for several weeks, but in a different way. I guess I was adjusting. I started feeling completely better after about 6 months or so.
  13. I get this feeling when glutened, but I also get this feeling after standing up in one place for more than 30 minutes or having to walk around a lot. It's a vaso vagal reflex. The trick for me is to keep loaded up on water and sports drink.
  14. Fuming...mil Doesn't 'get It'!

    Wow, I get frustrated with my in-laws sometimes with eating out because I get the feeling they feel it is a nuisance and that I am just being picky. However, they would never give me something with gluten on purpose, and they definitely try their best when feeding me, which I appreciate very much. I agree with the earlier post that your mil has control problems. Especially if your husband is afraid to talk to her. It also sounds like despite what you have told her, she equates gluten intolerance with lactose intolerance, where, unlike celiac, there is only a short term consequence and no intestinal damage (that I know of, anyway). Also sounds like she is not getting that it is an autoimmune disease with many more symptoms than just an upset stomach. I imagine that goes along with the control thing and the church thing - she can't understand or accept how people are different from her. I think the best real reaction to have is to 1. Pray for her (but don't tell her you are because that sounds condescending ) 2. Use "I" language around her - "I like..." "I feel that this church is the best fit..." instead "you.." or "everyone/people..." 3. When around her, be an example for her. Say positive things about other people, esp. the things that make them unique. 4. Continue to show interest and appreciation for the things she likes when you have to be around her, but only to validate her interests/opinions, not to agree or conform to them. If she ever gives you something with gluten again, just say, "oh I'm sure (husband name) will enjoy this, but my doctor would be quite upset if I did. I appreciate the thought though." Because she did buy something for you, she just wasn't exceptionally thoughtful with the gift. Some people don't know what they've got till it's gone. I'm very close to my grandma on my dad's side, who has always been a bit controlling, but as the grandkid I don't get much of that. However, she drove my mother crazy a lot of the time. My mom was always gracious though. My parents are divorced now (not because of my grandma - my dad is way crazier), and my grandma is always telling me how much she misses my mom and how she was the best daughter-in-law, so thoughful and so great to talk to. Go figure.
  15. I had eating disorders as a teen - would basically binge eat. Later, the damage got so bad that I actually never wanted to eat - got full and in pain quickly. If you tested positive, you have celiac and definitely need to be on the diet - it can lead to stomach cancer. Your problems could be something else, but you still need to be on that diet!