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  1. Updated response from Nuvita as of Feb 2014... Contacted them via Facebook re: gluten-free status of hemp seeds. Received the following reply from one of their reps Megan Hunt, who has her own dietary restrictions. Appreciate their being so up front & honest.. please feel free to contact them via Facebook. "The issue with hemp is that it is naturally a non-gluten food. But most hemp is grown in Canada (and that is where ours comes from), because it is not legal to grow in the U.S., there is a risk of cross-contamination from nearby wheat fields. One of Canada's major crops is wheat. What this means for us is that often our hemp tests as gluten-free, and meets gluten-free certification requirements, but occasionally it does not, because of very low levels of blow over from nearby wheat fields. We are actively pursuing gluten-free certification, and have recently obtained it for our chia and coconut flour. But we are still in-process trying to source hemp that we can guarantee is gluten-free. Considering your level of sensitivity and the direct impact on your health, I can't recommend our hemp products for you at this time. I would also advise you to be very cautious about any hemp products that do not carry the gluten-free certification symbol. Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there is any way I can help. Wishing you vibrant health and wellness."
  2. Eating out takes some finesse & often is best to take something along if possible. Realize your son has definite likes & this is going to be part of your challenge. I realize he's likely honed in to various things due to texture, taste, temperature & other sensory "cues" that are comfortable for him. However, you want to make pizza at home for your son, check out Senza brand as it's free of many of the major allergens & produced in a dedicated facility: http://www.senzaglutine-glutenfree.com . Senza as well as Conte's (http://www.contespasta.com/specialty.htm) also has frozen raviolis available. You can e-mail either & they are kind as well as helpful with any questions you might have. Both Senza & Conte's also sell in a few retail stores (check with co. for possible retailers in your area). You also can shop with Senza online with free shipping. Bob's Red Mill or Pamela's brands have pizza mixes & if you go to www.vitacost.com you can check out some of the major gluten-free company products. You can check out the ingredient lists as well as read reviews of the products that might help you get started. I have no interest in any of these companies or products... it's just my "go to" ideas I've developed for myself. Hope this helps in some small way.
  3. Congrats to Sofo's Italian Market in Toledo, OH as they now carry Senza gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free & soy-free pizza crusts! Major upside is Senza crusts are made in a totally dedicated facility. Sofos buys them in bulk & repackages HOWEVER they take all precautions to avoid cross contamination issues! One of the Sofo managers told me via e-mail that they also carry gluten-free pastas & stuffed shells. I'm personally not sure of pasta or shells brand or ingredients other than gluten-free. Also, Sofos is looking at possibilities to expand their safe gluten-free options! Sofo's as well as Senza have been wonderful working with me to answer any/all questions. For them both, Customer Service & safety for EVERYONE is top priority. Enjoy! http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png' alt=';)'> http://www.senzaglut...e.com/wordpress www.sofofoods.com
  4. Since Biaggi's has proven such a safe place to eat, we headed to Perrysburg again this wee for gluten-free pizza. By a pure stroke of luck & the kindness of our waiter Joe, we Executive Chef Paul Matthews. His dedication & passion for cooking not just great "mainstream" food but the products & kitchen prep for gluten-free menu is obvious. He's also had personal experience as his son has food intolerances.... as he puts it "one not being gluten *yet*" so he knows it could well lurk on the horizon. Thus he has had to deal with revamping recipes; different ingredients; proper food prep & availability of "safe" restaurants. Biaggi's uses Tinkyada pasta & the pizza crust/dipping bread is from Venice Bakery in CA. I'm not a pasta person but have had heard those dishes are very good. The pizza crust is gluten, dairy, soy & egg free... not to mention delicious! Chef Paul was the person who developed the recipes for Biaggi's gluten-free menu & I found on the net that they have increased their sales significantly with their gluten-free menu offerings & procedures. Chef Paul will NOT use wheat in any recipe where he can find an alternative so even their Alfredo sauce is gluten-free. Special prep area in kitchen is set aside for gluten-free with all utensils having green handles, pans/screens well marked, all food bins covered, etc. It was such a pleasure to meet Chef Paul (he's also a partner in the P'Burg location) to thank him for creating & preparing such a wide/safe gluten-free menu. Just wanted to share with everyone what I found out as I've eaten there numerous times safely despite multiple intolerances as well as cross contamination issues. If anyone has had problems eating at a Biaggi's make sure to contact them as they WANT to know so the situation can be investigated & corrected.
  5. Red Robin is one of our "go to" places here in Toledo area. Both locations are great & I just ask for their food allergen menu when I enter. They bring one of their updated ones printed from online that covers all the major food allergens & what can be ordered. Asking for the specific menu from the hostess is my 1st step in letting them know I have special food allergen needs. They alert the wait staff who we have found to be well trained. Once I came across a trainee who was going to take my order without writing it down... guess he figured he was young & likely thought he had a great memory! I kindly requested he please write my order down as I could become VERY ill if it wasn't sent into the kitchen correctly. He pulled out some paper & didn't take long for the manager to arrive at our table to make sure of my order. Was the only time I had even a smiggle of an issue with wait staff at RR before or since. If I ever have questions the staff is knowledgeable & thoughtful enough to recheck with the manager if they are in doubt about something they question or I ask about. I'm ovo vegetarian but hubsters loves a good burger... I don't usually eat french fries so that is where I MAJORLY indulge (sometimes at least 2 reorders) in their bottomless fries. If I've not quite hit my veggie needs that day then I'll also have a small side salad. However, my heart sings with my fill of RR's fries (sans Red Robin seasoning, of course). Know others have had a less that positive experience at times but we have found it consistently a safe place, as long as one calls ahead with questions on dedicated fryer, etc. plus allows the staff know kindly their needs when entering. You can go on their website & sign up for a Red Robin Royalty card or get one @ local RR then sign up on net. You'll get RR e-mails re: specials, notices of new menu items & you even get a FREE Gourmet burger for your birthday! I entered hubsters birthday so we're heading there next month to "celebrate". This month it's an "out of pocket" visit to Biaggi's for a gluten-free dairy-free pizza for my special day! Enjoy... life is just tooooo short!
  6. Baked spaghetti squash smothered in slowly sauteed candy sweet onions, gypsy peppers & garlic. Had it last week & left us craving more. Just seemed perfect for a cold rainy week-end.
  7. Ideas For Salads?

    Yes do give quinoa a try! There isn't tons of flavor to it but it picks up flavor of the other things plus adds texture. Just make sure to rinse it REALLY WELL before cooking to prevent a bitter taste after cooking. Also, don't forget dried fruit if you like it......craisins, raisins (dark, golden or mix the 2), apricots, dates, figs, etc. Doesn't take a lot but they do add some dimension to flavor. Would suggest you also head over to Google & type in something like "tossed green salad ideas" or any other word combos that come to you. Up will come sites with some great ideas you likely never considered. Also sites like food.com , allrecipes.com & tasteofhome.com can provide inspiration for new ideas. Can also find salad dressing recipes on these sites as well. Enjoy!
  8. Restaurants In Ohio

    Biaggi's in Perrysburg (NW Ohio)... located in Levis Commons shopping area. I'm gluten as well as dairy-free & their pizza is even delicious even with out the cheese! Biaggi's also gives you gluten-free bread & your own dipping oil. I'm not huge into pasta dishes but they have lovely selection & they have their gluten-free menu online. Have eaten there numerous times & they have a high regard for gluten-free customers so have never once gotten sick. Both NW Ohio Red Robin locations have dedicated fryers & respect highly their "food allergen" clientele. One is on Monroe Street across from Westfield Mall & the other is outside of Maumee in Shops at Fallen Timbers. Not sure about the Monroe St. location but know the one in Maumee now offers gluten-free buns for their burgers for an additional 99 cent charge. I'm ovo-vegetarian so I just pig out on their bottomless regular fries or sweet tater fries. They also have gluten-free menu online. Whether at Biaggi's or Red Robin, just ask hostess when you enter for Gluten-free menu, too. Have heard Amie's Pizza on Central Ave. in Toledo has gluten-free pizza but have never personally eaten there so can't fully vouch for it. There is a 5 Guys located on Central Ave. in the same shopping center as Costco (old Westgate area) & we're trying that before long. Nice area & there are 2 health food stores (Bassett's & Fresh Market) close if you're in the mood to "browse" All the restaurants aren't far off Interstate so precious little additional driving to hunt them down. Enjoy!
  9. Ideas For Salads?

    I am lucky that I can have beans as being ovo-vegetarian who can't have soy it's one of my sources of protein. I'd be totally vegan since I can't have dairy but need protein sources as can't digest meat anymore. Have to avoid goitrogens due to thyroid issues as well. Quinoa is good on salads & is a whole protein however for some reason I personally react to it. I've used some cold cooked brown rice on salads & that was good while adding some protein. I love a good jimaca chopped into my salad as love the crunch & earthy undertones it gives while taking on flavors of other parts of the salad. Hubsters enjoys broccoli & cauliflower on his salads but since they're goitrogens, I personally need to avoid them. Olives... green or ripe are good chopped up on salads too. For a "crunch indulgence" I've been known to take the "crumbs" from the bottom of the bag of baked Tostito's Scoops or Lays chips to sprinkle on top of my salads. My main salad dressing is balsamic vinegar but I've used salsa, citrus juice (orange, lemon, lime as well as combos of them). Also have occasionally used a little left-over homemade mayo as a major indulgence when in the past. My rule of thumb for salads is nutrition, taste & variations of textures... actually try to use those 3 guidelines for anything I eat. So many things out there to add into a salad but we're so accustomed to what restaurants offer that our vision tends to be a tad narrow. For me, salads are an awesome way to be creative while using left-overs or trying new foods.
  10. Ideas For Salads?

    Cook up some dried beans.... mix several kinds for color/flavor & protein. Mushrooms of any kind. Baked squash cut in cubes... any variety you enjoy & again mix various kinds. Roasted together various veggies like beets, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts... whatever suits your fancy. Toasted pecans, cashews, almonds, pistachios & yes, even peanuts if you can have them.... they all are are awesome on salads whether mixed or if using just 1 kind. Hard boiled eggs... if you don't like the yolk then chop up just the white for additional protein. Agree apples chopped are divine & even tiny pieces of fresh pineapple goes well with about any mixture of veggies. Shaved fennel lends a lovely freshness.Think outside of the box as you'll find most veggies & even a fair share of fruit/veggie mixes make a very nutritious wonderfully tasting salad... each having it's own divine flavor. Also, if acid isn't an issue for you then try using just plain balsamic vinegar as your dressing... it heightens & melds the flavors like nothing else. Plus it's uber low in calories! Enjoy!
  11. I apologize if I'm posting this on the wrong forum but really wasn't sure which one would be best. For anyone living in or traveling to Toledo, Ohio or even NW Ohio this site is awesome: http://glutenfreetoledo.com . I've found her restaurant reviews to be spot on, the blog is quite informative & recipes look interesting. They also have a page on Facebook if anyone is interested. Just wanted to share this for anyone interested. Enjoy!
  12. Do You Also Avoid Soybean Products?

    Have Hashimoto's so soy was out of my diet long before gluten. Several years later I found dairy gave me problems so dropped that. Then a number of years later gluten reared it's ugly head. So far I'm not noticing any other things causing issues...fingers crossed!
  13. 1. Sex: Female 2. Age: 62 3. How long ago were you diagnosed with celiac disease? - Not formally diagnosed. Diagnosed with Arnold Chiari (caused brain damage prior to decompression surgery in 1986), dystonia in 1986 & Hashimoto's a few years later. Got off soy about 8 years ago (thyroid), dairy (gastro issues) about 5 years ago & last June got off gluten due to continuing worsening of my gastro & neuro symptoms. So mine has been a "personal diagnosis." My theory is if it makes me sick, bloated & worsens the neuro symptoms then it's just best out of my diet. 4. Does anyone in your family have celiac disease? - not to my knowledge but stranger things have occurred! 5. How severe is your celiac disease? - Seem to be OK with airborne but appears I'm sensitive to very small amounts. 6. Is it difficult to eat out at restaurants or anywhere outside of your home? - I've had SOME luck but don't really push the envelope either. Just don't like getting sick & CC is tough for a lot of places from wait staff up thru kitchen to understand. If I'm at a friend or relative's house I just pack myself something to eat. 7. Do you believe that there should be more to be done to make this disease more aware to the public? - I've been surprised the number of people I know who know someone else with some type of food intolerance or allergies.... gluten/dairy/nuts, etc. Think there are a lot more folks out there with intolerances that I ever realized. Friends/family have been supportive but I don't really make it a topic of conversation, either. 8. How has this disease impacted your life? - I miss the spontaneity of just going out at times but overall it's not that bad. Hardest part for me is not wanting to make others uncomfortable with what I consider to be my personal issue since I've had various health issues over the years. 9. What do you think would make celiac disease easier to deal with? More forums like this one... I've learned SO much & gotten great food/meal ideas from everyone here.