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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. All of these new tests can be so confusing. I also had the DGP tests done along with complete celiac panel. My DGP IGA was a high positive, and my TTG IGG was a weak positive. All other tests were negative. I did the endoscopy and they took 6 biopsies which were all negative. I was still put on the gluten free diet and it has made a world of difference. My understanding is that some doctors will diagnose celiac based on DGP tests alone, where others still believe a positive biopsy is the gold standard. Its all very frustrating.
  2. Thank you for the reply. It's just really hard when so little is known about Celiac, and it seems like unless you have a diagnosis, nobody really takes it seriously. Another concern I have is that I have two small children. My GI doc knows this, but isn't concerned with having them tested--because in his book, I do not have Celiac because the biopsies were negative, so my kids can't have it. Is this something I should pursue, or wait to see if they develop symptoms?
  3. I had the celiac blood test panel back in October (positive on Deamidated IGA--55 with over 30 considered high, and positive on TTG IGG--6 with 6-9 being moderate positive), all other blood tests came back negative. Saw a GI doc who wanted to do an endoscopy. Did that a week ago, and the 6 biopsies he took were all negative for villi damage. I got a letter in the mail telling me that there was no sign of celiac sprue, but that I could try the gluten free diet if I wanted to because some of his other patients with my same symptoms (my symptoms are everything from diarrhea, Raynaud's disease, hair loss, fatigue, hypoglycemia, bloating, thickened gallbladder wall, and on and on) have seen some improvement. So, ok, I will go gluten free, but am I gluten intolerant, do I have celiac, or does he just think I'm nuts and is telling me to go gluten free because he thinks that's what I want to hear? Can you have a positive Deamidated IGA test and not have celiac? I am so frustrated. I know that damage can be patchy, and that I could have celiac, but I just wish he would have diagnosed me with something so I don't feel like some kind of hypochondriac with yet another negative test telling me there is nothing wrong with me.
  4. Had the full celiac blood panel done. The only two tests I tested positive on were the deamidated gliadin IGA 55 (>30 is strong positive) and t-transgluataminase IGG 6 (6-9 is weak positive). I have an endoscopy the 20th. I plan on going gluten free regardless, but am wondering if anyone has had blood results like mine and didn't show damage on endoscopy? Sounds crazy, but I am almost hoping for some damage to show up. I'm 27 and have had 27 years of feeling horrible. I feel like my family thinks I am some kind of hypochondriac and it would be great to actually have a test say I do in fact have something wrong with me that is causing my symptoms. I have a feeling that I am the only one that will take my gluten free diet seriously if I'm not actually given the Celiac diagnosis.
  5. MacieMay,I am 27. My doctor said that he doesn't do more than one test at a time. It's one or the other for now. Sounds crazy, but I just hope he finds some damage. I just want to get some answers and feel better.
  6. I had a full celiac panel done in October. Only two of the many tests were positive. Deamidated Gliadin ABS, IGA: 55 (moderate to strong positive is greater than 30) T-Transglutaminase (TTG) IGG: 6 (weak positive is 6-9) Finally got in to see a GI doc yesterday. I have tons of symptoms and have for many years (bloating, diarrhea, gall bladder issues, hair loss, fatigue, and the list goes on). My doctor scheduled me for an endoscopy which is great, but then said he thinks I only have a 50% chance of having celiac. ??? I asked him why I would be making antibodies then, and he said that antibodies are kind of funny, that test is not all that specific, and some people just make them for no real reason at all. He said that my blood tests showed only a weak positive result. If I don't have celiac, he wants to do a colonoscopy to check for microscopic colitis, and if not that, I probably just have IBS. I thought IBS was a bogus diagnosis that I have already been given several times over the years. So, here are my questions 1. Are antibody tests really not that specific or accurate? 2. Would microscopic colitis cause all of the symptoms I am experiencing? This guy is a very well respected GI doc in a specialty clinic. He seems to know his stuff, but then all this about antibodies and IBS has me a little rattled. My endoscopy isn't scheduled until Dec. 20th. Until then I plan on consuming lots of gluten so that they will hopefully find something if there is anything to find.
  7. Gliadin Iga

    Thank you all for your comments and feedback. Sounds like the tests I had were the correct most recent tests available. I was hoping that was the case. I've spent 27 years feeling sick and it would be absolutely wonderful to get a diagnosis and validate all of my symptoms. I feel like some kind of crazy hypochondriac always going to the doctor, requesting tests, complaining about my many symptoms and having them call it IBS. So frustrating! I just can't wait to meet with the GI doc and see what he has to say.
  8. I recently had the celiac blood testing done. My Deamidated Anti Gliadin IGA was 55 (30+ is strong positive) and my TTG IGG was 6 (with 6-9 being weak positive). Every other test (and they did the full panel) was negative. I can't get in with a GI doctor unti Dec. 1st. I've been researching my results online, and have found several sites that say the Gliadin tests are outdated and even "normal" people can have elevated levels? Anyone heard this? Do you think they are referring to the Deamidated Gliadin? I was under the impression that this was a very good test for celiac and replaced a test for gliadin that wasn't deamidated? Could I have a positive Gliadin IGA test and not have celiac? I have had lots of celiac symptoms for years and have been diagnosed with IBS, Raynaud's, Hypoglycemia, among other things. I was almost hoping for a Celiac Diagnosis because finally I might have the answer to feeling good for once! Is the IGA test really outdated and meaninless in a diagnosis?
  9. Thank you both so much! All of this is so new to me and it's all so confusing at first! I think I will stick with eating gluten for now, and see the GI doc about a biopsy. It's funny how now that I know what might be causing my symptoms, those doughnuts, cereals, breads, just don't look quite as delicisous.
  10. I'm new to the board, just got my blood test results back yesterday. My family doctor isn't familiar with Celiac disease, looked at my blood tests and said she was suspicious foe Celiac Disease, and referred me to a gastrointestinal specialist. I can't get in to see the specialist until the 1st of December and it's driving me crazy not knowing what these blood test results mean. Here are my results: Deamidated Gliadin ABS, IGA: 55 (moderate to strong positive >30) Deamidated Gliadin ABS, IGG: 8 (negative 0-19) T-Transglutaminase (TTG) IGA: <2 (negative 0-3) T-Transglutaminase (TTG) IGG: 6 (weak positive 6-9) Endomysial antibody IGA is negative Immunoglobulin A. QN. Serum is 174 (70-400 range) I have lots of symptoms of celiac disease, been diagnosed with IBS in the past, but requested celiac testing based on all of my symptoms. I have searched the internet, and sort of understand the testing for the most part. It appears I am positive for Gliadin IGA and TTG IGG. I can't seem to find much info on TTG IGG. There is a lot of info on TTG IGA, but not the other. Can someone please help me make some sense of this? I'm so confused!!! Thank you!