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  1. :) thank you and I will look into the potatoe and soy options...ugg I am running out of stuff to eat, I know us noobies all say that. I am use to a full and very active life and now I am reduced to feeling like the crypt keeper BTW I am 44 with the mind and attitude of 28, So I am really struggling with why my body thinking everything I put in it is the enemy.
  2. I have been pretty confused as well .. for 2 years the Dr.s have tested everything coloscopic' endoscopic me twice, blood work and NM gastric empty...uhmm oh a Cat Scan and yet all have been neg. normal the BXs everything so the Gastro specialsit Dr says "no dairy no lactose no gluten Give that a go"... "check back with your primary provider"... I hurt every morning My bones ache, most of the N/D/V have slowed and I have stop losing the weight as rapidly for this I am thankful but I have no energy and I ache.I am missing a day a week from work.. any suggestions. on how to deal with the pain?? f