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  1. I am not sure what TTG is. The test says Endomysial S IGA and it is at 251 where the range is 25-125. The Dr. mentioned it may be his pancreas??? We are looking into the gluten free diet but as you say, we need to wait until all testing is done. Thanks for the advice
  2. My son is two and has had chronic diarrhea for most of his life. As an infant, he had blood and mucus in his stool and anemia. He also had a great deal of respitory issues from RSV. The Dr. had me taken off soy and milk and it improved. After a year, he was put on pediasure becaue of his low weight. He was labeled failure to thrive. He is now 22lbs. About 6 mo ago he began having mucus in the stool again and constant diarrhea. We just finished with testing and he showed malabsorption, fat present in stool and high on his endomysial ab (iGA) results. (24-121 was the range and he was 251). His Gliadin Ab (IGG) was normal. He had an endoscopy with biopsy which came back normal. Anyone have any ideas??? My daughter who is four also shows fat in her stools and is underweight. She however does not have any abnormal blood work. Thanks so much for any insight.