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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Joint Pain

    yes I realize that not everyone is affected by maize but I cannot it it normally or use cornflour without it upsetting me. When I did try the glucosamine again just to make sure it was that which was upsetting me, I felt like I had been drugged and also got even more shaky than usual. I would really appreciate some advice on other forms of joint pain management.
  2. Well it looks like the last 17 months that I thought I was gluten free have all been wasted. This week after being in hell for the last 7months with inflammation of the lining of the brain I have realized that the vegetarian glucosamine that I have used for the last 21months is pure maize. Its been poisening me. I just feel like crying. I left it off a week ago but now all my joints feel even worse than they did while I was on iteven joints that never ached before are aching, my body feels like its collapsing, although the pain in my head is now beginning to lift. I loose one problem and cause another. I cannot stomach glucosamine with sea creatures like shrimp or crab and I am wondering if it is safe to use bovine glucosamine or chondrotin. I am so upset with myself I just cannot beleive that I didn't check this glucosamine out before it just said pure vegetable powder.
  3. Gluten Neuropathy

    Hi Twitchy. I can understand how you feel as I have numerous neorological symptoms. I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue 20 years ago and only 18months ago did I realize that I was gluten intolerant. I didn't have a diagnosis but as soon as I went on the diet, all my stomach problems subsided. Unfortunately my neorological ones didn't and I suffer with bad muscle weakness which lead to tremours, twitching and shaking. Over the past 10 years I have taken different supplements and one which I take regularly is Pantothenic acid (B5). 6 months ago I started to get excrutiating pains in the head which left me unable to speak, I thought I had a tumour as I also went deaf in one ear. I eventually had an MRI scan which showed I had inflammation of the Menancoccal lining of the brain, which my dodctor couldn't explain. Anyway to cut a long story short I have found out that my diet, which is rich in Brown Rice and also I drink Rice milk, together with the B5 is making my head pains worse or could be causing the problem. I went onto google and saw the symptoms for overdose on Pantothenic acid which mirrowed mine. The only conclusion that I can come up with is that I must now be ingesting the vitamins in my diet as I have been gluten free for 18months and the Pantothenic acid is just too much for me to cope with. I still have all the neorological problems, like twitching and tremours, pounding in the head. I am exhausted most of the time and now that I cannot eat Brown Rice its another blow because the diet is even more restricted as I am intolerant to Soya, Milk Oats, Maize, goats milk. The B5 acted like a steroid as it feeds the Adrenal glands, so I am going around like a rag doll at the moment. Is there anyone else who sounds like this?