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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Running From Crazy

    Himira, huh? That sounds interesting. All I really want is for my hands to return back to normal. I'm going to check it out, but how expensive is it? And how bad is/was your arthritis?
  2. Running From Crazy

    So yes, what we don't know in our youth can do us harm in our later life - I have RA and psoriasis to attribute to gluten. But we can't do much about the past, the future is what we can change. I also have developed RA, and some psoriasis. I find that gluten severely inflames me. There are other things that i avoid eating to keep down the symptoms of the RA (the psoriasis is meagre and reasonably controlled). But what have you done to help correct your RA? I take an enzyme called wobenzym which promotes joint regeneretion, and it helps, but my hands are still quite swollen. I was seeing doctors and taking all sorts of pills to help treat it, but nothing made as much of a difference as cutting gluten out. It also didn't help that I spent most of my young adult life drinking and partying, while working in a kitchen and living on a steady diet of pasta's and sandwiches. I've been all over arthritis sites, but I don't believe in taking prescribes pills or biologics, as none of the other pills and treatments that i took cured me at all. And most of the biologics are immune suppressants, which is just plain frightening. It's like, have RA or be sick all the time... what a trade! Any suggestions?
  3. Does Anyone Like Being Celiac

    it's funny, i'm a much different person than all my peers to begin with, and being a celiac - although extremely alienating - does force me to live a more healthy and productive lifestyle. I don't enjoy not being able to take part in any social aspect that all the other young people around me do, but the fact of the matter is that partying and being cool are a symptom of 21st century culture. It really opens up a different perspective on what the universe has planned for me. So, no sir, I don't like it. But I like the effects of it.
  4. Brand New Member From Canada

    I think all my doctors and the last 4 gastrointestinal specialists I've seen should have a conversation with my Naturopath - they may learn something!
  5. Diagnosed Last Night

    Yo man, i found out i was celiac when i was 25 as well. It's pretty tough at the start, especially having to explain to people who are offering to have you over for dinner that you're allergic to basically everything. If you know how to cook, it starts becoming pretty cool to throw your own dinners and thanksgivings and things. What's really interesting is how much you'll find out that you have to cook ALL THE TIME. It's kind of time consuming, makes you wonder what life used to be like before fast foods!
  6. New Member From Vancouver B.c.

    Wow. Being a baker and finding out you're a celiac is a tough situation. I've been cooking my whole life too, and started my apprenticeship for it a couple of years ago. About 3 months before i began school i found out I was hyper-sensitive to wheat. I know how tough it can be. I can only imagine how awkward you must feel having to make a bunch of pastries and not eat them. I still work in a kitchen, and I can't eat anything there, as bread crumbs find their way into everything - even the salt! But keep fighting the good fight!
  7. School, work, repeat - EAT!