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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mine didnt drop out till over a year gluten free . It was shedding like mad for 9months ...... I was frantic when i realised how much was coming out! It was when I had a vit d test done and it came back quite low that I started to worry about my hair, i had also been very fatigued and quite depressed through that 9months. I think the lack of vit d contributed to the hair loss. But also feel it was more than that. I hadn't kept up with my calcium vit d through that time and had stopped dairy. I researched everything I could for hair thinning. I took evening primrose, biotin, folic acid b vitamins and fish oil, calcium and vit D. Started eating plenty of eggs for protein and extra biotin. Stepped up the protein from chicken etc and ate almonds and walnuts . I bought L ' Oreal everpure shampoo sulphate free, and Lee stafford treatment to repair build and fix hair. I used a wide toothed comb rather than brushing. They gave me a massive dose of vit d to boost my vit D. It took 3 months to more or less stop but it did. In all honesty i think a lot of it was lack of protein and calcium and maybe the vitD. I never shed hair before i was diagnosed and i was pretty ill then. I think we ar lacking in a lot of vits amd nutrients before we are diagnosed and a long time after . Although I was really lax about the cacium and vit D , for ages and my body needed it not having dairy and also having osteoporosis too. Protein is really important for hair etc as is calcium.. Something worked out of all the stuff I did ...lol... not sure what though! I also have underactive thyroid but never caused me to shed hair only be dried out. But after going gluten free I had to have meds reduced twice already as was showing hyper and even now might have to have another reduction. Must be absorbing the meds better but also do think over medicated speeds the body up so could cause shedding. The lee stafford conditioner is really really good read the revues if you live in uk in boots chemist online. You use it after shampooing just a blob leave it on a short while then rinse then use your normal conditioner after it. Bit pricey but well worth it and sometimes on 3 for 2 . Stay with it and you will get results, very exhausting i know but just as exhausting and stressful watching it go down the plughole Amd all over the floor which mine was, and the more I stressed the more it shed.
  2. Mines just starting to ease off with some of the shedding after a year! I felt everything you wrote in that opening post. I think calcium, vit d ,protein all played a part in mine. Make sure you get enough calcium if you are dairy free i didn't ........but do now. I eat eggs mpre now for the protein and the biotin. .i think the calcium has really helped and more protein. Try not to worry and stress about it believe me it makes it worse. Google was my friend lol but i learned a lot about vits ,foods etc for hair loss. I bought sulphate free shampoo , conditioners with strengthener. Then tried not to think about it anymore as it was making me ill. I was scared to go to the hairdressers but my roots (grey) were awful. Vit d is important but mine was same level as yours and ive seen a lot worse. The dose they gave me was massive and brought on a whole host of other problems. Im from the uk too. I think its the last thing you expect AFTER going going gluten free and thinking you are doing everything right. As far as the vanity goes sad to say I am the same and its affected me really badly. Take care and hope it soon resolves for you, don't forget it takes time for stuff to work.
  3. Get your thyroid checked too. Lots of those symptoms there too! I have both.
  4. I used to associate the lower back ache just to the coeliac but I have been gluten free two years and still get that same awful aching etc when I have had dairy of any kind. I went dairy free too and keep trying to reintroduce in the hope that I am healed and it was temporary but never feel well after the dairy. My symptoms for dairy dont really fit the ones that are standard so its confusing. I think its something in the proteins in dairy.
  5. I would be interested too if anyone has any info to read up on. Now that I am I think, doing all the right stuff and eating gluten free when ever I try dairy I have symptoms, that back then I used to attribute to the gluten, the body aches etc.....maybe some of those were dairy symptoms.
  6. Thanks so much for all the replies. I think maybe like mushroom says I need to give it longer and then maybe try again. I do believe the dietician is maybe wrong as some of you say and I will find out more. I know its something to do with the proteins in Dairy (as in cows milk) that we react to same as the protein in gluten. I have reacted to egg white for years but not always since childhood again, it was after my second pregnancy and think it is the protein in the egg white that does it but with that I just throw up continually.That was an allergy that came on later in life.Funny how we seem to crave and eat all the stuff we react to till we cant eat it anymore lol. Thanks again for all your answers....what a great site, done all my learning on here, not had any from the medical profession
  7. I was pretty mad too when I found out been drinking it for weeks but still having issues , and thought I was being really careful. I drink coconut milk now mainly, sometimes almond milk but it is expensive here in england. There are other brands of rice milk that say on gluten free
  8. Since going gluten free 4 months ago I cut out dairy too as I felt it was bothering me. I have tried reintroducing it several times but seem to feel ill after a couple of days of eating any. I am at the moment not eating any. When I saw the dietitian in January she seemed surprised that i was having problems and said it may be the lactose.....but I have tried dairy with the lactaid enzymes and its makes no difference. I asked about casein and whey and she said that was mainly a childhood thing and couldn't see it happening now. The thing is I don't really get the stomach or bowel issues with the dairy but awful aching in my body and feeling really unwell.It sometimes makes me feel out of breath too with a runny nose and congested. maybe these are not normal symptoms of an intolerance to dairy. maybe someone else can tell me what symptoms they have to dairy. because she has said this to me I have held back from going to the docs to ask if there is a test for me to see if its the casein in dairy. I had read that it can cause antibodies like gluten does . can anyone give me any info on it or experiences. I also have underactive thyroid and osteoporosis. Obviously with the osteo it would benefit me to have some Dairy but I get calcium from other sources so not too worried about that but I do miss it really more than the wheat gluten thing really. In England we get bread and pasta etc on prescription but have had to pick the bread that is gluten free wheat free and dairy free as I also seem to react to the codex wheat starch that is used in some foods even though it is the accepted level. Any experiences on the dairy symptoms or tests for dairy you have had in later life would really help me.Thank you. Diagnosed coeliac dec 2010 from bloodtests and biopsy.
  9. You may have an issue with dairy....theres a lot of milk in a latte from starbucks. Some other coffees in other coffee shops I avoid as the the machine mixes with the whitener can have gluten. i have tea no milk to be safe. Sounds like you are really careful at home i would look for cc out of the house, I rarely eat out for that reason.
  10. You will need to give it time. I developed the itching and it went on for 2 to 3 months but I have always had a problem too because of my thyroid or I believe it to be that. When I went |Gluten free last November I itched like mad everywhere, I suspected dairy as one reason. Its calmed down quite a lot now but some topical things like face cream or cleanser can set me off and after the face has been itching the whole body seems to start. Two of the garnier milk cleansers had that effect on me. Then I recently bought a face cream slapped it on and went to bed!!! Up all night, the face itched first ,I cleaned it off with wipes etc but was awake all night as it set off the whole of my body. To be honest I am not too sure about this gluten through the skin thing but think things that contain wheat ingredients means you have a topical wheat allergy too and an all round allergy to wheat as well as gluten. The face cream I read later had....Triticum Vulgare (wheat) germ extract. Dont know what is in the garnier cleanser that bothers me but I itch the minute it is on.
  11. my mum has diebetes, underactive thyroid and I suspect coeliac too although with the coeliac she has never been aware of it.Its only since my diagnosis that i believe she has it with the pain in her side and the bowels although I suspect she would be in denial lol. She is 90 in June!!!!!!
  12. I found out by accident that rice dream had possible gluten from barley when I couldnt get hold of any for over a week and bought a different one. When it was in stock again I bought some and was not well all day and was confused, everything I had eaten was Gluten free....so I googled Rice dream and looked on here too!!!!! I have not bought it since......Try look for another make.
  13. Theres a really good forbidden list on the home page on here and a safe list and also some possibles that possibly maybe derived from wheat. I had a similar experience with some gluten free gravy mix and just could not work out what it was that made me so ill. Mine also had caramel in but caramel powder and only going from memory but thought I read it can be a possible can caramel as derived from wheat.Have a look at the list on there it is really long but useful as I am not sure I am remembering right. my stomach reacted almost immediately to the gravy and I had the runs ALL night. Mine also had garlic powder, onion powder, mushroom powder and lots of other stuff.
  14. Oh its true alright......I had the worst pain ever they tried to tell me it was the osteoporosis, then I went gluten free and wonder of wonders most of the pain went.I am 11 weeks now gluten free not as fast as you but getting there. my pain was in my neck, shoulders and lower back and buttocks, really bad pain and was walking like a 90 yr old.i think i have similar reaction to dairy and trying to sort that out too .Good luck keep going.
  15. Ups And Downs

    Great to meet you all,you forget sometimes just how many symptoms you had or what you never associated with this thing till you read on here and then you think oh yes .....the itchy ears I had those!!! The anxiety was awful ,I am really layed back now compared to last year, I got upset at the silliest things and really anxious. Thats how I know now when I am glutened, it hits my neck first and my shoulders and lower back my face is a scowl and I get anxious and clumsy,then follows the big D and the stomach troubles.....3 to 4 days and I am ok. I found out about the dream rice purely by accident really as they had run out of stock at my shop so didnt have any for almost two weeks ,the day I got some more I knew for sure that everything I ate was fine and that was the only thing I had used new again that week, so I came online and looked it up on here and on the rice dream site and it is processed with barley and although they claim the enzyme is removed and what is left is safe ,that people who are really sensitive should avoid it! I was aching all night that night. I am looking for alternatives here in england, tried provemel but it has a sweetness and a taste I dont like. I am hoping I can go back to dairy eventually but have reacted to egg white for years and just throw up and think thats the proteins in the egg white ....so maybe the proteins in the casein is my problem too. I want something that tastes as near to milk as any....does almond milk taste nutty? Soya is not too good for thyroid and I have had some but need to stay away from it in big doses really. people say to me I really admire you adapting like you have done to going gluten free but when I think back to how I felt last year and how I used to sit and cry thinking that I was going to feel like that forever I accept it and embrace it and if you look around there are always things that are gluten free to make up for the things you miss and an answer to everything. I just thank god its an illness that can be solved in the main with diet and we dont have to have more meds for it.