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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Wow, okay, thanks for the info. So it seems like many people don't think this test is valid. That may be true, it is hard to tell sometimes.
  2. Hi All, I received my results from the Cyrex Cross Reactivity Test, and I was shocked to find out that in addition to gluten sensitivity, I cross react with a bunch of other foods including: corn, rice, potato, chocolate, quinoa and amaranth! I am so upset, since all of the gluten-free foods are made with rice, corn and/or potato flour! So, after 3 years of eating what I thought was gluten-free, I was eating foods which my body recognized as gluten. I am wondering if anyone else has done this Cyrex cross reactivity test, and found it to be accurate? Did your health improve further when you removed the offending foods? I want to get some feedback from people who have actual experience with this test before I drastically change my diet again. Thank you! Laura
  3. I recently had a positive ANA test, but at this point I am not sure what type of autoimmune disease I have. In addition to being gluten sensitive, I also tested positive for reactions to most other grains, including corn, rice, amaranth, quinoa, as well as dairy, chocolate, potatoes and coffee. Many of the foods that we eat as substitutes for gluten can cause the same reactions that gluten does. It might be worth checking to see if you have any cross reactions with other foods. I hope you start to feel better soon!
  4. Yes! It took me a long time to figure out the connection.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Bought some today!
  6. B12 Deficiency Anemia?

    You might also check into other food intolerances, which can cause some of your most recent symptoms. I found out I was intolerant to most other grains, as well as dairy, potatoes and chocolate! I also take B12, however, I need to take it sublingually since I don't seem to absorb it through my gut. As the previous poster suggested, you might check into whether you need something other than the capsules.
  7. I am using mostly organic, free range meats and eggs. I am also on thyroid meds for low thyroid, however, I have tested negative for Hashimoto's. I do have low ferritin, but D and B12 are okay. Maybe I need to up my thyroid meds. The increase in hair loss coordinated so closely to when I started the Paleo Diet, that I just thought there might be some correlation. (I need to complete my signature, so my diagnosis is visible!) Thanks!
  8. I have been doing a mostly Paleo diet for about six weeks now - a lot of meat and good fats (coconut oil and ghee), veggies, nuts and a few fruits. My hair was falling out before, but now it is literally coming out in handfuls! I am shocked, as I thought a high protein diet would improve the situation. I am planning on starting the GAPS diet in another week, as I believe I have leaky gut, and also many food intolerances. I am wondering now if that will make things even worse? Has anyone experienced increased hair loss from any of the hight protein/fats diets? I have read that a high fat diet can increase hormone levels, but I am assuming that good fats are okay. Thanks.
  9. 10 Year Old's Observations

    Your son sounds like a very wise young man!
  10. Gi Repair Kit ?

    Thank you Korwyn! That advice is very helpful! I will plan to stock up before I begin. As it is, I am going away this weekend so I decided not to even think about it until I return, and I can really sit down and plan. We are going to buy a freezer to put in our basement, which should help with freezing meals.
  11. Gi Repair Kit ?

    Thanks Jenn! Yes, I am a little nervous about how much work this is going to be. I have two small children, and I spend most of my time taking care of their needs! I just feel so bad though, that I think I will be a better mom if I can heal my gut. I have NO energy, and my hair falling out in handfuls just puts me in a bad mood every day. My husband is supportive, even if he thinks I am a little nuts!
  12. Gi Repair Kit ?

    Wow, thanks so much domesticactivist! I think I have seen some of your other posts. I have been doing mostly Paleo, but I really think I need to try GAPS. It just seems like so much work to make all of the homemade food, especially with traveling during the summer. I guess I will just do the best I can. I am so sick of being sick!!
  13. Thank you burdee! I suspect the culprit is food allergens. I did have bacteria and parasites, but I took antibiotics, and it appears that they are gone. Of course, there is always some bacteria in our guts, but I think what is there now is not a problem. I have heard great things about L-glutamine, I am going to try that.
  14. I recently received the results of a stool test done by Diagnos-Techs, and it showed I have very low Total Intestinal SIgA (16), with the normal amount being over 400. Does anyone know what that means??? It also said I had high Alpha Anti-Chymotrypsin (174), with the normal amount being below 60. This indicates colonic inflammation. How do I fix these things? My doc mentioned L-glutamine. Does that work? Thanks in advance! Laura