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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was a frequent diner at Noodles and Company, they had a list of gluten-free items and took allergy precautions by using a special "allergy aware" disposable pan to cook the items in. I felt pretty safe eating there. But today when I went there I was told the Bangkok Curry that I always ordered there is now no longer on the list of gluten-free items because there is gluten in the sauce. Apparently, always has been and I was being exposed every time I ate there. I was wondering why some of my symptoms were not getting better (diagnosed in Feb '05) and my last dr. visit she was mentioning I may have refractory celiac disease and did more blood tests that I don't have results to yet. Very frustrated! But mostly wanted to pass this info on to as many people as I could that might be eating at this restaurant. The really disturbing part is that the list is dated Oct. 12th and it's now the 29th, I have probably order my "allergy aware" meal twice in that time when they should have known their new information.
  2. I'm in the US, I read the Cool Whip label and it had "modified food starch" on it so I opted out. I guess it could be corn starch, but not taking any chances. I have Clan Thompson's list of safe foods, but Cool Whip says Unknown, manufacturer says check ingredient lists everything is disclosed, they won't give this info over the phone. But then they use a vague term like modified food starch... frustrating!
  3. Medaka, thanks for asking. Mostly I've been eating Barbara's Rice Crisps or Honey Rice Puffins for breakfast with Silk Soymilk. Lunch is leftovers from dinner the night before. Dinners are usually family favorites I've converted by carefully checking the labels. Chicken Enchiladas made with corn tortillas, chicken baked by me, Hatch Green Chile Enchilada sauce and cheese. Rice spaghetti with homemade spaghetti sauce from canned tomatoes and spices from my kitchen. I was told all McCormick spices are gluten-free? I've tried to be really careful... One thing that I've found conflicting info on is my favorite Chai from Starbucks. Tazo Teas wrote me back an email saying they are gluten-free except for a few other products that I never use. But somewhere I saw that Tazo Chai wasn't gluten-free.... I can't remember where. So I'm a little worried there, I really love my Chai fix. So how's that sound? Any red flags in that stuff? Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks! I don't know what it was, but I didn't think about my toaster! Thanks for pointing me to the lists. There is a lot of stuff here, which is good but it takes a while to find it all! Feeling a little overwhelmed... Tonight I also was dishing up some strawberry shortcake for the kids (gluten-free angel food cake) and since the Cool Whip is suspect, I wasn't going to have any on mine. Then, I just wiped off the spoon with my finger when I was done and stuck it in my mouth! Not even thinking! I spit it out and gargled with water. I was freaking out. I have three kids who are being tested this week. I couldn't stop feeding them gluten because of that, but once we get the tests done I'm throwing almost everything out! Keeping it around seems about as good an idea as keeping nuclear waste in the basement! So thankful for this website and all the help and information!
  5. I am a new celiac, just found out not even two weeks ago. I was already feeling better but suddenly today I am in pain again! I am wondering if I got something contaminated but didn't know it. The only thing I had today that was different from the past two weeks is a Coke from Wendy's. I thought Coke was okay! Does anybody know if it could be the culprit! I am really miserable again.