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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hypothyroid

    I'll let you know what the endo says. Do you know how they test for Hashimoto's or Grave's disease. Is it a blood test?
  2. Hypothyroid

    My hormone levels would indicate hyperthyroid. I believe my last TSH level was .27 but it's been as low as .07 I know weight loss is usually typical w/ it, but it's also usually typical w/ untreated celiac. I had weight gain before I knew I had celiac, so I have a history of having opposite symptoms.
  3. Hypothyroid

    I haven't had any symptoms until the last two months, which is why he has been waiting - he doesn't even know that I've been having symptoms. (I plan to call him tomorrow.) Weaning isn't a simple thing when my daughter doesn't tolerate formula - even the $50 a can hypoallergenic kind. When we give her formula she vomits and gets dehydrated. My milk supply is a little low so we were giving her one bottle a day - which we had to switch to using donated breastmilk. But there's no way I could get enough donated breastmilk to feed her if I weaned. I'm hoping he can treat the thyroid while I breastfeed.
  4. I've been gluten-free for 3 years. I also have a pituitary microadenoma and bloodwork shows me to be hyperthyroid. However,I've been either pregnant or nursing since July '08, and the endo says he's going to wait to look further into the hyperthyroid until I'm done nursing my 2nd daughter. My symptoms have gotten really bad though: tired, weak, easily winded, heat intolerant, losing my hair. The only symptom I don't have is weight loss, even though I'm overweight! Anyone else have a similar issue that can offer some advice? Thanks!
  5. I'm Miserable. :-(

    Thank you!
  6. I'm Miserable. :-(

    I got my Zofran directly from Glaxo-smith Kline, and it wasn't gluten free - at least not when I got it in late 2008 and early 2009. I've heard that it depends on where it was manufactured. Too risky for me b/c I was reacting to it. This time I took the liquid orally, or I took it through my PICC line.
  7. I'm Miserable. :-(

    Thanks for checking in! I was induced on 11-26. Sarah Grace is healthy, and I'm MUCH better!
  8. I'm Miserable. :-(

    Thanks! Being in the hospital is no fun. I'm looking at spending 10 days straight here, as long as it's a vaginal delivery (which it should be). I am however going to beg the doc to let me go home just for Thursday, b/c I haven't seen my daughter since last Friday. My in-laws took her to their house five hours away so that my husband would still be able to go to work while I'm in the hospital. I'm glad she's with family, but I really miss her! (she's about 20 months old.) We're having a girl - Sarah Grace.
  9. I'm Miserable. :-(

    Actually, I had a relapse and have been worse. I've been in the hospital since last Friday and will probably be here until I deliver. They said they'll induce this Friday though, so only a few more days! Although I would rather be at home with family on Thanksgiving than in the hospital.
  10. I'm Miserable. :-(

    It's definitely worth bringing up.
  11. I'm Miserable. :-(

    It is a sleeping pill, so I can see what it would make you sleepy. I only take it at night, and by this point it doesn't even make me tired anymore! I haven't noticed any digestion changes from it - although I've been on 16-24 mg of liquid Zofran a day, which makes me so constipated I wouldn't even be able to tell if something else was off.
  12. I'm Miserable. :-(

    I've been on the Unisom for 30 weeks, and I haven't had a problem. I take 25 mg in the evening. I have a two page treatment protocol for my Hyperemesis that was discussed w/ my OB prior to treatment. My blood sugars have been fine, which is good considering I only manage to eat about 1000 calories a day. I had some Charlie horses in my lower legs, but they were due to a potassium deficiency. Once I was able to hold down a quality vitamin, they went away.
  13. I'm Miserable. :-(

    Oh, also - if you are dehydrated the Zofran will not work. Make sure to get IV fluids if you're dehydrated and then you can try the liquid form of Zofran.
  14. I'm Miserable. :-(

    I have Hypermesis Graviduram - which is severe and excessive nausea and vomiting in pregnancy - to the point where you lose a significant amount of weight and are unable to carry on w/ your daily life - so I know a lot about the different meds used. Most importantly, Zofran - in pill form or ODT - is NOT gluten free! I took Zofran ODT my entire first pg w/o knowing this - and spent the whole 9 months in a vomiting, dehydrated fog. This pregnancy I have been taking the liquid form of Ondansetron (Zofran), and it has not caused the fogginess of the ODT. (For a month or so I took the IV form through my PICC line.) I also take Unisom, and it has been amazing this pregnancy! Let me know if you are still having problems. www.helpher.org is a fantastic resource.
  15. Pre-Term Labor

    I was just wondering if there is a connection b/w celiac and pre-term labor. At 34 wks, my OB put me on daily meds to control the contractions (b/c I am dilating). I'll be on them for another week, and then she can just come when she comes. Not really sure why I would have pre-term labor, so I was curious if it could be related to the Celiac disease.