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  1. I'm new to the gluten-free world and heard from a friend that there was a support group in Champaign, IL but she didn't know when and where they meet. Could you give me that information?
  2. I realize the posts I'm replying to are several years old but I thought the info might be helpful for future travelers to the Champaign, Illinois area. While I'm new to the gluten-free world, I'm learning where to find gluten-free foods pretty quickly. Two restaurants Jupitor's Pizza and Monical's Pizza offer gluten-free pizza. While I've not been to Jupitor's - I have had Monical's Pizza - it's as good as their non-gluten-free pizza. If you're looking for snacks, Strawberry Fields, a natural foods grocery store, on Main Street in Urbana has one side of an entire isle near the registers dedicated to gluten-free breads, pasta, and snacks. Hope this helps.