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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. ^ My doctor's office has a detailed elimination diet plan on their website that might be of help to you. When I did it I made a few modifications. Since I was already gluten-free I replaced wheat with soy, I don't eat citrus very often so I replaced that one with nightshades, etc. http://www.woodmed.com/DietElimRech.htm
  2. I also drink it daily without any problems. As far as telling which ones are gluten free, I've found that Yogi teas are fine as long as they don't contain a blatantly glutenous ingredient. In other words, they won't hide it. I've seen of their teas that have barley extract (or barley something...can't remember).
  3. Thanks for the advice, both of you. I think I'm going to go back on gluten until the endo, unless I get partway through and can't stand the rest. If they don't find villi damage and they don't find any other cause for my problems, I've just going to go with self-diagnosis by carefully monitoring my diet and symptoms. You're right that there's no sense eating something that my body obviously can't tolerate for whatever reason just because no one can give me a piece of paper saying it.
  4. I'll try to shorten my story, maybe someone can help me... I was pretty convinced it was celiac. For about 3 months I've had diarrhea which fits the classic celiac description, nausea and vomiting (daily, it would start when I woke up and continue until lunchtime), bloating, belching and cramps. I've had some gallbladder pain but nothing debilitating. I've lost about 10 pounds (which, off of my now 90-pound, 5-feet-tall frame, is a too much to lose without reason). I've also had canker sores out of nowhere. SO I had blood work and stool tests for ova and parasites, various infections and bacteria, celiac, as well as a full workup of vitamins, etc. And it all came back negative. Perfectly normal. When I had the blood work done I had just dropped 10 pounds in a month from my normally stable weight and I had been vomiting 4-6 times a day for that month. I was too weak to drive myself to the lab and had eaten nothing but applesauce for days. I was pretty surprised that everything came back normal. I had to wait about 3 weeks to see the GI. In the mean time, I noticed that the usual bland "upset stomach foods" like crackers, toast, etc. made me feel so much worse, and applesauce and bananas were basically the only things I'd been eating that I could tolerate. So I thought hey, let's try something...and I avoided gluten for the next three weeks. I wasn't trying to self-diagnose or anything, but I figured it would be stupid to eat things that I knew made me sick. And by the time I went to the GI, I was feeling better! My diarrhea had stopped, and I was okay most days but I would have the occasional day where I would wake up and vomit with no explanation. The GI suspected celiac. He said false negatives for gluten antibodies were fairly common, which I knew...and since I had not really been eating much of anything at the time of my test, let alone gluten, I figured it sure was a possibility. He told me that since I'd been feeling better eating gluten-free, to keep doing it for the time being. He ordered the test for celiac genes (specifically DQ2 and DQ8) and scheduled an upper endoscopy. He told me based on my symptoms, if I had either of the genes he would diagnose me, cancel the endo and call it a day. If I didn't have them, we would do the endo and go from there. Well, I don't have them. I was pretty disappointed when I got the call today because after being so sick for months, you think you know what the problem is and you just want a confirmation...it's not that I wanted celiac, but I was hoping that was it because then I would KNOW. And all I would have to do is change my diet. So now I'm going for the endo in 3 weeks. I'm so discouraged at testing negative and normal all the time. Because there's obviously a problem, so how come no tests are showing it? I'm so worried (and convinced, now) that the endoscopy will show healthy, normal-looking intestines and I'll still be left without an answer. If I was gluten intolerant but not celiac, wouldn't I still have shown antibodies? I really thought gluten was it. Where do I go from here?