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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for all your replies! She drinks silk soy milk. Do you guys trust cereals like fruity pebbles that claim to be gluten free? I am going to try and keep my house as gluten free as possible we are a large family so it's a bit hard to go completely gluten free all the time. Though I do try and cook lots of naturally gluten free foods (chicken and rice etc) I also spoke to the health para and told her to be aware during snack time and not let her share snack with anyone even if it's gluten free, since all these snacks pass from hand to hand. (gross) I will keep up her log and perhaps add in new foods I introduce to Her. Gosh this is a full time job! Thank you again for all your input!
  2. When my celiac was about two weeks old I brought her for a checkup and her belly was severely bloated. Dr sent her straight to gastro that day to check her out. Her stomach was full of air, she had blood in her stool and was jaundice. Dr told me to stop nursing ASAP and put her on hypoallergenic formula. His first thought was severe allergies. Once I stopped nursing her she made a complete turnaround, belly went down, blood was gone, and jaundice disappeared. She did very well her first year but was very up and down once she started solids, and we got the diagnosis of celiac a few weeks shy of her third birthday. So.... In my experience though we didn't get our diagnosis until quite a bit later (partially from denial on my part), I would say yes, gluten can be passed through breast milk.
  3. Let me clarify a little (sorry), She really is gluten free. She is very good about the diet. Once in a while she'll either get Glutened by mistake (she doesn't know how to read yet, but I really am very on top of her). In school she has a health para who checks everything and is in contact with me throughout the day. I make her leave the room during baking activities just in case. If she sneaks (was more when she was younger) I know about it right away she can't hide it. (she loses her voice right away) I keep a log of how she feels, she has been great for the last 6 mts, yet something is still "off" She hasn't been intentionally Glutened in months, I don't even think by accident. I know how she feels when she is completely gluten free. Shes a totally different person.
  4. I need to start over. My daughter was diagnosed over 3 years ago she is now 6. She if off gluten, dairy and most fruit. She has been doing pretty well on the diet, she sneaks once in a while but I'd say about 95% of the time she's gluten free. Her last blood results were good. Buutttt I can tell she's still not 100%. She's having slight symptoms and it is bothering me. She grew 3 1/2 inches since her last yearly well check but she's still very very short. My other kids are short, but not nearly as short as she is. Her growth hormone was tested in Oct, it came back slightly below avg, I just want to know that she's healthy. Hurts me inside.... Ok now for my questions... 1. Are there any foods that you know of that seem or were advertised as gluten free that aren't? I know the list is huge... She eats mostly the same foods over and over. 2. Pediatrician said it's overkill when I mentioned I wanted to buy her a set of cookware /cutlery July for her to be on the safe side. Is there a need? Am I just paranoid? 3. When it says may contain/ made in the same factory as wheat, I always stayed away from it. Is there really a need to?
  5. YES!!!! Or how about when people say "Ok, at least you know what it is...coulda been worse..." Easy for you to say as you bite into your fried high gluten donut and sip your milkshake!!!!
  6. Sounds like classic symptoms to me... test her! Good luck.
  7. Im sick and tired of all these food companies that write GLUTEN FREE on their labels, just to find out there's enough gluten in it to set an uproar in a celiac's indsides. Im sick and tired of all these candy companies that you would never even think would have gluten in it, has a teeny tiny drop of gluten listed in its ingredients. I'm sick and tired of all the people out there who judge my daughter as if she's an immature baby when I know it's all because she ate gluten a week before. I'm sick and tired of people commenting "MY! She's so SHORT!" I'm sick and tired of ignorant people who no matter how much you TRY and educate them on celiac disease still manage to comment "SOMEONE HAD AN ACCIDENT!!!! IT STINKS!!" I'm sick and tired of spending a buttload of money every week for simple things like noodles and a tiny loaf of bread. I'm sick and tired of preparing double the amount of meals, just to find out that my celiac doesn't have an appetite because she's still recovering from that stupid minute amount of gluten that was hiding in her food a week ago. I'm sick and tired of people telling me I should leave my daughter back with the younger grades because she seems so "shy and anxious" at times. She MUST be immature and dumb. No matter how much you try and explain to people how gluten also affects the behavior of a celiac, they just think they know better. I'm SICK AND TIRED of a TEENY TINY little drop of gluten will set my celiac off track for 2 full weeks!! 2 FULL WEEKS!!!! and I'm SICK AND TIRED of people just NOT GETTING IT. Feel free to add.
  8. Nuff said... This can be SO hard to deal with sometimes.... today is one of those days.... Gosh, when are they going to find a cure already?
  9. 100%. I can tell when my daughter becomes glutened even before her physical symptoms start to show. She gets extremely cranky, her voice gets hoarse, she throws incredible tantrums, she becomes extremely fatigued, and nervous. She turns into a grump. It is so difficult to watch her go through with it... It lasts about a week, slowly getting better as the week goes on. But I'll tell you, it's not fun to deal with. On the upside, when she is completely gluten-free, she is an absolutely different child! Happy, upbeat, easygoing. Everything a normal child should be!
  10. Wow, that really puts things in perspective katie! Thank you! I just hope she learns to control it before she starts to get embarrassed about it in school... Never a dull moment! But I have to say, she does SO BEAUTIFULLY when she is fully gluten-free! Call me crazy, but she looks..Peaceful would be the word I'd say. I like those days
  11. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry, had to let it out. My daughter (3) woke up covered in diarrhea this morning. I let her stay home from school because I don't know if she will soil herself in school. I don't get it. Why does she soil herself only when she is glutened?? It's usually very constipated when she's been glutened so I think this diarrhea was the last of the reaction this time around.... and it smells! So HORRIBLE!! Poor kid. I try not to freak out on her its not her fault... But why can't she make it in the toilet? It's a teeny tiny rotten smelling poo like 5 times a day for a week until the reaction passes. funny though, she never wets the bed at night. It's only during the day. The teachers are instructed to send her to the bathroom every hour. and she usually goes- Full bladder! I'm just so overwhelmed with the constant #1 and #2 accidents I'm not getting what the connection is to gluten but it happens every time. I guess that's just how she reacts. It's just so HARD. I feel so dirty, so irresponsible, so I cant even explain how I'm feeling. I don't even know if I'm making any sense. *sigh*
  12. Wow. What's his problem? Does he even know what Celiac is?? Some people need to find a hobby... Just ignore him. Don't even give him the negative attention. He doesn't deserve it. Let's all just keep writing that we have seen some serious regression. Some people.... Sheesh.
  13. She is only three. She has a ton of gluten-free snacks more than anyone else in the house! She took it from my other kid's snack bags for school. A different day it was a cookie in my MIL's house when nobody was looking. Then after that she had major munchies and just went for anything.
  14. My daughter has been doing so well over the past few months...now for the passed three days she has been sneaking gluten any chance she got In a way this is worse than a strong peanut allergy bc she doesn't feel a difference until much later! Poor kid I feel terrible for her!
  15. My daughter (now 3) was a monster until she went gluten free. She was SUCH a hard kid. She would throw crazy tantrums, run around the house like a maniac, jump from crazy heights and laugh when she fell down, never ever slept, would climb up on the counters with a chair and step stool on top of it. We used to joke that she's stronger than my 7 year old. She also had tremendous anxiety. She got kicked out of school because of it too. She's a changed person since she's gone gluten-free. she is SO much calmer. she's happy, and she uses her brain now before doing something dangerous. She started a new school and is doing beautifully (aside from her accidents but they're willing to work with her) The difference in behavior is unimaginable.