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  1. Snack Ideas To Help Morning Sickness

    I'm kind of in the same boat. I feel sick if I let myself be hungry too long. I was sick for a bit until I started packing lots of snacks every day. But now I'm back to not feeling so great somedays. The worst part is breakfast. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Cereal just sounds disgusting & everytime I have had to eat cereal because there was nothing else I felt really sick. I have even tried my different flavors of Chex but they're all a no go. Gluten free pancakes, biscuits etc all sound gross too. I've been eating eggs a lot but both days this week I've had eggs I've had a hard time eating them & feel sick after. The different snacks I've been doing is fresh fruit. I started with a variety of apples, bananas, grapes & oranges but for the past week or more all I want are oranges. Also been eating corn nuts but only seem to be able to eat ranch or chili picante so far. The BBQ were horrible to me. I also have some gluten free rice cakes in a few flavors. I've made gluten free brownies & keep a few of those around. Also some straight up chocolate. I finally tried the Glutino Crackers too & those are pretty good. I just ordered 6 boxes on Amazon & can't wait for them to get here. I'm thinking of trying some of their suggestions of putting some peanut butter, fruit or something on top of them. I have a lot of Nutella at home that I think I could use. One of their suggestions was a slice of banana with a little honey & cinnamon on top. Sounds pretty tasty to me right now. I ate the first box mostly making little sandwiches out of them. Some ham with cheddar cheese. That was breakfast a few days in the past few weeks until I ran out of unbroken crackers. The most appealing thing to me seems to be fruit. It used to be eggs & fruit but now it's just fruit. Unfortunately I don't think I can make a breakfast out of fruit, especially not oranges though I did do that Monday morning this week...lol Your cheese cubes reminded me. We have some string cheese in our fridge from when we tried making gluten free cheese sticks a while back & that actually sounds good. I think I need to dig that out Hopefully we can give each other good ideas for some variety.
  2. Congrats! I'm right about where you are. We had an ultrasound last Friday based on my climbing hcg levels (doc said at 5000 they should be able to see heartbeat, I was over 4000 2 days prior to ultrasound) but it was too early to see a heartbeat. We go this Friday to hopefully see a heartbeat. It's very exciting and like Looking for Answers said I know tons of women that are pregnant right now. Baby fever is in the air!
  3. Thanks I've been doing pretty good so far. The week before we found out & the week after I was super super tired. Last week I felt more energetic until Friday night. Then the tired started creeping back up on me. I got on here right now just because I was going to pass out staring at my monitor instead of working haha. The first few days after we found out I was really nauseous a lot but I seem to have gotten that mostly under control. If I eat small frequent meals I do better & just make sure I don't force myself to eat things that I currently detest like cereal. I told my husband this morning I'd rather eat nothing at all than eat cereal lol. Every time I have forced myself to eat a little before going to work I end up feeling sick & it's gluten-free Chex so that's not the problem lol. We had our 1st ultrasound Friday & it looks like it's just 1 and everything looked good so far but it was too early for a heartbeat so I go back again this Friday. Hopefully by then there should be a heartbeat. It was very neat to see that early though, it looked exactly like the picture in the week 5 photo on babycenter.com I'm glad that you're getting some help from people. That's awesome that you're getting a doula to volunteer her help. I wish that I could give you more help & advice. I was on a bunch of medication for anxiety, depression etc when I got pregnant last time. They told me I could keep taking the medication while I was pregnant but I just didn't want to take any kind of chances. I ended up doing great off the medication while I was pregnant but I still saw (and still do see) a therapist & I had learned a lot of things that helped with stress or mood etc. So I got lucky & was a lot better while I was pregnant. I really hope that things keep looking up for you, even if it is slowly. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of our lives & it's just rotten when you're sick or have other problems etc.
  4. Infertility?

    You're in a great position right now. You know you have Celiac Disease & you probably haven't really started to actively try to have children yet. I didn't know I had a problem really until we started trying for our second & then didn't find out what the problem was until November. It took us 2 1/2yrs to get pregnant with our first child. We did everything the natural way & we just assumed it was because I had been on birth control about 6 or 7 years that it was taking so long. I was scared to actually go to the doctor because I was afraid to find out if maybe I couldn't have kids. Well when my son turned 1yr old we decided to start trying for our 2nd using ovulation kit. I suddenly was very late two cycles in a row but not pregnant. I worked with my OB & in November started fertility treatment, the same time I went gluten free. I am very happy to report that I got pregnant on our 3rd cycle of treatment & am now 6 wks. I have my first ultrasound Friday morning & as long as everything looks good so far we're telling everyone. It's already been hell keeping it a secret this last week haha. My point is that even IF you had problems, that doesn't mean that you can't have children. You just might have to go through a lot more to get those children. There are a lot of women on here though that said they tried, no luck, did fertility treatments, no luck. They had given up but found out they had Celiac somewhere in the process & went gluten free. Suddenly sometime after they'd given up, they ended up pregnant. So whether gluten free is the key or not, you shouldn't really worry about it. Chances are you'll have no problems getting pregnant when you're ready.
  5. When I was doing my journal I found it easier to actually type on the computer. I can type faster than I can write so it just made sense. I would usually have to find a time when it was quiet & I was alone & just let the thoughts come. I would still get interrupted sometimes but if you do & then can't get back into it, that's fine. You're just done for then & you come back later or the next day etc. For me, whenever my brain was rambling with thoughts that's when I needed to get them out. I actually started a blog after finding out about Celiac because I was such a jumble of thoughts & needed to get it out. I figured why now put the information somewhere that my friends & family could read it. I haven't posted much since December because I have just been busy & not made the time. I finally made the time last weekend to write something. I actually found out I was pregnant on Sunday. I was really shocked though. I found out last Tuesday the results of my progesterone level & it was only 5.5. According to what I'd been told the level needs to be 10 in order to know you ovulated. I'm guessing that maybe it's because my ovulation test didn't light up until day 20, had horrible cramps etc day 21 (figure I actually ovulated that day) and then on day 24 was when I was supposed to go to the lab. So I'm wondering if it's just that enough time hadn't gone by or what. I had already made an apt on Thurs to see my doc on Monday expecting that I would need to get clomid again. Instead I got to tell him that both pregnancy tests I took came up positive. He sent me to do bloodwork & they called me this morning to tell me it was positive and my hcg was 96. I go back to the lab next week to check it again. Once it gets to 5,000 we'll do an ultrasound to see what we've got. I'm sooo excited. I've been so frustrated because I know 17 people expecting for a total of 20 babies (1 person is having triplets). The number of pregnant people has gone up so much in the last month it's not even funny lol but I finally get to join them. My cousin who has been trying, completely the old fashioned way, for a few years found out a few weeks ago she was pregnant. It looks like we're both going to be due in the same month. Right now my son is the only great-grandchild on all sides of my family. My dad's parents are going to have at least 4 great grandchildren in the next 9 months lol because my other cousin's gluten-free is pregnant too. Doctor has me taking progesterone supplements every night for now just to help make sure I don't miscarry (never had that problem before but never did fertility drugs before). I'm itching to post on my blog about it but I'm waiting because we're just selectively telling people right now. After we get our ultrasound then we'll spread the good news. We just want to make sure everything looks good & know if we're looking at 1 baby or more than 1 lol. Since I'll probably be getting that first ultrasound by 1st or 2nd week of March it's not too long to wait, it's just hard to keep the excitement in I really hope you start to feel better soon. I also hope that talking to all of us here on the board helps you out too. Being pregnant is an emotional time by itself but then when you have so much other stuff to worry about & no one to talk to & not feeling well, it really takes it's toll.
  6. Since you're husband is a student I'm not sure if you have medical insurance or how good it might be but if you do have medical insurance you might want to look at your card & see if they have a Behavioral Health Services number. If you do have the medical coverage & they cover you going to see a therapist you'll probably have to pay the "specialist" fee which can definitely add up but it's something to look into. Even if you can't get the authorization to see a therapist if you have medical insurance you should call your provider anyway & see if they have any sort of pregnancy support programs you can enroll in etc. I had no idea that my medical insurance had such things until a few weeks before my delivery but even during those few weeks & the first several weeks after my delivery I got probably 4 or 5 phone calls from someone with a number to contact them if I needed to talk or had concerns etc. The lady that I talked to was great but I didn't really feel I needed anything extra from them. I am like you & don't really have many real close friends that I can talk to about things. In the last year or so I have managed to somewhat rebuild some friendships with my old best friends from high school but it's still not a best buddy, I can tell them anything, type of relationship. I had a really rough time several years ago with severe depression & anxiety & I finally got help. I have been seeing a therapist since...Oct 2008 I think it is. It took several months to finally feel like I could really talk to her about everything but I also did some journal writing during the first year & it helped tremendously. Just getting those thoughts & feelings out. Also the recommendation of taking small walks or even just being outside are great. I know this is a really crappy time of year with the weather but when the sun does come out, try to make it a habit to go out for a quick walk or something. When I started therapy I never took my breaks at work etc. I started taking my breaks and walking & it was a great help. I'd put my headphones on, listen to some upbeat music & just enjoy my mind being free. Unfortunately when I was pregnant at the 6 month mark I could hardly walk due to sciatic pain so that stopped & I had just been walking a few months again when I broke my leg & still (especially with the cold) have a hard time walking. I really like to read though & I found that it was just as good for me to read since I couldn't walk. Reading helps put your mind in another place, thinking about different people & their world etc. On top of those things everyone else's suggestions are great. Forums are a good place as well to talk to different people & get support. When I was home on maternity I lived on some of the babycenter.com forums. It really helped if nothing else just reading about other people's experiences & comparing & realizing I wasn't alone etc. The whole thing of "don't worry" etc is definitely a lot easier said than done. Even with a good support person or therapy etc it's not some magical thing that's going to happen. I've been in therapy for over 2yrs & I've gotten fairly good at not worrying about what might happen, especially if it's not something I can do anything about, but it does still happen. Like right now I'm trying not to but worrying about if I do manage to get pregnant this cycle, because I'm on such a high dose of clomid, that I might end up with multiple pregnancies, which in a way might be neat but at the same time scares the crap out of me haha. What I try to do is stay busy enough so that I don't think of those things that I might worry about or eventually find a time to address the worry. My husband often doesn't really understand but at least he listens & let's me get it out to him. Then if you were to write it down as well that really helps you vent & express what you're feeling & then it does become easier to just not keep it on your mind or dwell on it. I'm sure that your hormones from pregnancy on top of your already existent anxiety & depression don't help but just remember we're all here too & obviously willing to listen & offer advice & support. In person support is best but if you can get that, sometimes that anonymous person online can be just as good or better. Good luck! I hope things look up for you soon.
  7. That was very interesting about the c-sections but I'm wondering if they did any kind of study to see if there was a link between the mother's having Celiac disease? I would think that especially an undiagnosed case of Celiac in the mother would increase the chances for complications etc that might require a c-section. I had a c-section with my son because of a few reasons. I had extreme sciatic pain & could hardly walk through half of my pregnancy. Then 2 weeks before I had him I had a heart problem (SVT) where my heart was beating at 190bpm & they had to give me a medication that actually stopped my heart for a second before it returned to somewhat normal. After that we began monitoring my heart rate regularly & noticed that I kept having a fairly high heart rate at times (which explained why I had felt so weak, faint & tired at earlier points in my pregnancy). The heart issue combined with my measuring 2 weeks later made my doctor concerned about putting my heart through the stress of vaginal delivery. After an ultrasound (that was incorrect) he decided my son's head was probably too big to make for an easy delivery & I had a c-section that day (THANK GOD!). At that point I had never even heard of Celiac disease before. Looking back now I believe that I had symptoms since junior high at least but it wasn't until after I had my son that I started having the severe GI problems. I'm also a negative blood test, positive diet case so I don't have an official celiac diagnosis but my primary doctor & my family believe that I am celiac. So I'm not really sure if possibly being Celiac played into any of those problems for me or not but I'm honestly surprised that there was no mention of the possibility of the mother's having Celiac. Anyway, I did breastfeed my son for 6 months & he had frozen breastmilk for about 3 months after that. He has been low weight & we have questioned the possibility of him having Celiac but haven't actually gone through any testing yet because there is no good indication that he really is. As for the original question posted. Even worrying that my son might possible have Celiac doesn't deter me from the idea of having more kids. I'm currently on my 3rd cycle going through fertility treatment and TTC again. If you really want children, this should have no real impact on you having children (unless like me you have fertility issues & having trouble actually getting pregnant).
  8. Thanks for the info. I have been a bit distracted the last week & a half. Ended up catching pneumonia & I'm finally back up & running around this week. I should be ovulating in the next day or two now. This cycle my doc decided to move me up to 150mg to try it. He warned me I would be more tender etc because we're really overstimulating the ovaries. I am noticing that tenderness already. I really, really hope I get pregnant this time because I'm really dreading a period after this lol. I'm just a little worried because I've been on antibiotics of one kind or another pretty much since I started taking the clomid & yesterday, after 12 days of antibiotics I'm finally done. No one could tell us if the antibiotics might lessen the effectiveness of the clomid etc. I'm thinking it might not really since I've noticed tenderness the last few days. This will also be my 3rd full cycle gluten free so hopefully that will help. My fear initially was that going gluten free I'd magically be better & taking the clomid would just end up with me being like octo-mom or something lol. So far even with the clomid things have not been too much better but with taking this high of a dose this cycle, my husband & I are definitely having that fear lol. Thanks again. I really appreciate being able to get info & support here from people who've been there, done that. Now just wish me pregnancy luck (with no more than twins haha)
  9. Thanks so much for responding. I really value the input. The main reasons I've worried about him having it is because it is hereditary, he's kind of underweight & his stool never seems to be normal, it's either C or D. Looking back now we realized I had symptoms since Junior High at least but mine were mostly neurological so we never figured it out. It wasn't until after I had my son that I started getting really bad GI symptoms. As it was the specialist never figured out what was wrong with me. I got an IBS dismissal, it was my mom that found an article in the paper that lead us to this realization of what was wrong. I went through some really bad times/stuff before we figured it out. I fall all the time, broke left foot twice & almost a year ago break my right leg so bad I'll probably never walk normal again or ever be able to run again. I really don't want him to have to go through all that stuff if he has it, I want to find out right away & get him used to the diet. I know it might seem a bit paranoid. I really hope that he doesn't have it but you know how it is being a parent, you constantly worry about things. We do have Health Insurance. I just hate for him to have to go through giving blood when I know there's a genetic test that is just a mouth swab that would tell us with more reliability if he even has a chance of having it. For me doing the blood test was no big deal even though I knew the 20% false negative rate. With him & the fact that he's not really having any majorly negative symptoms, I guess I'm just having a hard time justifying putting him through that pain to myself. Knowing that your insurance paid for the gene test though gives me some hope. Thanks a lot! I'm always looking for stories, input & info from people who've gone through these sorts of things.
  10. We came to the conclusion in November that I have Celiac disease. I had a negative blood test but on doctor recommendation started the gluten free diet. I had an amazing difference. Since I had a majority of the symptoms we came to that conclusion. My son is 18 months old now and I worry about if he might have the same problem. He's always been in the mid to high teens or low 20s in the percentile for his age. He eats fairly regularly but he's very active. He seems pretty healthy overall. He's always been a fairly easy baby, sleeps through the night, generally well behaved. Every now & then we have some times that he has a lot of tantrums over nothing & just becomes completely unreasonable or unconsolable. Usually it's always in the evening & on those same nights we have problems with him sleeping. We usually think it must be a teething thing but sometimes we're really not sure what's going on. Ever since he was a few months old he has seemed to go back & forth between constipation & diarrhea a lot. He might have a day or two in between of normal stool but it's often one or the other. His diet is usually fairly consistent. He gets some fruit every day and then smaller portions of whatever we are eating. He also loves to snack on cookies or crackers, or jello or yogurt. Monday was his first check up since we found out about me so I mentioned my concern to the doctor mainly about the stool. I've read somewhere about some behavior things with small kids but I don't know if he would even fall in that category. Anyway she said we could run a celiac panel on him. She gave us the lab slip for whenever we were ready. I just want to know if it's worth putting him through the trip to the lab right now or if I'm just being paranoid. I hope he doesn't have it but if he does I want to make sure we get it diagnosed early so he won't have to go through everything I went through. My husband doesn't want to put him on a gluten free diet if he doesn't need to be on one & I'm pretty sure that unless we get a positive somewhere the grandparents definitely aren't going to want to or follow it and he spends a lot of time with them. A month or so ago I looked at the tests on Enterolab's site & saw that they do a gene test with only a mouth swab but it's pretty expensive. It said on there something about some insurances might pay or pay for part of the testing cost or something. Right now we're having a hard time financially so we haven't done it yet. I'm looking for some insight, advice & if anyone has done any of the Enterolab tests I'd love to know if their insurance paid any part of the cost of the test. Thanks!
  11. I am somewhat self diagnosed celiac. My blood test was negative but while waiting for the results my doc told me to give gluten free a shot. Amazing difference & the 2 times I have accidentally gotten glutened I had bad reactions. It's only been about 11 weeks since I've been gluten free but I was already having some obvious female issues. We started trying to have our 2nd child in July so my OB already had started me on a plan. I took birth control for about 2 months to try & get my hormones back to a normal level & then started clomid. First cycle I didn't even come close to ovulating. Second cycle I did ovulate but my levels weren't what the doctor wanted to see so now that I've just started my cycle again I'll be taking 150mg of clomiphene a day. The doc said it's a really high dose but he wants to try it for 1 cycle & see how I do. He warned me that I would probably be a lot more tender & have more pain. 1st cycle I had a little pain, this cycle almost none. What I have seemed to notice though, & I'm wondering if anyone else experienced this, is that my periods seem to get worse with each cycle. I never used to have much cramping most of the time but now I feel completely miserable, at times it comes close to the stomach pain I used to get from gluten. I've also noticed I seem to spot for a day or two & then get hit full force with cramps & heavy flow. I'm curious to know if anyone else has had similar experiences. Also for those who did take clomid, I'm curious how long were you on it before you got pregnant? Oh also he has me taking 850mg of metformin a day too. Apparently they use that for fertility now too. Thanks!
  12. I'm Miserable. :-(

    Yay! Congrats Sweetpea!
  13. Since I started gluten free I've glutened myself twice. I've obviously learned from both of those mistakes so hopefully it won't happen again. Once was the mayo jar so we bought me my own squirt mayo. The last was just over the weekend, I thought my husband's drink was mine & accidentally took a sip. I was hoping that wouldn't get me but I had a little pain & stuff later. I'm sure that I'll be really lucky if I get pregnant right now. I've finished my 1st clomid treatment & actually ovulating right now so we'll see if my family gets a surprise Christmas present or not If not we'll just keep trying. Hopefully between being gluten free & the clomid it will happen soon, but I don't expect it the 1st try. We do still have gluten in the house & my husband & son will eat gluten cereal at home sometimes. Any time my son is eating anything gluten my husband or someone else feeds him so I don't cross contaminate myself. My mom & husband are pretty good about remembering to wash their hands between gluten & anything of mine. I think I've really only been glutened the two times by myself & not by anyone else lol. My husband knows that once I do get pregnant things will get more strict so I am hopeful it will all work out. Thanks for sharing your experience & the well wishes
  14. I was worried what would happen if my test came back negative too. I wasn't sure if my family would support me in going gluten free or just criticize me. Thankfully my biggest critic is the one that suggested Celiac & had read about the common false negative result. My test did come back negative but I had been gluten free almost 2 weeks by then. My husband has been there through the most significant symptoms & had already noticed a positive change in me. We talked about it & committed to going this route. My boss said last week that I haven't looked this good in almost 2yrs. I'm only on day 23 but it's a big enough difference that my immediate family & my in-laws are convinced. Hopefully if you can go gluten free you'll notice a big enough change soon like I did & it will help convince your husband & the rest of your family that you're not crazy Good luck!
  15. You sound almost just like me. I don't have osteopenia as far as I know but I have suffered many falls, broken bones & migraines or other neurological issues. Your GI issues are basically identical to mine. I also was given an IBS brush off in January. After I found out about Celiac Disease & thought I might have it I got a celiac panel ran. The doc suggested I go gluten free & see how I felt. Well test results were negative but I had already seen significant improvement going gluten free so I decided that was answer enough for me. I'm tired of dealing with doctors & tests etc. I've been gluten free 23 days & I feel like a different person. So no matter what your tests or doctors say you really should try to give the diet a try & see how you feel. Good luck!