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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Eating Out

    how risky is it to order a gluten free grilled burger patty or chicken breast at a restaurant? is this a guaranteed source of cross contamination or are grills generally ok? ::sigh::
  2. i seem to get a burst of energy and my depression lifts when i get glutened...then i feel worse.
  3. De-Swelling

    youre an angel. it's so nice to hear from someone who understands. we are so much alike--i have hashimoto's too. i'm on a t4/t3 combination rx but my dr wants to see if my antibodies go down now that i'm gluten free (i'm surprised they were still as high as they were seeing as how i've been 98% gluten-free for awhile) before upping my medication. he wants my adrenals to heal so that my body can respond better to the medication. i just feel like i've totally crashed since eliminating the dairy...it's so weird! i have never been a big milk drinker, but i do enjoy yogurt and cheese. i dont even want to think that i'll never be able to have these things again i wonder if casein has been keeping my antibodies high...if i'm having a strong reaction to it like gluten. i still dont understand how it all works. i thought it was just a matter of temporary dairy intolerance due to damaged villi from gluten. maybe it's more than that. my bf doesnt understand...who could? i find myself feeling so worthless right now and i always push people away when i'm depressed. youre right though. i could REALLY use some distraction. so i wonder if the diarrhea/vomiting i had this morning was detox? i cant believe how strongly i'm reacting. hope youre feeling better, at least a little. i'm going back to bed. i cant keep these heavy eyes open.
  4. De-Swelling

    oh i wanted to mention also that i've come to recognize extreme thirst as a sign of glutening. i get this insatiable thirst that i can down glass after glass of water ... it's bizarre. and i retain it...i dont have to pee much...weird! i've never heard of anyone else with this symptom, but i am pretty sure it has to do with gluten, because since i've been strictly gluten-free, the thirst is gone, and i kinda have to force the fluids. anyway hopefully your body just needing the water for detoxing.
  5. De-Swelling

    prickly.. i am so sorry you are going thru this but it really makes me feel better to know i'm not alone. you sound just like me...i am annoyed with eating and nothing feels safe and it all just seems too difficult. ive been depressed all my life, but this is worse than i remember, ever. i went to sleep last night at 9:30 (i NEVER go to sleep that early but i just dont want to do anything but sleep) and got up this morning at 7:30 sick with a stomach bug (great). so being super sick all morning beat me up and i just feel that much more like i've been hit by a truck. i dont know if this is depression, a grieving process, withdrawal...or what. but everything in its wake is being destroyed, including my relationship with my boyfriend. and i care and i'm scared but i cant even bring myself to do anything about it. maybe it's all the anger from years of telling people and doctors there is something wrong with me and being told i'm just delusional. i really feel like i've been hit by a truck. sending you good thoughts...i hope we both feel better soon.
  6. De-Swelling

    you guys are awesome. casein must have a similar opiate effect. i was feeling really good for the first week or so of gluten-free (i'd been MOSTLY gluten for awhile), but i have never been so depressed in my life since going dairy free. i am just sitting staring at walls and sleeping. i dont know what i'm gonna do if this doesnt get better.
  7. De-Swelling

    avr thank you for responding! you make me feel so much less nuts. i'm also doing this right now by eliminating all grains and sticking with lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts. and some dark chocolate. it feels good but i hope i can add back in some goat cheese, yogurt, gluten-free breads at some point. after about a week gluten-free i started to have some bellyaches (which, ironically, is unusual for me--my symptoms have been less of the typical digestive type), so that's why i eliminated dairy. plus i was thinking i was maybe reacting to it since i was craving it. maybe i'm just being overly cautious. i do wonder if dairy can cause "silent" reactions like the systemic inflammation gluten caused for me...so much less obvious than the digestive issues. i've been mostly gluten free for almost a year, but totally eliminating it is making me feel so....weird. it is kind of like an experiment, i guess.
  8. i've been gluten free (and now dairy free) for about 2 weeks now. i have so many questions. sorry. 1. i havent lost much weight (gluten makes me gain) but i feel like i'm smaller, less swollen. has anyone experienced this? 2. i am more tired than i've ever been in my life. is this because my body is no longer pumping out large amounts of stress hormones to deal with the gluten? is it the elimination of the drug-like effect of gluten and dairy? (today i took a super-long nap -- i NEVER can nap -- im just SO fatigued. ) 3. the elimination of dairy seems to be causing even more [what seem like] withdrawal symptoms. i thought the dairy thing was more about gas/bloating/digestive symptoms, but for me the fact that i craved it was a bad sign. can dairy cause the same effects as gluten...the symptoms that are not just digestive? 4. i feel like i'm fighting cravings a lot less. i'm eating much less (not really enough probably) and i think i'm hungry, but i kind of have to force myself to eat, rather than fight the cravings all day. anybody know what the heck i'm talking about? i've been about 95% gluten-free for awhile, but being 100% gluten-free has caused a world of changes. it's overwhelming. a part of me feels really good, like there may be a light at the end of this tunnel, but i also feel like a depressed drug-detoxing zombie.
  9. thank you!! i'm sorry about your headaches...i've been having those too. my stomach seems more sensitive now..i have been getting bellyaches and i'm not used to that. ive eliminated dairy now too...i hope that's just temporary. mentally i feel this indescribably clarity ... that alone will keep me sticking with this. keep me posted on how youre doing!
  10. thank you. it really is nice to know i'm not alone with this. i am not used to having stomach pain (weird for someone w celiac)...i've always prided myself on a cast iron stomach, too! now all of a sudden ive got pain/bloating after totally eliminating gluten. i'll get rid of the dairy for awhile like you both did. it's never caused me any problems but maybe they've just been masked by the gluten damage. i do crave it and it's scary to get rid of it...this indicates to me that maybe it IS a problem. day 1 complete (yesterday)...now onto day 2. ::sigh::
  11. i'm one of those people who GAINS instead of losing when i get glutened. it's like my metabolism shuts down and i swell up and gain fat ridiculously fast. i also have hashimotos thyroiditis. my t3 levels are low but my dr wants to wait on increasing my meds until i'm gluten free for long enough to let my adrenals heal and my thyroid antibodies come down. i'm tired of having to exercise hours and hours a day and eat really little in order to not gain (when i'm eating gluten even these extreme measures dont prevent weight gain). does anyone have any experience with an increased metabolism when gluten free?? i really want to chill on the exercise and give my body the rest/nutrients it needs to heal, but i'm so afraid i'll gain a ton. also... wondering if now that i'm gluten-free i could be noticing a lactose intolerance? i never had bellyaches before being strictly gluten-free, but now all of a sudden my stomach won't calm down. can dairy cause the same weight gain symptom as gluten if one is intolerant? thanks.
  12. Celiac Gene Pairs

    omg thanks! you DID help. i'm so right there with you in limboland. it really helped seeing my dr last week because he made me feel less like a "fraud" or hypochondriac for thinking it's highly likely that i have celiac. i just have this intuitive feeling that gluten really may be the issue. funny i made a call today for allergen info and felt like a fake saying i have celiac. but i think i'm about as close to sure as any lab test can prove. it's still gonna be hard to toss all the gluten stuff i have stashed in my freezer for "when i get over this phase of crazy-making". i really think this is it. i am feeling better every day...i dont know the last time i could say that...but what's weird is that i've had a persistent bellyache/bloat for 3 days and i never had anything like that while eating gluten (except when i'd eat it after a period of not eating it for awhile). and i'm EXHAUSTED too...i fall into bed like i've been hit by a mack truck. my dr says to wait on upping the thyroid meds till i've been gluten-free for long enough to let my adrenals heal.... feel better!
  13. So i've been about 95% gluten free for quite awhile (no so concerned with cross contamination, etc), with periods of denial in which i would consume some gluten products here and there. but i'm over it and my doctor confirmed last week that she's fairly certain i have celiac. for the past 2 weeks i've been strictly gluten-free and for the past 3 days i've had abdominal pain that i never had before. i'm gassy and bloated. i'm being really careful and i'm pretty sure i'm not getting glutened...i'm eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats, peanut butter, almonds, eggs, goat cheese and yogurt. oh and a little bit of dark chocolate (please dont take that from me too..i'll cry). i've eliminated grains. i never had any issues with dairy so i can't imagine that i have a lactose intolerance all of a sudden. why does my belly hurt NOW?
  14. Celiac Gene Pairs

    thank you SO much. it seems every day gets a little better since i've been strictly gluten-free. mentally things are shifting a lot...it's really weird. for awhile i was about 95%, still eating tortilla chips that shared frier oil, etc...hoping for just an intolerance rather than celiac. but intuitively i'm feeling that it is the real thing. and i know just how hard it's going to be to convince others. visiting my family last time was hard...they knew i was gluten-free, but were still cooking chicken on a grill, using beer or malt vinegar as marinades, putting "my" gluten-free crackers on the same plate as regular ones...rolling their eyes when i'd get upset. i'm working really hard in my recovery from 16 years of anorexia, and food has always been an issue and they still think i'm just delusional. sometimes i do, too. plus i'm more of a "gainer"...retaining water, swelling up, constipation...than the "typical" celiac profile. but in just a week of gluten-free i feel like my face looks like me again. i dont think it's even anything other people can notice, but i just feel all swollen when i have grains. maybe it's grains, not just gluten. i cut out grains when i got strict about eliminating gluten as close to 100% as possible. this is all so complicated. anyway, another question to throw out there...is it normal to be extremely fatigued when first going gluten-free? according to my recent labs, my thyroid levels are still a little low, but i feel especially exhausted lately. just dead tired. when i get glutened i kinda get an energy rush and feel really "happy"...is that the opiate-like effect or am i losing my mind? sorry so many questions...i should probably, and may end up, splitting this into a few different posts since i'm all over the place. thanks again for your input.