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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I chatted with a Nescafe representative. This is the transcript: Hello, you are now chatting with 'Mellisa' Mellisa: Hello! Thank you for contacting Taster's Choice. How can I assist you today? Visitor: Hi. Your FAQ states that Nescafe taster's choice is gluten free. Is the decaf also gluten free & does it include ALL flavors? Mellisa: I am happy to help you with that, and yes all of our flavors are gluten free. Visitor: Ok, great. This means that your utensils and lines of manufacturing are not used ever for gluten ingredients, correct? Mellisa: Correct, we would not label it as gluten free if there were potential for cross contamination. Visitor: Perfect. I will post this on celiac.com for all to be advised of this. Visitor: Thank you so much and have a great weekend.
  2. Hi. I'm reading with interest all of these posts and I am with you on this subject. I've had a terrible reaction to a rice cake, which actually did note on the package "made in a facility that uses wheat products". I missed the note on the label and only saw it after my reaction. Because I am extremely sensitive to cross contamination, even if the ingredients listed are non gluten, I call the manufacturer to check whether they make other gluten containing foods on the same line. I'm always, without fail, told that they do a thorough cleaning between product production, but I know that this does not mean that there won't be contamination. Its amazing how some reps at the companies I've called know almost nothing about gluten. Regarding Hersheys I spoke to one of their reps about a year ago, and from what I recall, was told that the only gluten free products are the three listed above. This rep also told me that they can not provide me with a list of gluten free products. At that time I was not aware of my sensitivity to contamination so I was a much less educated consumer. I was just calling because the kisses I had were a gift and did not have a label with ingredients. I do recall being frustrated with them, but was happy to hear that I can eat the kisses. I'm writing to encourage celiac patients who are sensitive to contamination to call manufacturers when in doubt. I also believe that the more we call them the closer we will be to a world where labeling ALL ingredients on ALL food & medicine products is mandated. I want them to be sick of hearing from us. I recently called the company that makes GAS-X and when the guy on the phone told me he can't confirm whether there is or is not gluten in any of their products I almost lost it on him. He was very nice and told me that he is happy to hear from me & wrote down the fact that I am a celiac patient with a complaint about their insensitivity to our need for labeling ingredients because, he said, "we are very close to starting to label our products with ingredients and the more complaints we get the closer we get to it. We as consumers do have the power if we use it." All the best to all of you, Sarah
  3. Thank you, I'll be on the lookout for kosher coconut milk & I'm feeling so much less deprived knowing this. For now, I'll just add a little more sugar to my instant coffee..... Sarah
  4. Hi. There is a new Gluten Free Cracker by Kenover Marketing Corp out of Brooklyn, NY. I called to find out if they make these on a designated line, and they do. I know of three flavors, original-onion-basil. These are really delicious and in my opinion really worth trying. I know that they will be selling these in most Kosher Food Stores in New York, but you can probably have your local store call to request that they be sold there too. The # to reach them is 718-369-4600. The box states that these are imported to the UK by S&J Sales Co. London N16DB for all of you in the UK. I paid $3 per box & there are approximately 25 crackers per box. They break easily but are delicious. On the subject of Coffee I inquired about gluten in coffee because I am Passover observant and we do not eat gluten on Passover (other than Matzah which is made of wheat or oat). We do not eat any other foods with gluten content so it was easy for me to get this information. I was told that many coffees contain gluten especially flavored coffees. NESCAFE TASTER'S CHOICE among a few other instant- original flavored- are gluten free. Nescafe Taster's choice is marked "gluten free". If I get a list of the ones that are absolutely clean of gluten I will post it.
  5. Itching Worse In The Evening?

    will do, thanks so much
  6. Itching Worse In The Evening?

    You are probably right and I will do just as you suggest. I will miss those bars sorely as they were a terrific afternoon snack but as with everthing else I had to give up I'm sure I'll master this hurdle too. I'm at my children's/grandchildren ths week and I'm cooking dinners for all and not eating a thing, so I'm sure I'll be able to stay away from the bars . I bought garnier shampoo and dove soap bar so I'm hoping to see results in the near future. I hope soooner than later because the itch is pretty bad now. I got them all over my back last week, something new. I never got any on my back in all the years that I've had this condition, oh well. Again, thank you so much for your interest in helping me.
  7. Itching Worse In The Evening?

    I can not eat oats (proven after being gluten free for 6 months, but eating gluten free oat bread and not getting any better)but the bars I eat don't have oats. Do you think that I still should drop it because of possible contamination? I didn't think of this even though I knew that some of their bars contain oats. What do you think? I don't have lesions on my scalp, but maybe I'll stop dying my hair for the time being, good idea. I called the company that makes Dial soap bars on Friday and was told it contains no gluten and not contaminated either. I've seen comments about dial on this site about it being a problem, but I would think that if their customer service rep told me the above then it should be safe, I hope so anyway. What has been your experience with dial? I'll check out the brands you mention, thank you so much. Does Suave label their shampoos etc. as gluten free because the one I was using has wheat germ oil.
  8. Itching Worse In The Evening?

    Hopeful1950, I use naturtint 4N, it's dark chestnut and it has wheat protein. I also use suave colorcare shampoo & conditioner daily which has wheat germ. No tatoos here. Are you saying that even hair dye that does not contain gluten might be a problem? If yes, I'll just go gray. I NEED these itchy pimples (as my daughter calls them) to GO AWAY! Ravenwoodglass, I'm returning all of my stock immediately. I just stocked up last week and have no receipts Hopefully I will still be able to return them. I guess toiletries clean of gluten will be a forever thing too, just like eating gluten? I was hoping that once I heal, I will be able to go back to using gluten containing toiletries. I've been on the diet for 5 months now. My digestive system is clearing up nicely, thank God, but my skin is lingering and I, too, am getting so frustrated, but my dermatologist told me it can take up to a year too. If the doc is saying up to a year I'm wondering if it can take longer too. Hot water definitely causes flaring of the lesions. I try to take lukewarm showers & end my shower even a little coldish on bad days. I've told others on this site that my two methods for temporarily calming the itch is baking soda & ice. I either take a bath with baking soda or just make the area wet and rub on baking soda and then rinse with coldish water. It is a terrific solution, instead of scratching it to bleed. I'm flying tomorrow to visit my new granddaughter and 2 yr old grandson (and their parents of course)and this is a first for me since I'm on the diet. I'm so nervous about the food issue, but I'm bracing myself and jumping in. I'm taking along lundberg rice cakes, & bakery on main gluten free granola bars (yum) & hard boiled eggs, and will buy tuna & mayo & fruits & vegetables over there. praying for a full stomach while with my kids...... thank you for all your replies.
  9. Itching Worse In The Evening?

    Hopeful, I, too, experience itching and burning worse in the evening and sometimes nothing during the day and only in the evenings. This week I developed a blister/lesion on my face and it's depressing me. I've had this condition for 4 years and only once or twice developed something on my face but it never lasted more than a day and never left a scar or bump. This one is acting like some of the lesions on my body and it is awful. I hope it will go away and not leave a scar. I want to ask you if you think I should stop using the hair dye I use because it has wheat protein in it. I have been (as far as I know) completely gluten free for 5 months now and although my digestive system is doing considerably better my skin is not improving more than the initial improvement which was that I no longer wake up in the middle of the night feeling like my skin is on fire. I can sleep but I get an outbreak once a month really bad and it eases for a couple of weeks and then back again. So do you think I should quit the hair dye and check the other toiletries I use for gluten? Have you researched this and decided not to use toiletries with gluten because of researched data or just a hunch you have? Thank you so much and I'm happy for you that you are beginning to improve. How long has it been since you started your diet? I look forward to hearing from you,
  10. Could Really Use Some Advice

    My story is exactly the same. The gastro docs said it's in my head and that I should get a grip on my life, and the skin docs said they have no idea what it is. I was finally diagnosed by a skin specialist who didn't take any tests. He studied my history of tests which I brought with me and he listened while I told him all that I've been through (ten years of no diagnosis)and took one look at my skin and said "you have celiac". The biopsies taken of my skin lesions were taken directly of the lesion and my upper & lower endoscopies (yes I had these tests taken more than once!) showed negative. I've been gluten free now for a year and "gluten free oat" free for two months. I'm feeling better but have a way to go. I know it could take 6 months to a year for the symptoms to go away, so I advise you to go gluten free. Do it for at least a year, be very meticulous and make sure not to cross contaminate. You will know after a year if you are on the right track. It's worth a try. Good luck.
  11. Anyone Had Dh On The Scalp?

    I suspect so. Wish the information on the box would say this in a more obvious place or manner. It's sad that companies producing the products don't take extra care in how they market their stuff. I have to think they just don't realize how people suffer as a consequence of eating something they are not allowed to eat.
  12. Anyone Had Dh On The Scalp?

    Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with celiac a year ago. I started experiencing stomach trouble 15 years ago. I had extreme stomach pains combined with non stop diarrhea, gas, the works. The Gynecologists I went to, after testing me via upper and lower endoscopy decided that "my problem is in my head." "Get a grip on your life" is exactly what the doctor told me. After about 10 years of stomach trouble, which eventually caused panic/anxiety attacks and almost caused me to quite my job and turn into a hermit, I developed a skin condition. The dermatologists could not figure out what I had. They would scratch their heads and say, "skin infection" with no medicine or solutions. The last skin doctor I went to about 1 1/2 years ago said I probably have skin lupus and that's when I went to a lupus/dermotology specialist in NYU & he is the one who diagnosed me as having celiac. The skin condition consists of the following symptoms: Small bumps, whitish or skin color. The areas effected are my upper/outer arms, calves & thighs and buttox. Very rarely though, one or two will come out on my face and back/shoulders. Rarely, but it does occur. The itch is indescribable. There's no way I could control not scratching. In fact, scratching, stops the itch. Sometimes they bleed terribly and sometimes not, but always, the scratching eventually stops the itch. No cream works. Cold showers was the only thing that I discovered on my own calms it down somewhat. I later read about baking soda and taking a bath in it or just washing the area with it. This really helps. It helped me sleep at night whereas before I'd be up for hours in agony. Some of the bumps ooze when scratched, some don't and some remain a bump even after the itch is gone. The thing about it is that the bumps come out in the same spot on same parts of the body at the same time. For example, when I get a bump on my upper right arm above my elbow, I get one in the exact same spot on my left arm within the same time frame. I recently read on this site that someone described DH as being this way and now I know that this is just the nature of this condition, and not just my body being in sync . Anyway, I went immediately on a gluten-free diet a year ago, when the NYU specialist (God bless him!)diagnosed me with celiac & three months later my skin started easing up and my tummy was almost completely better. I was in heaven until I started eating gluten free oat bread and things started getting bad again. I only recently realized that it's probably the gluten free oat bread that's the culprit and so I'm starting from scratch again, but hopeful that I will heal in the near future. I'm really very careful now about cross contamination, and eat mostly what I cook myself and buy ingredients only from companies that have designated gluten-free equipment or kitchens. I wanted to share this with all of you so that you can get a good idea of what DH looks like and feels like. All the best to all of you.
  13. Potato Chips

    I've been eating Wise Pot Chips this week without having a reaction. I'm going to switch to Utz and Lays Stax when I find them. Been looking... Thanks guys!