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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lemon or Grater glutened me! Three and one half months after going gluten free, I was sick for 5 days, cramping all night for 14-16 hours in bed, and unable to figure out what was wrong. I ate only single ingredient foods or combinations of them. I went off all five drugs I would normally take, and was still sick. As I lay in bed awake and cramping, I cried out to God: "I give up; I can't figure out what is making me sick" He replied: "lemon bars:" the carefully made gluten-free lemon bars I had made the first day I was sick! I replied "How could I get glutened by them?" and God answered "the grated lemon peel!" OOOHH! I hadn't washed the lemon before grating it, and I hadn't washed the grater again before using it! How do you get all of the gluten off a grater?
  2. Progress?

    I have had --increasing needs for sleep for a decade up to 18 hours in bed June-July 2010 --increasingly nasty abdominal cramping --Restless legs at night, awake and asleep, for five years --periodic diarrhea, probably after high gluten intake, for two decades and constant "borderline diarrhea" for at least five years --Low iron levels for a decade --Lactose intolerant for a quarter century --Mostly sick for most of the winter for a decade, many doctor visits for sinus and ear infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia for two decades until taking Flonase, Singulair, and loratadine, and eliminating corn three years ago On July 31, after two months of horrible cramping, restless legs, and needing 18 hours in bed to get inadequate sleep, I cried out to God for help, asking why life was worth living in these circumstances. On Sunday August 1, God told me that I had Celiac disease. On Tuesday 8/3 my doctor said "maybe, go back on gluten for a blood test which misses 20%" On 8/17, I had my last intentional gluten and got the blood test. On 8/19, doc's message: test was negative, continue eating gluten-free it it helps The first two weeks of August, I ate lots of wheat, but only in the morning, and spent 12.5 hours in bed each night, about half cramping and half really sleeping, but still spent my days in a fog. From August 17, off gluten, through mid September, I spent 16 hours in bed and felt more clear-headed when I was up. One month off gluten, I started sleeping soundly for at least half the night, and was down to 14 hours in bed, but still struggled to get back to sleep when awakened. Two months off gluten, it became easier to get back to sleep and I felt a "spell" which was pulling me back to sleep. Three months off gluten, I began to really relax in bed most of the time and get awakened much less. I also started to feel tremendous energy and more mental clarity than I have had in at least 20 years! During these months, I spent lots of time in "fragmented sleep" during which I would repeatedly fall asleep only to awaken 15-25 minutes later. From August through November, I had lots of narcoleptic symptoms ranging from fragmented sleep,sleep attacks, and dreaming when half-asleep, to sleep paralysis. My docs and I thought I had narcolepsy, but all of these have gradually disappeared. Recently, four months off gluten, I finally started sleeping with almost no fragmented sleep.
  3. I have been gluten free since 8/17/2010 but have continuing low-level cramping disrupting my sleep. I've been taking 2 5mg chewable Singulair tablets for about 5 years due to allergies, sinus infections, and comstant respiratory illness. Since I got my latest refill, I have been spending 2-3 hours/night cramping and not sleeping when I take one tablet before I go to bed. When I take two, I get a gluten reaction half as bad as what I had before God answered my despair and told me I had Celiac disease. Last night, I spent 16 hours in bed and may have slept about 8. As of now, I'm DONE with at least that bottle of pills. Getting a respiratory infection is better than being almost completely unable to sleep!!!!
  4. Narcolepsy & Gluten

    I have been to a sleep doc at Mayo who seemed to know all about Celiac. It seems that about half of people with narcolepsy have Celiac disease. Now, three months off gluten, I am sleeping quite well most nights, have seen no more sleep attacks, paralysis, or waking dreams. I now have tremendous energy and a clearer head than I've had in a decade! For me, gluten=POISON!
  5. Narcolepsy & Gluten

    I don't have any formal diagnoses, but horrible cramping and needing 18 hours in bed each day greatly diminished immensely after my last gluten on 8/17/10. My sleep needs, gradually increasing from 8 to 12 over 5 years, are now up to 14.5. My sleep is usually sound now for most of the night but I still usually have a bit of cramping and needing to use the bathroom sometime after 5 AM. At the same time, I have started to notice narcoleptic symptoms such as sleep attacks, sleep paralysis, and dreaming while I'm half-asleep. Thus my narcolepsy is getting worse. I could easily believe that narcolepsy is an autoimmune disorder. I also have bad allergies and at age 53, I'm starting to notice some arthritis.
  6. I got nasty cramping, but thank God for only a few hours of the night, after eating halloween's Reese's PB cups. I think that what happened is that I got a tiny bit of gluten somewhere and had cramping from the Lactose which is in them. If you are lactose intolerant and want to try again, take lactase enzyme, sold as dairy digestive aid in many stores, with your PB cups.