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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My GI recommended psyllium husk powder to help with my D and it worked almost immediately. Within 12 hours I had a normal (formed) bm for the first time in at least five years. I have been taking it for a week now and feel so much better. I take about1/2 tsp. 3x per day with meals. Ally
  2. I have been gluten-free for 3.5 months and stilll have D. My GI thought I may be injesting gluten accidentally so he did a repeat ttg test. At diagnosis I had a level of 100+ and now they are at 37, pretty good I thought for 3 months gluten-free. Now I wonder if the 37 could be what is still causing my D or is it time to press the GI to look for something else? I received the results from my GP so I haven't actually talked to my GI doc yet. Any ideas what could be causing the D or what I should ask the GI when I speak to him? I am staring to worry. Ally
  3. I was just curious how often the Immodium users take it. I have to take it every couple of days (gluten-free for 3.5 months.
  4. Immodium And Gluten Attack

    Thanks that makes sense.
  5. Poop

    One thing I have noticed is that I am extremely sensitive to all kinds of foods. If I eat just plain fish, chicken certain types of fruit and veggies, almond butter, crackers, and gluten-free waffles. That's it! If I eat anything else..I pay. My stools are becoming more normal as long as I stick to this type of eating. I'm hoping in time I will be able to eat more. Ally
  6. I have had lots of D for 10 days now and I am guessing I had some gluten. In light of wanting to get the offending food out of your system, is it wise to take Imodium? Won't that keep it in your system for longer? I'm not sure what is happening in my GI as I thought I would start to improve by now, it's been 10 days! I want to take Imodium but am not sure if my gut is just telling me it wants whatever is in there, out. Ally
  7. I had mon in 2000 and the specialists determined that it was parvo B19 that caused it. Interesting, looking back it, this is the point that I remember my symptoms, whicgh I thought were from ibs, became severe and persistant. Ally
  8. Uh Oh- I've Been Glutened

    I've been gluten-free for three months and I still have D for no obvious reason at times. My GI told me that the while healing your syptoms can go up and down. This doesn't necessarily mena you injected gluten. Ally
  9. I was also wondering how your doctor came to the conclution that you also had IBS. How long did you go undiagnosed and how long have you been gluten-free? Do you have other symptoms other than D? ally
  10. Hi I can relate. I have been gluten-free for three months and just as I think my stymptoms have stablized (D), I am going to the washroom 4-6x per day. I have made one connection though, pns. For the last three months I have noticed that I get D just before and for the first few days of my period. I have also noticed that if I eat too much at one time that stresses out my gi system as well. If things don't really get conistent in a month or so I am going to ask for food sensitivity testing. I do relate! It's frustrating and annoying. I too take Immodiunm on a bad day. Ally
  11. Hi you sound exactly like I did at 10 days with the same concerns. On May 20, it will be three months since my diagnosis. I am finally experiencing steady progress. For the first two months my GI symptoms were up and down and are finally becoming more stable.I have found that eating fish, chicken fruit, vegetalbes, rice almong butter, rice crackers and a hot ceral blend is what my gut can tolerate right now. Adding other gluten-free foods have stressed out my system (red meat, icecream ect.) Kati is right. everyone is differtn, but the average seems to be between three and six months. BE PATIENT! Ally
  12. Ditto for me too in regards to not having an appetitle for bread, pasta ect. Hey Tammy, I live in Canada too, are there any wine coolers or ciders that we can have? I've been recently diagnosed and haven't looked into it yet. I'm not a big wine fan. Ally
  13. Yah, you're right...it doesn't sound so good, expecially the dried curd!
  14. What is the bananna diet? Maybe I'll try it and see if my symptoms calm down! ally
  15. Kiahrea

    That totally sucks!! You both must be very frustrated by now. Thank goodness he is starting to improve a bit. Will these neuro symptoms improve once the celiac disease is under control.? How do YOU cope with all this? Ally