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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi I don't post much but I'm wondering if anyone here has ever developed a rash in there arms and torso that was itchy and turns to eczema after from eating gluten? My dr seems to think it was lichen planus but I'm not convinced I had a biopsy before and it came back eczema due to allergy so I was sent to a dermatologist she thinks it's lichen planus but nothing is helping except eliminating gluten just waiting for the second biopsy to come back to confirm yes or no for the lichen planus any help or hind sight would be lovely
  2. y 6 year old has been suffering from chronic constipation since she was two. I started to notice because just before she was two she was trained for peeing. but she would poop these little poops smears or sometimes D all day long up to 10 x or more a day. so i took the pull-ups away thinking she was being lazy. not the case at all. started taking her to the doc they gave her laxatives enemas told me once that it was my potty training told me that she was severley impacted. the had her on restorolax for a year and the pediatrition signed off on her case. i had to get another referal to see him again. i went and demanded he send me to a gastro doc. we have an app for them in jan. my family doc is sending us to calgary to a childrens clinic that speacializes in children who soil are constipated or wet the bed things like that so we are to go there in dec. i am waiting on test results from my doc for celiacs and her Iga and igg levels aswell. has anyone had any ting similar. right now we relive her constipation with an enema because that is what we were told to do.
  3. HELP! my six year old has been suffering with chronic constipation since i she was two. we never noticed till i potty trained her but she gets so imapacted she by passes. i have seen doctors and pediatritions who just gave me types of laxatives that dont help we are currently gettin her tested for celiacs after me researching lots on here i m wondering if anyone has similar stories with costipation being one of the main symptoms i need all the help and advise i can get my poor girl doesnt understand why she aint like the other kids and she poops in her pants( which is the bypassing). i dont want to put her gluten free till we get all the testing we can the doctor is doing a blood test for celiacs and testing her iGa levels