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  1. My 3 Year Old Son Please Help!

    Hello fellow friends, My name is Christina. I have a 3 year old son who we are sure 90% has Celiacs. He has had diarah his entire life... and well let me tell you a little about him. He was a baby non-breast feed (scientific studies show people that have been breast feed show later signs of celiacs where those who have not been show it early) He has always had issues with formula everything! Soy! All of it. He hates bread, crabs things of that nature. He is NOT EATING. My son is 3 weighs 32lbs i cant get him to gain weight. My other son Atticus is 1 and weighs 21lbs. This will tell you how behind he is i will give my kids the same portion of food and the 1 year old will eat everything and Haden will not. Well he just developed this weird rash on his ankle so i took him into the doctor and they said he had cellulitis? They instantly gave him a shot and 2 antibiotics (6 doses a day) said it was no big deal and sent me on my way. Haden has always had chronic diaerah but after the antibiotics made it even worse! So i was told once i took him back to the hospital to take him off the antibiotics immediately and now saying the rash is dermatitis! They told me to feed him high fiber foods to bind him (poor little man could not even make it to the restroom, he is now potty trained so he felt so bad) =(. So i have been feeding him hi fiber food and its still going strong it has been 3 weeks since the antibiotics. So i was sitting around talking to a few ppl who bring up the celiac disease. As we started talking it made sense to me! I started reading the facts and info and i was just like wow this is haden bloated belly,stomach always hurting the dermatitis they said he had is dermatitis herpedaformis (i know i did not spell right) so that made sense too. He gets real pail has not been loosing weight but wont gain weight wont eat, fatigue, dark circles under eyes, low immune system (several times he has gotten sick got his immunization shots that almost killed him)..He is chemically sensitive, lactose intolerant and now Celiacs. I am taking him to the doctor immediately. However, i heard the test for that is a colonoscopy and i am NOT allowing them to do that to my 3 year old! Any suggestions ANYTHING PLEASE! I am so worried, i feel awful the doctors told me to push fibers and if he has this then i just made him eat :(poison to his body! ugh Christina