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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The range on both test that were weakly positive was 20 to 30. The nurse called to schedule an egd today and told me that she thinks the iga is the most sufficient test and thats what he diagnosis with. Then she said, well maybe it is your ttg and that was negative. Im not sure but he wanta you to have an egd. Can anyone clarify that for me? Thanks!
  2. I want to add my symptoms to this. When I was 12, my menstrual cycle was very heavy, bleeding for 2 weeks a month. Testing was done from a gyne point of view and no diagnosis was made. I was placed on vit b12 and iron due to anemia. I have since outgrown this. I have had migraines and photophobia since I was 8 years old. Told to take ibprofen. Headaches are decreased, but still occur occasionally. Starting at the age of 13, I started to have stomach problems. After eating ANYTHING, I would have severe cramping with multiple bowel movements. I became a vegetarian after this because it seemed to settle with eating only vegetable and fruit. I was diagnosed with IBS but did not have any improvement with treatment. I still have these symptoms if I do not take my medication regulary which includes align, lexapro, and nortriptoline. All for IBS. I was told to increase my fiber, but that only made it severly worse. I now have severe constipation with severe bloating. Making me look like i am 9 months pregnant at times. I also am having a hard time losing weight. When I do, I am so bloated that I don't fit in smaller sizes. I deciced to find a gastro dr who sent me for the bloodwork and brought up ciliacs disease. Previously my treatment came from my pcp.
  3. Hello everyone, I recieved my labwork today for questionable celiac disease. My tissue transglutam ab igg was <3 u/ml (negative). My gliadin ab igg was 25, and my gliadin ab iga was 20 (both weakly positive). Does this mean that I have celiac disease, and what classifies "weakly positive" on a clinical basis? Any help is greatly appricated!