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  1. I will no longer be a consumer of Starbucks and I am heartbroken. Due to allergies and SB's refusal to care and share information re: ingredients used. I called and they simply read the ingredients to me. I can read. I have read the bottles. Tell me what is hiding behind "natural flavorings". It is 2010. We all have a right to know what we are putting into our bodies. Especially if it could make us sick. This was a long and frustrating call to customer care at Starbucks. They gave me that shpeel about "cross contamination" and "proprietary information"....the end result? Nothing in Starbucks can be guaranteed free of gluten. Not even syrups. On a side note my local SB uses Dairy Glen Eggnog and I placed a call to Lucerne (parent company) and they told me that their eggnog IS gluten free. All Lucerne egg nogs are free of gluten. Thought I would share.