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  1. Hi Jen, I have only been 'diagnosed' by a couple of alternative therapists as having a wheat allergy and/or gluten intolerance along with dairy, legume/nut and other sensitivities. Can't really consider myself a celiac as my blood tests show to be at a subclinical level. I never had biopsies or the such, and since the only "western medicine' test I had didn't confirm a real diagnosis I never considered the severity of my situation. Anyway, I had previously experienced very dry patches of skin, and more recently random red, itchy areas along my arms. I never did link this with my food intolerances. Similar to your symptoms, they were not very red or spotty (a mild red or pink color like a minor burn). They would disappear and reappear. Just a few days ago (when I know for certain I ingested wheat) I noticed a very itchy red area on the anterior region of my elbow, along with areas at the bottom sides of my neck. Funny thing is that there on exactly the same places on both arms and both sides of the neck! (need to research this more) I'm not sure what it is either. So, I can relate to you but can't help you out very much ! Sorry! So, guess I'm asking others out there as well...does anyone know what this is? Erica (aka Bevo)
  2. Thanks for the info guys ! I'll look around at my local health food store. Best of luck to you !
  3. Just wondering, what digestive enzymes are helping you? I was told I'm sensitive to gluten (without having the celiac disease) as well as lactose intolerant/milk allergic. Although I'm avoiding these foods, I'm still having bloating issues. I'm wondering if it's the goat cheese (my naturopath said was okay) ...Also, can you have diet soft drinks (are some people more sensitive than others to the bubbles?) If anyone could give me some advice, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks much.