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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I am aware that I am gluten intolerant or latent celiac now (not IBS C as I was diagnosed)as going on a gluten free diet has made me feel much better. My Dad, he eats wheat and falls asleep after, about 30 mins to an hour after, he has IBS type symptoms that alternate from the runs to constipation. I just wondered if anyone else used to fall asleep after eating wheat and if it is a sign of gluten intolerance/latent celiac/celiac.
  2. My Stomach Is Killing Me!

    I had IBS since the age of 10 now 39 and have self-diagnosed myself as gluten and casein or dairy intolerant, my symptoms are constipation, bloating, gas, fatigue, brain fog, terrible getting off to sleep and keep waking, anxiety, depression, arthritis in lower back. When I remove these foods I am fine. But I also have a bloating and gas reaction to corn. For me, I personally believe that in years to come specialists will say oh yes celiac and gluten intolerance also includes corn. But it is early days still. The first case of diagnosed celiac was only in the 1950s wasn't it?! Back then they said it was only wheat that caused it. I don't eat gluten free bread, biscuits etc as they all contain maize starch which is corn. I don't think humans are meant to eat any grains or milk to be honest. We are omnivores so if you stick to meat, fish and veg and fruit mainly in your diet you should be fine. The caveman diet/Paleo diet sorts out all these health issues but yes it is boring to eat and like you I am trying to eat sweets still etc. But sweets are no good for you really as the people said above so if you want optimum health then you should avoid them really. It is just a bad habit and once you break out of the bad habit you don't miss it. I now eat raw chocolate. It's £3 for a tiny bar but once you taste a tiny bit you realise you have been eating rubbish for the past 38 years!
  3. Yes, corn contains gluten. I am self-diagnosed recently (had IBS for years) gluten and dairy or casein intolerant - I have a problem with corn too so can't eat any "gluten-free" foods as they all contain maize starch which is corn. I am convinced that in years to come celiacs and gluten intolerant people, they will say oh yes and corn. Originally celiac history is specialists told them it was only a reaction to wheat, then it came about other grains. We are not meant to be eating grains I don't think, as humans. Some react I think they have the sensitivity or celiac gene to protect them. Those that don't have it I read are the not normal ones really as they have no warning system so keep eating it and eating it and end up with all manner of autoimmune diseases. http://www.wellsphere.com/allergies-article/corn-gluten-damages-celiac-patients/964619
  4. Are These Symptoms Gluten Sensitivity?

    Oh thank you both of you. Other symptoms I forgot to mention was sensitivity to noise and sensitity to perfume, air freshners, bleaches - it feels like it gets down my throat that's all. I am fine with non-aerosol ones. Since giving up the gluten all this has returned to normal levels of tolerance, my old levels.
  5. Corn IS a gluten they are now saying http://www.wellsphere.com/allergies-article/corn-gluten-damages-celiac-patients/964619
  6. Are These Symptoms Gluten Sensitivity?

    Oh I forgot to add depression and trouble getting off to sleep and waking a lot.
  7. I have had the following symptoms since I was 10 and they got worse over the last 3 years. I am now 39. Bloating Gas Burping Belly feels inflamed after an attack of the above Painful constipation (never the runs) Tiredness, sometimes debilitating Foggy brain Memory problems Concentration problems Irritability I have been tested for celiac during tests to eliminate things. It came back clear. They diagnosed me with IBS in the end. During self-experiments I have found I get the "IBS" on eating gluten, dairy and corn. The doctors and specialists were not very helpful so I have self-diagnosed myself as Non-celiac gluten sensitive. By cutting out all these things the IBS symptoms have gone. Can someone who has gluten sensitivity please tell me if that is what they had, these kind of symptoms and if they are also sensitive to dairy/corn. Thanks.