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  1. Here is a very good article on magnesium I found from the NIH: http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/magnesium It states that too much magnesium can have the same effects than a magnesium deficiency, which is interesting. Anyhow, I see now that my daughter has been on a way too high dose, because our pediatrician told us that we could give her the 4-year old dose of the supplement "Calm for Kids". We have now taken her off completely and increased her necessary magnesium uptake through foods and using a multi-vitamin that contains small amounts of magnesium lactate. She is now doing great. We have our energetic and happy toddler back.
  2. Thank you for posting this. They do not list what form of magnesium it is, but I will contact them.
  3. Thank you so much for your response. I will research the GAPS diet more. I see that it is based on the SCD which I am familiar with. The trace minerals are a great idea as well.
  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! This is great information. The supplement we used to give her (called Calm for Kids) is magnesium citrate. No surprise we have the loose painful stools. I picked up another calcium/magnesium chewable which is magnesium oxide and apparently useless. So, I need to look for magnesium lactate. My daughter is definitely low in magnesium, when we took her off completely for a few days, we had even eye blinking/twitching starting and she would open and close her hands all the time. There is a HUGE difference in behavior when on or off magnesium. We have been desperately trying to find a solution to this vicious cycle of needing more magnesium, but too much causing painful loose stools. At this point, my daughter is withholding every bowel movement and is so afraid of it that she starts sweating. When we had the loose stools starting, we thought that the c.diff infection was coming back, we had no idea that the magnesium was causing it. I have tried to include magnesium rich foods in the diet, but our problem is that she just doesn't eat. We also have fat malabsorption, which seems to contribute to the problem. Thank you so much again for all the information, this is incredibly helpful. Please keep me posted if you find a good supplement.
  5. I appreciate your response and good point about the "free glutamate". I am very familiar with it, since I am also highly sensitive to "free glutamate". I am definitely avoiding all of the "contains free glutamate" ingredients, but have gotten a bit more relaxed about the "may contain free glutamate" ingredients. It is extremely hard to be glutenfree and also avoid the "maybes". My daughter definitely ate some pretzels from Glutino that contains "yeast extract", which contains free glutamate. How long would it take for that to clear from the body? In my case, it causes a reaction, but then seems to be gone. I did not know that you need magnesium to process free glutamate. So, thank you very much for sharing that.Thank you also for the list of high magnesium foods, I will make an effort to include more of those. However, our problem is that too much magnesium seems to cause loose stools and even diarrhea. It seems like she needs a certain amount of magnesium to be calm, but that amount causes the painful stools. I would think that it does not matter whether the magnesium comes from a supplement or from natural food?
  6. I have a 3-year old daughter who has been glutenfree for over 1 year now. Celiac was suspected as an underlying condition for chronic constipation followed by recurring c.diff infections for over 9 months. The Celiac gene is also present. Blood work was negative, she is however igA deficient. Her situation improved significantly on a glutenfree diet, no more c.diff infections, strange emotional behavior resolved and we went from 1% to 10% in weight within the year. About 6 months ago we put her on a supplement called "Calm" which contains magnesium. We started this supplement because she was hyperactive. Our pediatrician approved the supplement and told us that we could give her the dose that was recommended for 4-year olds. We have recently eliminated the supplement because we suspected it was causing painful burning bowel movements. As soon as we eliminated it, the hyperactivity and lack of attention was back. So, clearly the magnesium has a positive impact on behavior. I read some reports on magnesium deficiency being quite common in Celiacs. Here is a possible explanation: "Dietary magnesium may be absorbed along the entire length of the small intestines but most absorption occurs in the middle section, the jejunum. In celiac disease, malabsorption is caused by the binding of magnesium to unabsorbed fat, which pass together out of the body. If steatorrhea (fat malabsorption) continues on a gluten-free diet, magnesium and certain other minerals such as calcium will not be adequately absorbed." Source: http://glutenfreeworks.com/blog/2010/04/16/magnesium-deficiency-in-celiac-disease-common-and-dangerous/. My daughter has shown fat malabsorption (even on a glutenfree diet), but our doctor said it is quite common in toddlers and left it at that. There is clearly a problem with magnesium. Any input on the subject of magnesium, hyperactivity and celiac would be highly appreciated.
  7. My 2.5 year old girl has recently been very emotional, which is the same behaviour we always see when she gets gluten. She also gets dark rings under her eyes. I am positive that she did not get any gluten from food, but she has been playing with play dough a lot over the last few days. I thought we were very careful that she does not ingest any, so I was wondering if the touch alone could be an issue? Of course it is possible that she did not have her hands washed immediately and touched something else that she put in her mouth, but would that be enough to cause an issue? My daughter has not been officially diagnosed with Celiac, since we did not want to put her through that at the age of 1.5, but she has been gluten free for almost 1 year now and her weight went from 1% to 10%, her hair started to come in as well and she used to have some strange emotional behavior that completely disappeared. So, at the very least there is some gluten sensitivity and she does have the Celiac gene. I would really appreciate any input on the play dough. Thank you. Evelyn
  8. I was wondering if anyone knows whether Celiac children are more likley to have stronger reactions to the MMR vaccine or any other live virus vaccine? Thank you. Evelyn
  9. Oops...I am seeing that some of the links did not come across. The recipe website is glutenfreegoddess.com. She has links to for the breadmachine and the bread mix as well.
  10. This is an awesome site for gluten-free recipes. This person is amazing in creating new recipes all the time. Here is a bread take she claims to be her all-time favorite. The secret ingredient is sorghum flour. http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2009/02/delicious-gluten-free-bread.html It would be worth getting a bread machines as well. This site recommends this one as it has a gluten-free cycle. http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/Breadman-TR875-2-Pound-Breadmaker-Stainless/dp/B000FZZ0VE?ie=UTF8&tag=recipfromaglu-20&link_code=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969 There is also a great brea-dmix, if you are looking for a quicker solution. http://astore.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/recipfromaglu-20/detail/B000DZFMEQ
  11. I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone for their responses. My friend has decided to try a gluten-free diet with her son. All of these responses really helped in making that decision. Now I have to try to convince my mom as well. She has severe rheumatoid arthritis. I am sure I got the Celiac gene from her and I think that she could benefit greatly from a gluten-free diet.
  12. Wow, thank you for sharing that. Did you also eliminate dairy?
  13. My 2-year old daughter is gluten and dairy free. When I tried dairy with her in the past, I noticed also that she had issues with sleeping at night. Could the rash be exzema? A friend of mine had big issues with exzema in her kids and was able to resolve it on dairy free diet. I give my girl a mix of rice milk and coconut milk. The probiotics are extremely important. We are giving our daughter a HUGE amount, but she had also a severe c.diff infection for 9 months. I agree with other people here that the allergy tests don't work. I did the test myself and had absolutely no allergies, yet I have very bad reactions to dairy. I hope your little one feels better soon.
  14. My 2-year old daughter and I both need to eat a gluten and dairy free diet and my daughter has also a severe nut allergy. We will soon need to take a trip to Germany to visit grandparents. It is usually a 20-24h trip door-to-door. I am so afraid of this trip since I have no idea how I am going to take the few fresh foods my picky eater likes to eat with me. Any ideas would be highly appreciated. We will need to go through airport security twice, I am concerned that a little cooler will not make it through, I am not even sure if it is allowed. Perhaps there are some airlines that are more prepared for special diets? Thank you. Evelyn
  15. The Paleo diet seems to be similar to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which is interesting. SCD is supposed to cure things like Chrons, Celiac, Autism. The theory behind SCD is that you basically starve the pathogen that is responsible for triggering the disease.