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  1. Coals to Newcastle!!! Thanks everyone, for the information.
  2. Hi, I am interested in buying nonGMO and gluten-free nuts and found this site. I am wondering if others have ever purchased products from it. https://nuts.com/gluten-free Thanks! Plumbago
  3. Well, I'm listening and it's pretty much the usual. This one is priming us for.... functional medicine. Hey, that may not be such a bad thing, I can't really say. However, I get to about minute 35 and I hear a Brazilian doc explaining his first visit is one hour or an hour and a half. Stop the tape right there because if that is what it's about, we may just may be on to something. If anyone let alone a doc is going to spend so much time with an individual, the chances of getting treated well go up several tens fold. (Now, how this jibes with Obamacare and potentially extinct Obamacare is anyone's guess, and for sure we are going to need several thousand more docs if each one is going to spend so much time with a patient!)
  4. They're heavy on the tease. As I say, it was advertised by the administrator on this site. It's supposedly going to tie the whole auto immunity thing together, but it doesn't say how, though I've heard bits and pieces here and there that histamine could be the big unifier, who knows. Well, it's free, and I'll watch. I think they've designed it at the front end to appeal to people who don't know much about how the body works but are suffering, to draw them in.
  5. Here's a link. I'm watching it so far, and it's annoyingly vague, but I will just have to wait until tomorrow night. https://betrayalseries.com/sneak-peek-7p6wvsau
  6. Is zonulin triggered by milk? I thought it was mainly gliadin.
  7. Yes it could be casein. For me, I also think it has to do with the sugar in milk, which is considerable.
  8. I am hearing more and more about the the connection between celiac disease and thyroid. On this site, there was a little article/ad for the program on tomorrow night - I subscribed and I think I will be getting a free preview. From what I've seen of it so far, it's heavy in promotion teaser mode and promises to morph into one of those PBS shows they use to raise money - to my mind, a little over the top in what is promised. But at the same time, you can learn from anything, and that's why I am going to watch it.
  9. If you've got diarrhea a lot, sure sounds like you've got malabsorption going on. Genetic Testing. People with celiac disease carry one or both of the HLA DQ2 and DQ8 genes. So do up to 25-30% of all people. Carrying HLA DQ2 and/or DQ8 is not a diagnosis of celiac disease nor does it mean you will ever develop celiac disease. https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac...2/diagnosing-celiac.../screening/ How are your other labs. Have you gotten the full array of lab tests done? Anything abnormal, anywhere? Have you noticed times when the symptoms abate (diarrhea) and you are not losing as much weight? If so, tell us about those times. I would say it's natural to feel tired after large meals. As for sleeping 2 hours, that's a different story, and honestly I have no idea if it is significant or not. I do not know anything about CVID, so I can't comment. I'm so sorry about this - my advice is to keep reaching out, and to medical personnel as well, you may just spark their curiosity enough that they go home and devote 2 hours of research on it. Otherwise, just keep an ear out for bright GI specialists.
  10. I thought hypothyroidism involves weight gain, not loss. Hyperthyroidism involves diarrhea and weight loss and can turn into a medical emergency.
  11. Irritable bowel syndrome is distinct from irritable bowel disease which usually includes ulcerative colitis and Crohns. Yes, you can have both celiac disease and IBS. I occasionally have left-sided pain that is relieved upon a BM, and I occasionally also have D (once a month maybe, if that), and have recently written about it on these boards. I’m thinking that the diarrhea I do have may be a result of IBS. Here's why: it seems the more I’m sitting at home, ie on the weekends, sitting and eating, the greater the frequency of stools, and the fattier they get with each BM. Whereas, during the week, I eat (less), get up and go to work, don’t eat as much while I am at work and don’t have BMs, and if I do, they are not fatty - and I do not have D. All of which is to say that I think it's possible that the fattiness is caused by the increased transit time of IBS, leading to more water in the stool, less time for the fat and water to be absorbed. Now, what is causing the IBS? (First of all, the medical line is, no one knows.) I am fairly certain I am not getting glutened. However, on the weekends, I will eat a high fiber, high protein meal followed by hours of sitting, consuming coffee with milk and sugar. I think the problem or the issue lies in what I am consuming. I tend to think the culprit is the milk. (The coffee is not always caffeinated.) FWIW, I've read that most floating stools are not caused by an increased fat content - not to say the floating stool is free of fat, but from what I'm reading, the cause for floating is gas. Lactose free products don't really do it for me either....why not??
  12. Hi, My thoughts: I am sorry to hear about your situation. And I am sorry about your mom. A fall can increase mental stress, and that stress can decrease cognition, that is for sure. Your physician, like most, is not curious about your situation, for better or worse. That is going to be your job, and it sounds like you are. Great! Does your doctor work with a nurse and does that nurse do any patient education or research? Your doctor likely works in 15 minute increments and has no time for curiosity. Wow, so the doc would not do a biopsy of the SI in spite of him going ahead with an endoscopy. What a waste! I would be furious. You say your total Serum IgA by Nephelometry (Total IgA) 41 mg/dl (Ref. Range 44-441 mg/dl). That is low, as you correctly picked up on. The celiac blood test panel includes the total serum IgA test because some people (3%) are IgA-deficient. If you have a very low total serum IgA, that can invalidate the three blood tests that rely on your IgA levels. People with celiac disease suffer from low total IgA levels about 10 to 15 times more frequently than people in the general population. Her nurse made the appointment but I can’t get in until March. Keep it, and continue on with what you are doing. If you make enough progress, you can cancel it, right? Just keep the appt. My final question is why are you losing weight? I mean, are you just not eating as much or are you having diarrhea or are you vomiting?
  13. What we know about Celiac is that it does involve inflammation of the small intestine leading to villi blunting. I mean, this is the Celiac prototype. Crohn's can involve the whole GI tract while ulcerative colitis involves the colon (large intestine) and rectum if I am not mistaken.
  14. I am hopefully well into my one year of being period-free, ie menopause. So I do have some hotflashes now. To be honest, I used to get them in my 40s and maybe even my 30s, but only occasionally. It would be hard to tease out if it's celiac disease-related or pre-, peri- or menopause. However what I described above, about having D recently, is more of a flush associated with an inflammatory reaction or illness. My hotflashes are different than the flush of inflammation/illness. The latter usually is accompanied by a slight rise in temperature. To be honest I never take my temperature during a perimenopausal hotflash, though I guess I could. You ask if I experienced night sweats with celiac disease? I do know since my 30s my temperature has fluctuated during sleep and I would start out fine, wake up hot (then cool back down). Doesn't always happen, maybe half the time to 2/3 of the time. I have never considered the heat/temperature changes at night related to celiac disease. Plumbago
  15. You could always take your temperature during the hot flash. Not to give tmi of my own, but yesterday I ate half a bag of pistachios, which was entirely too much fiber for one sitting, and had a reaction, and um during my reaction, I took my temperature, and it was slightly elevated. Just give yourself more pieces of information to work with.